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If people are too naive to understand things on their own, religion will never be interesting.

I compare religion with DJing. Most DJs just want attention. For me, when I was a DJ, my purpose was the opposite. I was offering an experience to others. And this is exactly how I decided to end my career in music. It made me mad when people were dancing out of tune, like they didn’t care about the music.
When this happened I would stop, literally, everything, and then restart to make them wake up.
However, the situation kept repeating. It was if people went clubbing with a song in their head. When they entered, they would dance to the music being played, but soon after everyone was out of tune, dancing to their own rhythm, and my music had almost no dancer.
I eventually noticed that most people don’t really care about whatever is playing. Even though, when you’re famous, people approach you to tell that they are your fans. Next question: do you even know what I play? More than 90% of those approaching me with a smile, and claiming to be my fans, had absolutely no idea of what musical genre I was playing. In fact, when my reputation went out of the roof, I started receiving a bunch of invitations for parties that had nothing to do with my musical style. Then, everyone acted surprised when I was angry for being asked to reduce the level of the sound, or when I blasted the speakers, or even when I played classical music or political propaganda. I was a hardcore-techno DJ and that’s what a hardcore-techno DJ does. I was famous because of my particular style, and yet, nobody knew what style it was.
Now, isn’t that amazing? I was famous for something nobody could see. People were inviting me for parties that didn’t match my style and then acting surprised when I played something they didn’t expect. They were approaching me to take pictures with me and claim to be my friends and yet, they didn’t really care about what I played.

This scenario repeats itself in other fields and religion is one of them. When I was recently approached by a group of christians to study the bible, I agreed under certain conditions. Since the first day that I told them that I wasn’t going to become one of them, but only study certain parts of the bible. I know their belief system well enough to know I would never be part of the group. But I appreciated the help in researching some biblical topics, as it could help me with my books. In fact, I also told them that, I was openly showing them that my interest was as a researcher and writer, not follower.
Initially, they seemed to respect that. But then, they started to dance to their own music. The guy instructing me decided not to care about my words and change topics without warning. Then, as the strategy wasn’t working fast enough for him, decided to push the limits by doing something that really offended me.
Even though it’s a typical behavior that humans tend to do to each other, I really dislike it. He decided to do an ambush. When he realized that I had strong convictions about reincarnation, asked me to send videos I may have watched about it, claiming that he was also very curious about ancient history. But what he did was prepare a strategy to crush my beliefs.
Last time he came to my house, decided to show me everything in the bible proving me I was wrong and that I wasn’t a Christian. And that made me really angry.
The next morning I woke up at 3 and spent the next hour researching about proves of reincarnation in the bible. Here they are:
“If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body.” Corinthians 15:44
“We would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord.” Corinthians 5:8
“My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better. But to remain in the flesh is more necessary on your account.” Philippians 1:23-24
“Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:7
Jesus talking about the reincarnation of Elijah in John:
“This is the one … there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist…. And if you are willing to accept it, he is the Elijah who was to come. He who has ears, let him hear.” (Matthew 11:11-15).
“But I tell you, Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him, but have done to him everything they wished. In the same way the Son of Man is going to suffer at their hands.” Then the disciples understood that he was talking to them about John the Baptist.” (Matthew 17:1-13)
Other quotes talking about reincarnation:
“As he went along he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” (John 9:1-2)
“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I shall return there.” (Job 1:21)
“…when Melchizedek met Abraham, Levi was still in the body of his ancestor.” (Hebrews 7:10)
“Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment,…” (Heb 9:27)

I sent him the quotes and then said I didn’t want to study the bible again. I was honest and he wasn’t. I told him my beliefs because he insisted in knowing, not because I needed to share, and then he used everything against me.
I could see where things were going, so I sent him something to make a point, and explain that if I desired to disrespect him as much as he disrespected me, I also had arguments to use.

