Where’s my product?

Orders are proceeded automatically as we only sell digital products. Shipping time for products  promoted in our shop but sold through other platforms depend on such platforms shipping policies.

Where do you sell?

We sell worldwide.

I ordered the ebook. When will I get it?

Shortly after your order for the ebook goes through, you’ll receive an email with a link to download your book. Check your spam folder if you don’t see it right away.

How can I read the ebook?

When you buy an ebook from us, you will receive a PDF file format. Alternatively, you can also get ePub, Mobi and other file formats, by purchasing the same ebook in other platforms that we promote in our website. For ePub, you can use iBooks on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, and Aldiko or Cool Reader on your Android devices. Mobi works on all Kindle models, and Kindle for Mac or PC. PDFs can be read on Adobe Acrobat or Preview, as well as Sony Reader and Nook devices.

I don’t trust your company. Can I buy the ebook elsewhere?

Sure! Our books can be found in all the major platforms: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Kobo, Smashwords, Iktera, Tolino, etc. For direct links, please check the footer of our website.

Do you offer a discount if I want to buy a lot of books?

We offer discounts for purchasing our ebook bundles. But we can create a special 30% discount coupon upon request for costumers that intend to purchase more than 20 ebooks at once.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 100% refund policy guarantee under Paypal rules. If you purchased any of our products through another channel, the same policy automatically applies under their rules.

Can I get a discount for my class or book club?

If you are assigning one of our books to your class or book club, we will be happy to provide a discount for your group. Coupon codes will work for a set amount of time and/or maximum number of orders. Please contact us with the details of your group and we’ll be happy to oblige.

How can I help spread the word about your books?

For review copies, please contact us with details of the title you wish to preview, publication in which the review will appear, and your full contact information. Additionally, you can also join our group of affiliates and receive an html code to add in your website or blog.

How can I become an affiliate and make money selling your books?

There are 4 options to become an affiliate of 22 Lions: Our own Affiliate Program, Smashwords, Gumroad and Aerbook. To become an affiliate through our website, please read our terms and conditions before registering. To become an affiliate through Gumroad, you must contact us directly by email to 22lionspublishing (at) in order to be registered as an affiliate in our database. To sell our ebooks through Smashwords and Aerbook, please read their affiliate program terms and conditions.

Do you accept book proposal submissions?

We’d love to hear what you have in mind. Submit your proposal to 22lionspublishing (at) and our editorial team will review it. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What is the meaning behind your company logo?

The red triangle represents fire, enlightenment, purification, creativity and energy. The black lion is a symbol of authority and command over subconscious thoughts. The lion also represents wisdom, dignity, courage and justice. In ancient Greece, lions were identified with Dionysus, Phoebus, Cybele, and Artemis because myth indicates lions drew the chariots for these gods and goddesses. In Hinduism, the lion is an avatar (embodiment or personification) of Vishnu. In Buddhism the Buddha sits upon the lion as a throne of consistency, strength and wisdom. Therefore, the company logo represents the uplifting energy of God manifested in the subconscious mind of a human with dignity and potential to understand it, the power that enlightens.

What is the meaning behind your company name?

The number 22 in numerology is related to balance, harmony, adaptability, idealism, expansion, evolution and manifestation of the highest ideals and desires.  It is a number symbolizing power and accomplishment. It also represents the Spiritual Master Builder on the Material plane, God’s energy put into form, a vibration that holds with it a great deal of responsibility. Ancient Alchemists attributed the number 2 to dialectic, a necessary relation between 2 elements leading to conscience, which manifests as well when one of the elements opposes the other, as described by Taoism. If we invert the first number 2 in 22, we will get the symbol of love ♥or omega Ω, representing the beginning and the end, perfection. If we then combine two omega symbols opposing each other vertically, we get an 8, symbol of infinite (∞). If we put a second 8 on top of the infinity symbol, we’ll get a templar cross, related to the 4 elements of nature – water, earth, fire and air. Turning this cross 45 degrees to the right to form an x, and putting another cross at the top, will lead you to the symbol of the sun and also the flower, represented in medieval times as a rose. The rose has always been associated with love for the mysteries of life. That’s how the name 22 Lions becomes the representation of a path, uniting love and wisdom in order to bring conscience (omega or perfect wisdom), the third element completing the pyramid of life. That is the meaning behind calling ourselves an uplifting and enlightening company. 22 Lions symbolically means Love of Wisdom, Love of Knowledge, Love of Intelligence or, more simply, Philosophia, a word coined by Pythagoras and portrayed throughout history in many deities, such as Athena, Ganesha, Isis, Minerva, and many more.

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