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I once gave a conference in Asia about the End of the World. And I was astonished with the reactions:

1. Most Asians don’t believe the world will ever end;

2. The idea that earth could be destroyed by catastrophes and the humans visited or saved by aliens is absurd to more than half of them;

3. The thought that USA may be destroyed caused laughs.

Then a question came: “Do you believe in the end of the world?”

And this was my answer:

I don’t know for sure if the world will end, but what I know is that the facts are very clear about it and becoming more evident everyday…

1. Blood Money Agreements: The world economy and how each country’s economy and politics affect one another, causing diplomatic agreements, that not only affect the economical trade, but also the mutual support in war, either for protection or aggression, as it has been happening with US, the Arab countries and the support, forced by agreements (that were created after World War 2), of Europe, in all these events. This mutual support, along with the consequences of the invasion in Iraq and Afghanistan, plus the American support to the revolution against the Libyan and Egyptian regimes, may cause other countries to see this interventions as a threat, and therefore unite themselves against such possibility of also being invaded. Countries like Iran, Russia and China, may unite against the, already in process, Union of Europe and USA against their “enemies”.
2. Money above Love: The value of money over other human interests, such as love, understanding and compassion, that could allow people to put their values and their self-love and the love for their family and friends first; the compassion for other people before their selfish interest, instead of their greediness and will for power, recognition and money above all things. Such attitude can cause people to easily obey any government and call for war, especially if they believe that such war can benefit them.
3. People’s Apathy: The fact that, even if the American People and Politics are not exactly interested in World Domination, they have done nothing to stop the events that have been occurring and, in fact, have been more active in creating wars than peace. The fact that the hidden Elite behind the Political power in America may keep their power over any Politician, no matter who they are, therefore deciding and planning long term events.

4. War Politics: The fact that countries like Russia, Iran and China, are greatly preparing themselves militarily and, there are only two reason a country would invest so much in their military force: It’s because they are either preparing themselves to be attacked or to attack. Otherwise, why does Europe the opposite, in dismantling their national armies, in order to have merely an army made by people that have deliberately chosen to be part of it, while the rest doesn’t even have to go under military instruction anymore?

If we look at these 3 countries, the scenario is very different. In China, all college students, including girls, have military training that focus mostly in aggressive measures, such as open-hand fighting and weapon usage. In Iran, not only this, but all Martial Arts training is supported and sponsored by the government and free for the population. In Russia, the months of intense military training are still so aggressive that many young boys runaway from their country before turning 18 in order not to face such programming.

5. Atomic Power: The most powerful countries in the world have an Atomic Bomb, and invest billions in military weapons. All we need is one of them to push the button, and all the others will follow in their support for one of the two opposing nations.
6. Mind Manipulation: The Chinese Communist Party strongly supports and promotes hatred ideas against western countries, portraying both US and Europe as invaders and historical enemies of China. Such strong manipulation of People’s emotions and patriotism in a world mostly ruled by economy, can only mean political interests in wars against the west. Another prove that Asia will be supporting everyone opposing Europe and USA.
After my answers were listened quietly and with overall attention, it was time to talk about the New World Order and its plans, as well as measures, to control the world. Here, the reaction was scaring:

Almost everyone supported the fact that a New World Order is necessary to control world peace and stop criminality worldwide;

The idea of having a chip implanted under the skin was welcomed as a practical and safer measure in a new world;

World Organization was welcomed as a must for a better economy and life opportunities;

World Control was welcomed as a path to a more beautiful earth and richer lifestyle;

Population Extermination was seen with apathy.

My conclusion: The Elite has done a great job in controlling the masses opinions with misleading facts that intended to program their mind. With this plan so well accomplished, only one event is missing: The missing link to the New World Order, just like it happened during World War 2, and the World Power passing into the hands of America, seen now as the Peaceful Ruler of the World. This event, will follow the same strategy, with a World War 3 and the World’s Power moving now into the Illuminati’s hands. When? It’s not about the when it is going to happen, but about how well are you prepared to when it happens, and what are you going to do, because everything is moving quickly into order, THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

Daniel Marques

Author of “2012, China & Beyond”