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There are 3 levels to look at life, religion and the hidden messages behind very wise music composers. These lessons must be learned with the heart, not the mind or the basic instinct trapped by the eyes and superficial concepts. You must see the effort to develop this skill within you as a mystical experience far beyond what meditation allows in awakening the pineal gland. There is little someone can do by using merely the subconscious or the conscious. Meditation and spiritual studies aren’t enough to develop a profound conscious awareness about reality.

There is another much deeper layer, connected to the whole universe and humanity, which Carl Jung was doing his best to describe in his work but Sigmund Freud ignored on purpose. The following songs have a powerful lesson to understand related to this hidden layer, and I will offer you the hints that can guide your subconscious along this inner path.

Enigma – Beyond the Invisible

Mylene Farmer –Fuck Them All

Rammstein – Du Riechst So Gut

Blutengel – Reich mir die Hand

  • The horse represents the beast instinct within us, guided by impulses and always on the run. “I’m a busy person”, says the one that is always on the run, like a wild horse moving on impulses;
  • The woman on top of a horse represents the spirit, running with the horse and guided by it, in a struggle to reach somewhere unknown, the hidden purpose of life;
  • A woman in a red dress represents purity, a virgin, a spirit that is naive about the occult side of life;
  • Death is symbolic, a passage, a bridge between the outer and inner world. Death, from an alchemical perspective, represents a transformation of the spirit from darkness to light. It’s an awakening, not an end. That’s why the Freemasons and Skulls and Bones use it in their rituals of initiation;
  • The vampire is the man that accepts his instinct to find himself. That’s why the vampire seems to be always looking for a sensual woman, the spirit that constantly seduces him and he can’t resist. However, the vampire simultaneously loves and wants to destroy the spirit, represented by the woman, because he lives in an inner struggle between darkness and light.

Some meaningful sentences in the lyrics of these songs for you to think about are the following:


Have to dive into my fantasies; I know as soon as I’ll arrive; Everything is possible

I’m in you and you’re in me 

Mylene Farmer

Make love to us war

Blood and soul

In the text, Blood it is sex


Insanity is just a narrow bridge

the sunlight’s confusing the mind

I don’t see you; I only smell you I feel you


You wander through the night alone, in the search for infinity.

Doubt and fear will be destroyed in the fire.

our pride and our blood will be united in eternity.


There are 3 levels in our world. The ones that can reach the third are enlightened. The 3th level is the one of the invisible, from which the real light emerges. Darkness belongs to the visible world, in which many beings, deluded by desires, concepts and instincts, like wild horses, lose themselves inside the ignorance of not being able to see the big picture and the meaning of their existence.


Remember that the light blinds, the darkness destroys, and the path of the soul is far beyond such earthly duality controlled by evil forces, the matrix of massive deceiving that veils the truth. In her lyrics for the song Pardonne-Moi, Mylene Farmer sings: “Black lord, deliver me of my blood, of one hope, because inside of me a silence’s watching without makeup, a nowhere”

Daniel Marques

Author of “The 88 Secret Codes of the Power Elite”

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