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Truthful, Profound, Simple, Unique, Enlightening, Enriching, Delightful, Insightful, Revealing, Uplifting, Realistic, Wise,…

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“I’m reading this book all the time it is a great read” Richard Palmer

“The most true book I have ever read” Ashley Smith

“Profound in its simplicity. unique and truthful with no reservations” Russ Watkins

“Very knowledgeable and contains truthful information” Tanya Kennedy

“This book was so enlightening” Tamieya Turner

“Brilliant! Truly enlightening. Love it!” Juan Zapata

“Great book if you want to escape from reality for a while and enrich your soul” Dagnija Petersone

“Totally loved it” Kym Silva

“Gave me vision into understanding myself” Michelle Hoeltzell

“Delightfully insightful” Perry Hoeltzell, PhD

“Very positive. I’m glad I got it” Oded Vasquez

“Truly revealing and enlightening. Uplifting and positive!” Juan Zapata

“Its eye opening, makes you think and evaluate your own life” Agatha Phongwako

“No headaches until the end. I would have liked to give you six stars” Michelle Hoeltzell

“The writer speaks from a very realistic point of view” Omeka Moore

“Wise words” Paula Rosvold

“Curiosity led me to this book and boy oh boy my life will never be the same” Charita Pressey

“Mind boggling, thought provoking and addictively brilliant” Jessica Campbell

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