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Science has changed a lot and what you learned in school or college is actually just theoretical trash. I often laughed at students idiotic assumptions when they claimed “my science teacher told me so”. But was even more amazed when some teachers asked me if I belong to any secret organization because of what they heard me saying. Most people are indeed very stupid, not because they don’t know certain things, but because they choose to be afraid of the truth and learn. In fact, many secret organizations wouldn’t be secret if people could handle the truth. Basically speaking, recent scientific findings show us that nothing can be scientifically proven or quantified, because EVERYTHING is determined by the purpose behind it. Science found that we affect not only our future but also our past. And that’s the crazy part. We create future and past at the exact same time. Yes, past… Your past only exists in your mind. It isn’t real. In other words, your personality is fake. Your own conscience is delusional. Life is just a game determined by observers. What you think and what others think about you is who you are. The less conscious you are about it, the less power you have over the outcome. However, that outcome is always determined by observations: What you think is what you are. And that is science, as crazy as it may seem for many people that claim that this and that is or not scientific. Science reached a point in which they now know that everything is delusional, even our own past. The past keeps changing at the same time as the future. This is very crazy… because it means we live in a virtual reality. Everything is unreal. We’re just part of a kind of computer software, like a video game. Even what you learned in historical books isn’t real, unless you think it is. And that’s the only reason that makes it real. Whatever people claim to be real is only real because they think it is. So, how can this help the common person, depressed, sad, worried, afraid and often confused about himself and the world? I would ask them the following: What do you think life should be like? What would you like your past to have been? And that’s it, that is the reality. Now, live it as if it is and it shall be!  After a few days, they will forget the cause of their depression, worries and failures. And a while after they will be living a new life experience that nullifies the previous, making them forget why they were depressed, sad or worried. Now, the scientific question to be asked is: Did they really forgot or it was erased from the God-Software? Are the things we can’t remember real? That’s crazy, isn’t it? So I suggest that you ask this question to a teacher in philosophy or psychology and let him or her become crazy about the answer, because the craziest thing you can do to anyone with a strong belief in their knowledge, in their reality, is to question the validity of all that. The craziest thing you can do to someone that has struggled to understand their reality, is to tell them: I didn’t study it! I just believe in it. The craziest thing you can do to people that think they know you, is to achieve or do something they couldn’t expect. That’s like putting a virus in their mental-software. They will hate you and they will fear you, and they will discriminate you. But before that, they will ridicule you, because if they can prove that you are crazy, that makes them feel less crazy about themselves. Most people call me crazy because they need to believe I am crazy. They don’t want to know that they are the crazy ones. But do it! Prove them! And that’s when they will reveal themselves to you. Tell them: Am I crazy because I don’t have a job? No, you are crazy, because you have one, and yet earn less than me, and can’t travel freely like I do. Am I crazy because I read dozens of books? No, you are, because you think you know whatsoever from a tv screen. Am I crazy because I change my reality as easily as folding a piece of paper and choose to follow my dreams and make them come true? No, you are, because you think your life is real, and yet you are not even living it, and pretend you’re not depressed, angry and frustrated. If you are not changing reality according to what you want, you are not real! If you are following what others tell you to do, you are not real! And is saying or asking such things evil? If you tell someone that his whole life, including beliefs and worries, aren’t real, they will see you as evil. And they will justify this belief easily. Their mental-software will compute immediate and plenty of excuses to justify hating you and labeling you as evil. They will first call you crazy, then delusional, and then even evil. Yes, they will tell you that you are evil, because they go to church, and they have a family, and they trusted you, and so many things more, often illogical and irrational, that will reveal to you how dumb those you thought to be smarter actually are. Nonetheless, they’re not stupid by choice, but default. They are stuck in the matrix and they need to protect it, because they can’t unplug. It’s painful. They will shoot you before feeling that pain. Because unplugging from the matrix is painful. Unplugging from the matrix is as painful as dying, because that is what it is. Everyone is afraid of death, because dying means unplugging. But telling them that they aren’t real isn’t different than killing them. And that’s why they will shoot you first, in this era, with spiteful words, luckily for you. People don’t want to be unplugged. They want to feed from the matrix, by talking about stupid superficial topics, like “what did you do today?”, “what did you drink yesterday?”, “Where will you be tomorrow?” and how do you prove your social value by being connected to people that are deeply connected. If you are friend of a celebrity, a politician or an artist, people will love you. But what about being friend of a writer? When I tell people that I’m a writer, they smile and they want to love me. They want to be my best friends from that moment on, they want to tell the whole world that they know me, they want to take pictures with me. And then they ask me: “What kind of novels do you write about?”. And my answer is: “I write about spiritual topics”, and they stop smiling. But they still try to calm themselves down with a following question that diminishes my social impact: “Self-help stuff?”. But I answer them: “More than that. I teach people how to change themselves, change the way they think about religion, and change their entire reality and future”. And then… BOOM! Something goes wrong in their mental-computer, something blocks and something else burns. Their mental-software keeps alerting them with the pop-up: “virus detected”. And they immediately find excuses to runaway and to hate. Suddenly, the most kind person you’ve ever met, the most loving Christian, Buddhist or Hindu, shows his real demonic face. Because I made him realize that his kindness is delusional. He is a a fake. And there I am, in his face, to prove that he is a lie. And he wants to kill me, but he doesn’t know how. So, he waits for me to leave, and then pretends I never existed and that moment never happened. And he is probably right. If he forgets that moment, it never happened. According to science, you create your reality, so if you forget a dream, it was just a nightmare that you won’t remember the next day. So, my question is: Why did God put me in front of you, if you didn’t want it? Why are you reading this, if you don’t like it? Is God evil? Am I evil? Are you evil? No, it’s all a game. But you are playing it. You are here, you are still here. And yet, you can choose to delete this part of your software, often by decoding it: He is just another crazy guy. It’s a choice. But you programmed this choice to happen, you have envisioned this experience and you have wanted it. And that’s the craziest part of it. Most people that hate me need me. They just can’t handle the conflict within, the contradiction of having to deal with themselves as being a fake, in order to reprogram a new future. Because, as a simple code, you can’t reach a new outcome with the same code. You have to write a new code, by erasing the previous. And that’s the pain: You don’t want to die. You want to change while being yourself. Is that reasonable? Any computer programmed would tell you that it isn’t.
What’s wrong with science isn’t the method, but the concept or variable. Like any other person, scientists tend to think the problem is in the variables that affect the outcome. And that’s what I am, that’s what my books are – just variables. But that’s not the point. What you want to be is. You are your reality. You are entirely responsible for every single thing happening to you. And that’s what you don’t want to know, because you are just a code. And yet, you are a conscious code. You are a code, conscious of his own code, that doesn’t want to decode and rewrite himself. You are a stubborn software. Isn’t that crazy? And yet, it’s the truth.
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