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Some people feel good when petting a dog. Others when a dog does something for them, like catching a ball. But then we have those that actually feel pleasure in feeding a dog. These last ones, may also feel compelled to feed a starving dog in the street.

The dog is known as one of the most loving creatures on earth, so we could say that, as you deal with a dog, you can also be judged in your love for humans. Because, in the same way, some people enjoy petting other fellow humans, others like to receive favors and gifts, and then some get pleasure from feeding them.

The ones that feed you, do it with inspiration, strength, knowledge, wisdom, support, and everything else you may need, when in spiritual and emotional starvation for a better life. Nonetheless, many people keep complaining about their life and problems and asking to be petted. Others, judge their friends and companions according to the things that they give and do for them. They suffer and die hungry in their blindness for real love. Often cheated and misguided, betrayed and abandoned, they’re like the dog that keeps loyal to his master till he dies. In their tears for what they lose, such people cry often for losing their “Master” and not for losing themselves. They have no self-love, no self-esteem, no self-respect, and no capacity to feed themselves, spiritually and emotionally.

Dogs are always loyal to their Master, either that person is good or bad. In the same way, people tend to be loyal to their delusions for others, and they do it while in their deep need and struggle for belonging.

Do not be like the poor dog, unfortunate in life and bitter in his disgrace! Do not ask others to pet you for your failures and mistakes! And do not expect it! Take responsibility for your own life! Do not seek joy in what others may do for you or give you. Do to yourself and give to yourself! And always Follow the ones who feed you with joy, without asking anything in return! Because they uplift you in life with their own heart.

Daniel Marques

Author of “The Greatest Power”

The Greatest Power