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It’s intriguing when I hear people say: “this is the only book you need, the only true book”, when referring to the bible, when in fact the truth is manifested in many different ways, and not just in one book. Why would the God of the whole universe write only one book? Can the whole truth be resumed in the fairy tales that this book describes for those immersed in the ignorance that our world, 2 thousand years ago, possessed?
I can’t agree or disagree because indeed the bible has the truth, but God didn’t put himself in one book only, otherwise, what is the purpose of people like me? why would writers write? or why should we have libraries? I have to answer to such individuals: If God only desired the truth in one book, there would be no writers or libraries in the world, and we wouldn’t need to go to school, do research or think either.
People that think that the truth doesn’t require answers and actions are stupid and that is what stupidity is: lack of action towards knowledge. You’re not stupid because you don’t know things, but because you don’t want to know them. And if you think that a book written 2 thousand years ago is enough to know everything, then why learn anything else?
In fact, the more enriching truth is the one you find through different perspectives. I have found that the “Treasure of the Templars” is in fact the truth acquired from different sources, the mysteries of life. And it isn’t mystical, otherwise they wouldn’t have created the first banking system in the world and become one of the most powerful organizations ever. Mysteries are for the fool and the dark only. And unfortunately for humans on earth, both things are related.
I have learned the hard way that I can’t reveal everything I know because the ignorant will use it as a weapon. And that is both the meaning of darkness and ignorance. You have to learn to develop compassion in order to acquire more truth in your life, and that is the truth that will set you apart from the ignorance.
Ignorance is just another word for darkness. And darkness is the illusion that buddha spoke about. To be in the darkness is to believe that what you know, whatever it is, is the truth. Faith without actions, is foolishness taken to the extreme, is ignorance in the hands of the arrogant.
The one that knows will always be crucified by those that don’t and everyone that is in the darkness. However, this darkness is part of the illusion, and so, whenever the illusion (arrogance) manifests (any person), the knower will be crucified (accused, rejected and blamed). In other words, there is a relation between seeing and being the target of damaging rumors. But only those that can see will have such results, which means that the ones feeling offended with the right questions are ignorant of their ignorance, and not truly masters of their knowledge. The mysteries many talk about are only mysterious for them because they lack the skills that their religion promotes, and you can’t fake these skills, reason why they may know, and at the same time, not know.
It’s interesting how, using different words, all religions talk about the same. Spiritual freedom is acquired by a combination of 3 elements, that can manifest in many different ways. These elements are the triangle that releases the soul: Truth, Justice and Compassion.
Truth is manifested with knowledge, awareness and conscience;
Justice is found in understanding, actions and thoughts;
Compassion is applied with love, empathy and morality.
When the Illuminati and their many branches of followers explain the philosophical triangle, they are showing that they can only see one triangle. But the truly enlightened can see many triangles. And the reason is explained by the triangle itself.
The triangle that unlocks the gates to heaven is a metaphor of the codes that trap the soul in the physical reality, controlled by Satan. So, the ones that believe in one triangle, are actually promoting a Satanic philosophy, because they are unconsciously trapped by it.
Reincarnation follows the exact same principle because reincarnation is another metaphor for the triangle of life. Satan doesn’t want his souls to escape, so he makes them become lost in a labyrinth, which the Greeks described wisely in their mythology. The labyrinth is a wider explanation for a combination of triangles. Therefore, we can also say, following this explanations, that modern Gurus, Buddhists and Hindus, thinking that reincarnation is the path outside this labyrinth are fools trapped in the Satanic game. And I’m sorry to tell you that many, so called Avatars, are performing a big scam when denying what I just told you.
You will never be free with reincarnation. It’s like thinking that you are improving in life by changing titles inside the same company. You will only improve in life when you get an idea and develop your own business. So, as you see, the analogy applies again and always to every Satanic spectrum of the Earthly life. Humans that think they are better than others because of their title inside a company, their college major or the amount of money they make, are the greatest fools of all. And, I’m sorry to say, but those that follow this paradigm, are fools too.
Is the dumb rat in a labyrinth dumber than the smart rat, because he can’t find the cheese? No, they are both part of the same experience, they are both trapped in the laboratory, they are both subjected to the desires of the researcher, the master of the labyrinth and the experience.
The labyrinth and the triangle of enlightenment are real but the labyrinth and the triangle are not the truth. They are the keys to escape the jail and you can’t escape it by accepting them and accepting the owner of the jail, but by using them against themselves, against the darkness. You have to follow the darkness to escape it, and as contradictory as it may seem, this is the only path available. The crucifixion of knowing and being blamed, ridiculed and accused for knowing the truth, the evilness that manifests in the world when you know the truth, the accusations you feel and the humiliation you suffer, for speaking and knowing the truth, is the path and the only path. Loneliness, betrayal and emotional pain, the scars that will make you bleed from within, are the escape route, and the devilish hands that murder the speaker of truth, the kiss of our judas, the mercy of God descending upon His sons.
The ones thinking that one triangle is enough to explain life are the ridiculous ones, because they are stuck inside one triangle, while I have seen the mysteries that are only mysterious to them and wrote many books about it.
Humility is often confused with arrogance by the ignorant, because the one that knows speaks, the one that knows justice is unafraid of injustice, and he acts under his right to possess freedom beyond the mysterious triangle, which has unveiled all mysteries to him. His humility comes not by a social deception of weakness or superiority, but the powerful knowing that he is facing darkness with an open heart, like a courageous warrior proudly rushing towards death. He knows that those that can see the truth are crucified by all the rest that can’t, and that’s a fate he can’t deny. This necessary crucifixion is part of another necessary step for his soul. From that pain comes resurrection. The one that is crucified by the ignorant will always be reborn as a higher and more powerful being because he is purified of his sins and by the sins of others in the alchemical manifestation of Satan through the ignorant sheep that blindly follow him.
In the end, darkness will never prevail. The dark ones are victims of their own ignorance. In their rage and anger, the ignorant set the wise, the truly enlightened souls, free to join their creator, free from earthly life. Indeed, the fire of truth sets you free towards and into the light!

Daniel Marques

Author of “The 88 Secret Codes of the Power Elite”

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