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I was on my way out of the airport when I’m stopped by the security check.

I couldn’t believe it. I looked at the woman that retained my bag wondering if she was going through a bad day. I kept looking at her and wondering if she saw something in me that made her suspect my bag. I was angry but had no other choice. I had to go to the line behind everyone being inspected. Now I was really angry. I looked at all the people in front of me and wondered how can the world have so many idiots that don’t know basic things about traveling by plane.

I waited a long time for my turn and, as I waited, I observed what made the others end up being stopped. I was shocked. Almost everyone had bottles of water inside their bag. ‘How can people be so stupid? How can they not know that you can’t pass the security check with a bottle of water or any other liquid?’.

Here I am, wasting 30min of my life because of all these idiots that are bringing bottles of water with them. And well, finally came my turn. I just wanted to leave because I was sure I was being stopped by mistake. I wasn’t stopped in any of the previous airports.

The woman about to check my bag looked at me and asked: ‘Is there any bottle of water inside your bag?’ I looked at her with confidence and replied: ‘I’m sure there isn’t’. She reached her hand inside and took a bottle full of water out.

I was in shock and said to her: ‘I completely forgot I had put it inside in the previous airport, and here I am, looking at everyone in front of me and thinking that they waste my time, that they are stupid for brining bottles of water, and I do exactly the same thing’.

She laughed, as if my words were as valuable to me as they were to her. We tend to go through life thinking that everyone else is wrong, that they are stupid, that they can’t see obvious things, that they waste our precious time, that we are better than them because we can see their mistakes. But if we are in the same line as them, if we are in the same situation, then it’s because we are not being aware of our own mistakes. We may forget, neglect or simply not be aware of the things we do wrong, but the more we judge and criticize others, the less aware we are of what we do. If for whatever reason they have a bottle of water in their journey through life and we meet them, we are likely to have one too.

We are not wasting any time for being with them but learning. We may take 30min or 30 years to learn this lesson but, eventually, we have to face the fact that we must forgive everyone for their mistakes, just as we expect to be forgiven by ours.

I may one day forget another bottle of water inside my bag but never again will I think that the ones that do it should be blamed for what they do. I thought I had lost 30min of my time but, in fact, I gained because I was not being punished but attending a valuable lesson in the school of life.

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Robin Sacredfire

Author of “The Law of the Pentagram”

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