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I was born hating humanity,
and feeling that this wasn’t my planet.

I was known for never feeling joy,
never smiling,
and never speaking,
as that’s very weird,
strange and spooky,
for a child of 3, 5, 10 or more
to do in public
and among others.

Then I was discriminated
for being different,
and that made me feel
even more different
than I already was.

I was discriminated by neighbours,
classmates, schoolmates,
parents, teachers,
and the girls I was in love with.

That was my darkness,
and in that darkness
I planted my roots.
But in those roots,
I found the extension of my soul,
deep into my subconscious mind.

In the journey
that led my spirit within,
I found my true nature,
my lost brothers
and sisters,
my real family,
my real home,
my true me.

During those many years,
in which everyone mocked
the little tree I was,
I expanded the roots of my being,
into the deepest profundity
of my own darkness,
and in the darkest moment,
when I found peace with my fears,
I was offered the light,
the ultimate prize
for my courage,
persistence and faith.

At that point,
the little tree I was
started growing,
much faster than others,
but also taller
and stronger.

I did had many people
I met along the way,
trying to cut me down,
trying to stop me.
But it was too late
to stop me.

The fruits of my spirituality,
grew in many numbers,
and became the sweetest
in the earthly garden.

People took them,
loved them,
and changed.

They then took these fruits,
that they loved so much,
and shared them.

In sharing the fruits,
that fed from my very old,
deeply expanded and strong roots,
people share a piece of me,
and became as me,
as much as I became
part of them.

I am creating the story,
that many spiritual leaders
don’t understand,
because, simply,
they’re not as old as me,
although my appearance
might deceive them to believe it,
and in doing so,
deceive themselves,
regarding their real spiritual level,
when compared to mine.

Like a great warrior,
all spiritual leaders
think of themselves as being great,
until they find someone greater,
that they then need to defeat
not to feel defeated,
as their greatness eventually defeats them,
like an enemy attacking from within.

And yet, my presence
merely awakens that enemy,
reflecting himself in me,
and creating the delusion of duality,
in those that believe to be free of it.

Earthly beings are trapped
in the delusion of duality,
within tridimensional paradoxes,
in which the outer reality
confuses and questions
their inner reality.

Everything is just a game,
in which the player
confuses himself
with the play.

To you, the gamer,
I offer a story of hope,
in a world that seems lost,
confused and misled
inside its own stories.

This story says that
everyone is perfect,
when we root ourselves,
in the love for the truth,
happiness and strength,
which can be found within
our unique nature,
wherever it may come from,
and whoever we may have been
before the last manifestation.

This is a story of faith,
not knowledge, power,
influence, fear,
good or evil.

Faith is what you know,
but insist on asking
and begging for,
from your relationships,
friends, family, governments,
futile perceptions,
and mental constructs.

Faith forces us to wake up,
every single day
knowing that one day
we can’t anymore.

Faith makes us love,
every time we can,
knowing that one day
we can get hurt,
and feel lonely.

Faith makes us believe,
in everything we do,
knowing that one day,
we may fail too.

Faith pushes us forward,
from one day to the next,
from one month
to the following,
year after year,
imagining the future
and remembering the past,
while remaining in the present.

And along this way,
our body changes,
our soul changes,
our identity changes,
and we learn new things
that we didn’t know
about ourselves.

That’s all there is to life;
love, faith and awareness.
Everything else,
will one day be gone.

You will die,
others will die,
I will die.
Streets will change,
cultures will change,
your reality,
your world
and life as you know it,
will vanish into that change,
from and within the complexities
of human evolution.

Then, we are reborn again,
here, or there,
or somewhere,
and possibly anywhere.

Like me,
you won’t remember
who you are
or who you were.
But I tell you: It’s ok.

Faith, love and awareness,
will still be within you.
They still are,
right now,
as you read this.

You won’t bring your worries,
fears, hurts, friends,
money, house, car,
business, job,
or father,
to the next life.

They will be as important,
as are now the ones
you once had.

You won’t have a country,
language or nationality,
and neither your body.

Along that experience,
you may even forget
you have a soul.

You won’t remember,
your religious beliefs,
the books you have read,
this poem you’re reading,
or the wisdom once heard.

in the midst of the confusion,
of knowing yourself, knowing others,
and regaining an identity,
you will find the same path,
common to many pasts,
a path you know so well,
and a path that will find you
and catch up with you.

Once on this path,
you’ll continue the journey of many lives,
by repeating yourself in the same problems,
the same pain and the same disillusions.

Those delusions,
will make you forget,
that you can also repeat,
the many happinesses,
that have carried you here.

You will get hurt again,
feel rejected, lost,
and get a sense of unfairness
and lack of logic too.

Like this poem,
life won’t rhyme most of the times,
and may seem confusing as well.

However, life doesn’t have to be poetic,
predictable, harmonic
or even logic.

Life owes nothing to you.
Life is just what it is.

The emotions behind life,
on the other hand,
will always rhyme.

I hope you can see it too
and as much as I do.

People can be found,
lost, and forgotten,
but the harmony,
the poetic meaning
is always there.

Those that tell you,
that you can’t change the world,
don’t know what they say,
like a blind man,
convincing others,
that colors aren’t real.

You don’t need to see to know,
as much as you don’t need wings,
to fly to the moon.

I can change the word,
and I am doing it.
So imagine what you can do,
if you choose to change yourself!

I am doing it with faith,
love and awareness.
And that’s all you need.

Have faith in yourself,
despite what you don’t know!
Love yourself,
despite the pain you feel!
Be aware of your spirituality,
despite what you have or don’t!

Nothing is lost or forgotten,
because the you in you,
is all there is
and all you need.

Everything else vanishes,
in our choices or lack of them,
in what we do and is done,
in the effects of karma,
and our construction of it,
in the people that leave
and the ones that die.

Hope in faith,
faith in hope,
is all there is,
and all you need.

If you can change,
the world can change,
and you can change,
because the world can change.

The key is to know,
that there is no world,
there is no you,
and there is no change.
There is only light.

You are like a candle,
but not the candle,
only the light
coming from the candle.
You are that light!

You can find this light
in your roots,
because you’re not the tree
or the roots,
or even the fruits,
but the sweetness
inside each fruit.

You may spend an entire life,
thinking that you’re a candle,
or struggling to be a tree,
without ever knowing,
that you are light,
and sugar.

That is why I tell you,
for you to remember,
who you really are.

Be the light!
Be the sugar!
That’s who you are!
If you don’t know,
please remember it!

Remember who you are
and you shall be it!

What shall you be?

Noel Dignity

Author of “How You Broke My Heart”

How you broke my heart