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Don’t worry, we’re not talking about Lions having escaped a zoo. We are referring to our AMAZING Bookstore.

It is said that you can look at life in the same way that you would look at a half cup of coffee. If you look at the half empty side of it, you’ll see a declining economy, bookstores closing doors and many, really many writers, about two million at the moment, struggling to make a living and not being able to pay their bills with their words.

There is, nonetheless, a half full side to this story, in which you’ll find publishing companies like 22 Lions, exponential growing in popularity and success since its appearance on August 2015. Here are some of your most recent achievements:

  • The Spiritual Laws of Money – America Star Books Hot Titles Catalogue at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books – April 2016;
  • The Illusion of “Me” – America Star Books Hot Titles Catalogue at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books – April 2016;
  • How to Magically Make a Lot of Money – Set dressing for the TV series Grace and Frankie;
  • Think Like a Spy – Bestseller on Amazon since September up to now, December;
  • 13 Books added to Amazon.com.br New Year Book Promotions (31-Dec-16) – A Verdade, Porque é que as pessoas boas sofrem, Demónios, Energia Vital, Diabólica, A Ciência da Alma, Sabedoria Espiritual, Amor: A dinâmica da felicidade, Amor: A dinâmica do fim dos relacionamentos, Karma, Técnicas de Estudo para Crianças, O Estudante Eficiente, Autoterapia Psicológica.

Now let’s look at your life! If you look at the empty side of it, it means you haven’t read any of these books yet, and if we look at the half full side of it, we have to assume that you’re, at this precise moment, buying them and getting ready to read all of them.

The world doesn’t belong to the sheep but the Lions. Be a Lion! Be the Proud Minority! READ BOOKS!

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