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If you are willing to try my methods to learn any language, this is what I suggest:
1. Find a movie you like. You must really like it, because you will be watching it many times.
2. Get the subtitles of the movie in its original language and yours. Usually, if the movie is well-known, you can.
3. Practice the dialogues with a native.
4. After finishing each scene, practice on your own, using the movie as a reference to help you (the audio to practice with).
5. Continue like this until the movie ends.
This strategy allows you to go from level 1 to 10, although in a specific context portrayed in the movie, that, nonetheless, represents daily life.
The problem with mainstream classes, is that students spend too much time practicing things that they never use, like my mother, my father, my uncle, the oranges, the bread, the apples,… On the other hand, as I always told students, grammar didn’t arrive before language was invented. God or Aliens didn’t come to earth and said: Here’s the Grammar. Read it and learn how to speak!
So, a big problem with language teachers and methods, comes from this very basic but tremendous level of ignorance. They are using methods created in the past centuries, and repeating them blindly, instead of using what science knows today about the brain, and what we have found about successful educational methods, to learn naturally and faster. Makes sense, no?!
My methods seem crazy to most students, because the methods they know are the crazy and ridiculous ones. What I do, is merely use my many years of experience working in the field of learning disabilities, with what modern science knows today about the brain. Then, I combine both things, to make learning a language the most natural experience ever. And that’s why the learning becomes faster. Anything that is felt as natural, allows us to adjust much faster.
A language is a code. That’s all it is. So, a good learning method is one that helps you decode faster. You need a dictionary to decode, a realistic tool (like a movie, instead of a book), and a person to help you interpret the sounds you listen (to analyze faster the information).
Why I don’t even talk about grammar? Because grammar is something we invented to explain language. I’ve met many people that focus a lot on grammar, and they’re horrible with the language. Because people think of grammar as if it was a computer code, and it isn’t. It’s just something we invented to explain something else we can’t understand. Humans are good at that, but it doesn’t mean they are smart at doing it.
Furthermore, your brain will catch up with the grammar really fast, if you focus on dialogues and phrases. Because grammar emerged from something else, called thinking patterns. When you try to understand grammar, you are using thinking patterns to reach that point, and that’s why it seems so difficult. You have to compare the grammar, with your patterns and what you listen, and they often don’t match very well. But if you go from the thinking pattern directly to the listening, it’s faster, because you are experiencing it and you don’t have the grammar filtering your observations. So, contrary to what you were told, learning without grammar, is faster. Now, go and say this to someone struggling to learn a language or a teacher, and they will kill you!
Use what I say, and learn any language you want, and people will call you a genius! I’m often called genius. But I’m no genius. I simply know things that nobody cares. That’s all. Most people prefer to copy what others do, and that’s what makes them stupid. Because the whole world is pretty stupid. Now, what makes the world stupid, is just a choice. Science found many amazing things already about the mind. People simply don’t care. For example, students made fun of me when I told them Darwinian theory is incorrect. They would even quote their biology teachers. But, does any of them know what Darwin really wrote or said? Does any care about how he created his conclusions? And do people know what science has found about our DNA or in the most recent archeological findings?
When Darwin was alive, people assumed an Alien called God put 2 people on earth and, from them, everyone else was born. It seems stupid, but that’s how stupid people were not long ago. Then, his theory made sense to explain many things. But Darwin could only postulate a theory. He didn’t have access to the technology we have today. Only in recent years, scientist were able to look at our DNA and really know what happened. And what they found was shocking: There is no evolution. There’s a leap. One day we are apes, the next day we are humans. Isn’t that funny? Now, the problem is to explain how it happened. But did you know that even the big bang theory has been proven wrong? Yes, science evolves. It’s the majority of the population that doesn’t. And then they think they are very smart when following teaching methods invented in medieval Europe, or theories of evolution based on a individual that didn’t have access to DNA analysis technology. So, hopefully, this information will expand your mental horizons.

Daniel Marques

Author of “The Efficient Student”

The Efficient Student