I did visit their temple, and the people there are really great and very friendly. But the way they talk about the bible is, generally speaking, unpleasant to me. Whatever is the religion, people always dance to whatever tune they want.

Last time I was with followers of the Illuminati philosophy, an old guy that studies it for over 40 years also kept making me angry, telling me that I’m not enlightened. I never said I was. Maybe someone else did. But I don’t really care about this topic or proving whatsoever about myself to others. And yet, he spent the whole time insisting on evidences of enlightenment and telling me that I wasn’t and why. But do I care? I didn’t even answer him. As he was speaking, I merely looked at him in bewilderment, wondering how can a person be like this for 40 years. I mean, I’m frustrated when I’m stupid for one entire day or year, but 40 years in the dark? His words were for me as a show about religious ignorance. I didn’t really listened. At some point, I was focused on his music. And I must say, it didn’t sound that good.
As an experienced composer and DJ, I do have this advantage, of seeing people’s vibrations behind what they speak. I look at how they combine the words, their intentions and it’s as if they’re DJing for me. However, God plays one song only, so when people play out of tune, when the rhythms are uncoordinated, it’s interesting to see why, it’s interesting to see what kind of music they’re trying to play. And this old guy was playing a song called resentment blinded by ego. Yes, it’s a long title for a song, because he was actually DJing between these vibrations. He was mixing different topics, although within the same genre.

I don’t think I’m a genius but I start to feel that to be normal in this planet is becoming something extremely rare. Maybe people are being poisoned and I’m immune to it. Maybe soon everyone will turn into zombies and I have to rent a caravan and spent my days chopping heads and hunting birds for lunch. This world is seriously becoming too apocalyptical. And I really do my best to feel normal but the abnormality is everywhere and goes far beyond my comprehension. To see it as bad music, bad vibes, is really the best I can do. And yet, it disturbs me to see that religion is full of bad DJs and horrible dancers. I do think we should go back to playing drums and dancing around the fire, as humanity isn’t capable of more than that.

At some point, humans go so much out of tune, that the truth becomes shocking to them. I once proved a Christian that Jesus was black and he was shocked. In his temple, they have lots of paintings and he’s always portrayed as a tall north American white.

Another thing that surprises me in religion is people’s choice of faith. Good religions struggle to survive, because nobody wants the reading, studying and debating,… people want very basic things… and that’s where the money is.
I’ve been in meetings about Pythagoras, his history and teachings, and you have 4 to 6 people maximum attending. Christians do a meeting about the whole world being destroyed and how important obeying God is, and you have the room so full they have to do multiple meetings at the same time.

Another thing that puzzles me is when people think they are smart for quoting a book with 2k years, the bible, but think I’m not for quoting one with 6k years, the Vedas. That’s like saying that only music from the 80s is good and Mozart was not advanced enough.

There is no doubt that if you want to make friends, real friends, the christian faith is the right group to be. My problem is what they listen. It is like going to a party and being forced to listen to a bad singer because your friends won’t leave. I have actually dumped two girlfriends in the past for this reason. They thought I was disrespecting them, although I was actually respecting my principles. I don’t listen to bad music. I can force myself, but it is like being hit in the head with a hammer. Tolerance has limits and mine is too limited.

Maybe the biblical followers think they are doing something good for others and trying to save them from armageddon, but when I say to someone that I write about reincarnation and don’t want to debate christian beliefs about it, I know what I’m doing and why.

Unfortunately, many adults are not more mature than children. Sometimes I wonder if people know what is disrespect. Maybe I should write a whole book about it. On another hand, maybe that’s why I have a different karmic level. Disrespect is a very good way to increase karma and be stuck on earth forever.
I can see that christians are very impressed with my explanations on reincarnation because it matches everything else they learn. They never expect what I say. However, they do make provocative questions as if they could confuse me.

