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Once upon a time there was a girl that had been abandoned by many boyfriends. Her self-esteem was low and she felt ugly and useless. But one day she met a guy and fell in love with him. She said he was her lucky Bluebird and he called her his Chickenbird, because he said she didn’t had enough self-esteem to fly in life.

What she couldn’t understand is why he liked her so much, even thought he was always making fun of her weaknesses. In order to prove that everything was an illusion, that he wasn’t loving her but would eventually leave her, just like anyone else, she started provoking and saying bad things to him. But, every time that this happened and he was about to leave her, she felt as if she was losing something valuable, so she would try to talk him back into her life. In one of such days, she eventually admitted why she was being so mean to him: “I can’t understand why you love me. Other men I’ve been with before sent me love messages but you don’t. You don’t even ever call me. I’m the one always calling you. Besides, I’m fat, I have a big head, I’m ugly and I’m stupid”.

He looked at her and said:  “If I’m with you, it is because I can see things that you can’t. You’re not fat. You just have this tendency to dress large clothes and walk like a fat person because you think you are that kind of person. You don’t have a big head. You just make your hair into a mess, and it makes your head seem bigger than normal. You’re not ugly. You just dress and behave like you are. And you’re not stupid. You just think you are.”

In the next days, Bluebird taught her how to dress and convinced her to change her hairstyle. He also taught her how to walk, talk and behave differently.

A few months later, Chickenbird went to meet her friends. “Wow, you are so beautiful. What happened to you?”, they said in amazement and completely astonished with her new appearance.

Chickenbird, herself, could not believe that, for the first time, her friends where jealous of her looks. They kept saying that she was the most beautiful in the group and that the guy responsible for this was amazing.

Full of joy, Chickenbird returned to her blue-bird and said: “I now know that you love me, even though you’ve never said it, because you have taught me how to love myself,  and you did it by loving me”.

Bluebird smiled, holding a sense of pride for her. “You’re no Chickenbird anymore. You can fly now. And by noticing all the men starring at you when you walk outside, I can also say you’re more than a bird now. You’ve turned into an Eagle.”

She cried. “I’ve done many facial and body treatments all my live and I’ve never changed so much my appearance.”

She couldn’t understand what had happened, but, in his wisdom, Bluebird knew what he had done. “The power of real love and true happiness becomes a glow of energy that changes every little part of your body and mind. And this is something that nobody can ever tell you or even lie about, because you can feel it. And that’s how you know who loves you.”

Daniel Marques

Author of “The Greatest Power”

The Greatest Power