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The truth has never been so near of so many people and, nevertheless, so ignored. Youtube is full of important information that the majority won’t listen or watch. Most laugh and call it conspiracy theory but did you know that the jews laughed and disbelieved when hearing they would be exterminated in a concentration camp? It makes you think. History repeats because human stupidity repeats as well.
Many enlightened ones, of high moral, are losing their lives today because of what they show the world in a magnificent Christian altruism that many others, hiding inside their churches and lodges, ignore. This is becoming very common, especially for those that talk too much about things happening at the top. Many reporters, soldiers, scientists, politicians, FBI agents, celebrities and movie directors have been murdered for speaking too much. The sad part in their story is that most people didn’t care and still don’t, so their death wasn’t really necessary, just altruistic. While society is distracted at the ones blowing themselves up, many others are constantly being murdered for revealing the extremely dangerous darkness in this world.
As many people are stupid and tend to think I’m exaggerating when I scare them with the uncomfortable truth, I do tend to send a message in the videos I ask them to see saying “This guy was murdered for sharing the message in the video I’m sending you”. But do you think they care? They won’t watch, because, they say, they have more important things to do. Furthermore, they assume the martyr really died of natural causes like a stroke or an accident.
The movie Hackers Game, is just an cinematographic example among many depicting real life. The murders of Aaron Russo and Ted Gunderson, on the other hand, were real.
There’s definitely a war going on in which innocents are being slaughtered but the world doesn’t care. So, this world is doomed. The level of conscience in humanity is so low that a 5 year old child could be more reasonable at analyzing facts than most adults seem to be.
In ancient times, secret societies were kept secret to avoid decapitations. Now, they’re not avoided because the decapitation of the intelligence in their representatives and most of the world already happened without them knowing it. It doesn’t stop amazing me to see people laughing at their own stupidity when I ask a question they assume to be unreasonable, and yet, unveils exactly the weaknesses that the stupid can’t see.
Illuminati is indeed the highest ranking in Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, but if idiots keep following the dark, I don’t think they’ll find the light at the end, unless being stupid is a form of enlightenment for the ones that are confused about everything they read, including themselves. I have read their books and have absolutely no doubt regarding their obvious ignorance which, as in many other religious books, was predicted by their founders. How ironic it is to notice that Fama Fraternitatis criticizes what is now seen among Gnostic Orders, that Christ spoke against the representatives of his Church, or that Hinduism was against the so many rituals we see being practiced. The world is really and completely lost in its own delusions, its arrogance and dogmas.

Robin Sacredfire

Author of “Where’s the Money”

Where's the money