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Many conspiracies theories are based on conspiracy facts. The first purpose of the feminist movement was to make women pay taxes. You know, if they think they are independent enough to do everything on their own, they are also independent enough to pay taxes on everything they do. Another purpose was to give children to the government at an earlier stage. If women can’t keep them, children go to kindergarten at an earlier stage. And another purpose is already occurring now with children that present Attention Deficit Disorder, which is actually a symptom of resistance to oppression. And that’s where psychiatry enters with antidepressants that actually lead such children to commit suicide. If parents refuse to medicate them, the government can take their children away. It’s a step by step process, and for now you only see it being applied in some countries, like USA, Germany, and so on. But still, it’s being done

Another thing that feminists don’t understand, is that by creating war on men, they actually distract men from war on oppression. Revolutions have always been made by men. If you oppress them with their own wives and girlfriends, and nagging female friends, then men are too busy trying to handle them instead of doing something useful with themselves. And that’s another form of social oppression. Feminists don’t see that they’re being used.

Many symptoms that you see in society are just manifestations of something deeper. For example, racism is a product of media manipulation (many experts have noticed the same patterns repeating in movies, with a black guy always playing the idiot or the gangster, …and now with Muslims, which isn’t actually a religion of brown-skin people, but is being promoted as such, to create another racist segregation). More women end up alone, and they think that it’s because there aren’t enough men around, when in fact is because they are portraying a feminine type that nobody wants. And that bitchiness leads to selfishness. Now, if women are more selfish, men don’t see any point in doing the opposite, and become selfish as well. And in a society where everyone thinks for themselves only, any social institution becomes weak. That includes the family, the community, etc. What was once a pyramid of power focused on social rights, is now inverted towards the rights of the government. And we don’t even need to talk about politics anymore… but basically what happened was a social order being inverted towards the totalitarian order.

Now the question that I keep asking to the idiotic masses that can’t see what they do is: “WHO MADE THAT LAW?” Because you see, people now are always repeating the mantra “It’s the law”. But they never stop to think on how any law makes any sense. And they never consider the fact that some laws are meant to be broken. That requires a very high intellectual and moral level, which they don’t have. And the governments know this. What psychology studies is not the mind, but human mass behavior, and that’s why whatever is done can be predictable. They know that people will never question the law because they don’t have such mental capability. And the ones who can do that are so few that they can easily be silenced or killed if necessary. One man can change the whole world. Some do, with Wikileaks, Documentaries (like Grey Sate), etc. These guys end up dead. Always. Even more nowadays. For example, people don’t really understand the implications of the last elections in North America. Hillary would have become the first female dictator with all her feminist bullshit And Trump didn’t won… the truth won. Some FBI agents leaked information on Hillary and Wikileaks spread it on social media. Some independent reporters took it, investigated it and found it to be true, and spread this news. So who really won wasn’t Trump, but alternative media, Wikileaks, the FBI, etc. That’s what people just don’t seem to understand. For the first time, you had a dictator being beaten by lonely wolves. In the past this wasn’t possible.

The greatest dictators rose to power with the support of the masses. The dumb stupid masses,.. I must say. So nowadays everyone gets offended when I say that most people are stupid, but it’s a fact. Most people that are stupid support Hillary, as in the past they supported Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, etc. The majority have always been historically stupid. Now, sometimes people say to me: “We’re not stupid, we just don’t know”. And well, that’s actually what being stupid means. Not knowing.

If people didn’t refuse to listen, talk and debate the truth, if they didn’t unfriended me from Facebook just because I post information on Hillary that they don’t like to hear, they would know the truth.

The problem is that you have a society of nearly 7 billion with an infantile brain. Whenever you tell the that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, they get crazy and angry. If you tell them that Cinderella is just a fairytale, they will hate you. And who knows… maybe one day someone will say that Snow White really existed, and was a saint, and then she will be included in the bible. And you will be called crazy if you say she didn’t exist. That’s what I’m telling you here… it’s never and not really about feminism what we are discussing. That’s just another weapon of mass control, as racism is. Actually, Islam is the most poor religion I ever studied. I don’t even understand why everyone talks about it without addressing the obvious, that Islam is not really a religion. Is just a compilation of basic philosophy followed by those that don’t want to study something better or didn’t have access to it. And well, in a way, as what happens with many other very basic and poor religions, i.e. Raelians, Mormons, etc. You know, Hinduism is probably the richest religion there is. Ironically, nobody talks about it. And well, I would like to see a radical Buddhist out there. Because radical Buddhists put themselves on fire in public while meditating. And people could talk about this too or instead of Islam. You see, if terrorists are so religious as they think, then they can blow themselves alone. Because whenever they kill others, they prove themselves not religious.

During the Knights Templar era, Muslims were actually much more civilized than Europeans. We can thank them for the numbers, astrology and even alchemy and the translation of many texts written by Plato and Aristotle. That’s how stupid and primitive Europeans really were just hundreds of years ago. And it’s also our fault that they ended up with dictators that screwed their culture and beliefs. Not long ago, their societies were as equal as the European one. You can confirm this that I just said with any research on how Syria, Iran and Libya were just a few decades ago. And it’s a fact that many muslims have no idea how their dictators got into power and so much power.

In other words, we are all together on this. Whenever we forget that we’re battling our own ignorance, we have already lost. It is not and was never a war on religion and cultures that we’ve been addressing. We are always addressing our wars on ignorance. It’s not even a war on intolerance, because we don’t have to be tolerant with ignorance and oppression and mass murder.

Daniel Marques

Author of “The 88 Secret Codes of the Power Elite”