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I went yesterday to a dentist to talk about the possibility of putting a crown in two teeth. She seemed smart and was polite but said I needed two months to do this procedure, because I need to cut gum from both sides of the mouth to put the crowns. She said I can leave it like this, but if it breaks I will need an implant instead. It’s depressive, because dentistry doesn’t have any proper solutions, apart from killing you. She told me I can’t put ceramic crowns (i.e. the only that are compatible with the body) because the teeth needs strong support (they’re molars) and ceramic crowns require more space (that is, more gum to cut). In other words, medicine is very barbarian, even now, in the year 2015. There’s nothing modern to it. It’s all about cut, replace, put metals. A crown is basically a metal tooth on top of another (after this being cut to 1/3 of what is left). It’s very stupid but people study dentistry for years, and, in the end, that’s all they do: Put a fake tooth on top of your dying tooth, hiding the problem to avoid dealing with it. Insane procedures created by insane people I must say. So, we can send people to space, create babies from sperm cells in laboratory tubes, and we still can’t make a fucking tooth grow? BULLSHIT! Medicine isn’t my field, but the more I investigate, the angrier I am. Doctors deliberately lie to people, and people are so stupid that they keep ignoring this fact.

However, sometimes I do wonder if doctors are as stupid as people or just deliberately lying to them. For example, friends I have with over 60 years old are told by their doctors to avoid acidic foods. And, for reasons I don’t understand, they think food that tastes acidic is bad and the ones that don’t are good. So, in their mind, sugar is good, milk is good, and so on. It was hard to convince my own uncle that what he eats every day is actually the most acidic food ever: MILK and COFFEE in cereals full of SUGAR. And I couldn’t convince him to drink lemon or eat tomatoes, because he thinks it’s bad for his health. In other words, due to ignorance, he’s actually avoiding the best food for health. I was, at least, able to convince him to drink goji tea, and seems like he’s not as bad as before now. But this world is so full of crap that gives me headaches. People must really be getting more stupid, like in the movie Idiocracy. At least science shows that world IQ has been dropping, not raising. So, in the past, people were actually wiser than now. How ironic. Technology evolves and people get dumber. It really pisses me off. It’s like I have to now go study dentistry on my own to heal my teeth, just like I did when everyone thought I was stupid, just because I had bad grades at school. I couldn’t memorize shit I don’t understand. That’s all. But the whole world is fucking stupid. And after traveling to several countries I come to interesting conclusions about common idiotic behaviors:

  1. Stupid people always think they are smarter than all the rest. In other words, they are more arrogant;
  2. Stupid people don’t listen. They can’t understand something that may change their thinking or force them to adjust;
  3. Stupid people are racist;
  4. Stupid people can only have boring conversations, about their daily and very common habits;
  5. Stupid people love to talk about food and take pictures of food;
  6. Stupid people hate books that make them think;
  7. Stupid people don’t like to think, but only obey;
  8. Stupid people never question the law or the rules they follow;
  9. Stupid people think that what the government says is more important than the truth;
  10. Stupid people think that God and Governments must be working together;
  11. Stupid people think that those that oppose the norm are evil and must be punished;
  12. Stupid people love to punish or see someone questioning their reality being punished;
  13. Stupid people love violence and bloodshed;
  14. Stupid people are addicted to gossip and selfies;
  15. Stupid people judge others by appearance and based on their prejudices,  and not really what they see or analyze;
  16. Stupid people learn everything from TV but then talk about it like it’s the truth;
  17. Stupid people think that keeping their job justifies committing crimes and being unjust towards others;
  18. Stupid people think that you must always obey authority, even if they want to strip search you for no reason and put their hand up your ass for fun;
  19. Stupid people think that Christians are always good people, despite what they do and say, and that evilness portrayed by Christians is just a misunderstood form of divine justice;
  20. Stupid people think that medicine is good for health and the conspiracy theories are myths invented by vegetarians.

Although the world IQ may be around 90 for most countries at the moment, we must notice that this number is just the average. In other words, if for every 9 retarded individuals (below 90) you have a smart writer, scientist or engineer, we can still get such number. Besides, the world IQ has been dropping as many studies show. Therefore, it’s very likely that most people you encounter have an IQ of 80 or below that. Scary isn’t it? The world population is turning into zombies.

This explains why I have been having the impression that people are getting dumber and dumber wherever I go in the world. They can’t understand very basic things and they aren’t even willing to think a little bit about it. And most of the problems I have are related to those occupying positions of power, because I always come to the conclusion that they don’t understand the laws they follow, they don’t know the purpose of their job and they can’t talk efficiently either. They are basically struggling to follow rules that they barely understand just to keep their job. In other words, if you put a monkey doing the same thing, and offer him peanuts for it, you can very likely get better results. Because you can train a monkey, but you can’t train a human. Humans are becoming incredibly stupid. And I don’t think stupid is even the right word anymore, as I’ve seen how much pleasure many get from being evil to other people and abusing authority. People are increasingly developing a strong desire for violence and blood. They are truly becoming as zombies, stupid and eager for blood. And there are many reasons for this, but I believe the massive poisoning and mind control techniques have a strong impact on these results. First, we have the vaccines, which severely damage the brain functioning from birth. Then, we have the biochemical effects of the fillings you get when going to the dentist, fluoride in your tooth paste and water, and the wifi radiation in your body and mind. Everything in our body is constantly being under attack. Your are under attack neurologically, physically and energetically. It’s very difficult to escape this prison wherever you go, and Hitler couldn’t have done a better job. You don’t need to have a smartphone or computer with you to be radiated, and unless you’re a farmer, which is much more unlikely than it was 100 years ago, you aren’t eating organic food and vegetables. You’re eating the hormones, antibiotics and vaccines given to the animals, and all the poisonous chemicals and mutated DNA of the vegetables and fruits produced under Monsanto Guidelines. You are dead already. You just don’t know it. But you are dead, from a spiritual, physical and mental view point. So why shouldn’t God just finish you off? You’re just a zombie. That’s what is happening to this world. It’s full of zombies. And it’s just a matter of time for people to get crazy and start eating each other. If the ATMs in the world stop spitting money (and that day will come soon), people are retarded enough to kill each other and start turning into cannibals. They are, indeed, retarded enough to do that and indoctrination did a great job in making us think about survival as related to competition and the rule of the strongest. The vast majority of the world population doesn’t care about what happens to their neighbor, they don’t feel any empathy when seeing other humans suffering and they only care about themselves. And that is a very dangerous scenario. The rulers of this world have billions of idiots in the pam of their hands and they can do whatever they want with them. And these world leaders, are psychopaths. So what can you expect from a psychopath? When the banks collapse, people can’t eat, and then mass murderers occur everywhere, as in the Apocalyptic movies Hollywood has been showing us, the very wealthy and powerful will be drinking champagne and partying to their success. Because, for a psychopath, success is mass murder with impunity.

There is a very serious crime that most religious people are committing against humanity and God, and that is not doing anything to prevent what is happening, but actually wishing for it. There are many ways to be selfish, and to think that you are protected because you read a certain book or because you are better than other people is the dumbest of them all.

Angel Ennobled

Author of “The Next Planet”

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