How can I not explain reincarnation well, if Pythagoras, one of the philosophers I admire the most, believed in it, explained it well, and created numerology, a science I love, to help us understand it? How can I not explain reincarnation well, if since I’m a small child, I’ve been having dreams about my past life, on other planets? I know well why I’m on earth, and even though I refused it for over 30 years, only when I finally accepted my karma, my life went into place and manifested its best. Only then did I found peace. The truth did set me free, as Jesus claimed. So, why would I follow wrong truths, bad music and bad musicians? I have found the song of God, and He plays truth.

One thing is to be rude and another thing is to disrespect another person on purpose. If I tell you that I write about reincarnation and that I don’t want to talk to you because we will disagree, but you push it, and ask me questions, in order to destroy my belief system, then you are disrespecting me.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people need to compete to feel they are important. And well, they can go compete with someone else. That’s not a game I play. It’s actually easy for me to win on arguments about religion, because I come from a higher reality where the perspective about religion is far much more complete, reason why it’s easy for me to understand old religious faiths. So, when someone tries to argue with me, he can only get angry and frustrated, and make himself feel bad. I don’t compete but people do mirror themselves on me when pushing the topic. And, well, very few discover they should be more humble after debating against me. Very few are humble enough to ask me if they’re on the right path. And yet, the wisest religious people I have ever met, often much older than me, find themselves asking me if they are following the right path in their faith. Somehow, they know that I know.

This doesn’t always happen. I recently met one of the oldest freemasons still alive with over 40 years dedicated to his faith. He seemed like a peaceful old man, until we started talking and felt the need to prove to me that I’m not enlightened. He seemed quite well informed about it, even though his combination of words made me know he wasn’t aware of what he was speaking about. It was like watching a DJ playing the greatest hits without any love for music.
I don’t know where he got the idea I was or was pretending to be. My point is, maybe I have said something that made him feel inferior, so he had to put me down in the only way he knows. Everyone worships him as an important person but others don’t have so much knowledge as I do to judge. That is what made him scared. Even though I don’t challenge people, they feel challenged with my presence and way of thinking.
How do you tell a person you’re not stupid, they are for assuming you are? I don’t know. My former girlfriends slept in the same bed as me and never believed I can write so many books. One claimed I synthesize what I read and the other that I keep repeating the same thing with different words. How do you talk to people that think like that despite seeing you doing it? I don’t know. That’s why I don’t know how to answer questions about my life. People want a particular song and I don’t know which one to play to make them happy.

Most people I encounter look at me like I’m bullshitting on everything and what should I say? That I’m 007 and can’t reveal the truth? I once told to a student in Asia that I have 300 years old and she believed. I told another that I communicate with UFOs and she followed me home. Yes, I’m referring to college students. And yes, people are that imbecile. As a good researcher, I have conducted many social experiments on myself, to see how far people go and how dumb they can be. These are just some examples. In fact, that’s why I came to earth and that’s what I did in my previous life. I’m an alien researcher. I collect data on planets that self-destroy themselves, planets where its inhabitants are so dumb that end up annihilating themselves entirely, leaving only dust and memories. That’s why I can think so effectively, research, teach, and yet, be highly spiritual. That’s also why I’m sensitive, but not neurotic. Moreover, people are often confused at how spiritual and angry I am all the time. But could I be otherwise? Planet earth is about to face the fate of many others, where life was destroyed, and people think they can sing kumbaya while waiting for a savior to descend from the sky.
How can the majority of the humans believe in angels coming to rescue them, followed by a guy murdered 2k years ago, but not other humans like them, and other beings from other galaxies, bringing their spaceships to rescue mankind from its madness? On another hand, why would they do it? Would you enter a prison riot to rescue its prisoners? Would you live in a hospital for mad people in order to persuade them to be normal? Think about it. Because that’s what planet earth is for alien beings, a mad house full of highly insane criminals.
What else can an alien do on earth apart from studying it and writing books? People don’t listen to the truth, they don’t care about it. They are insane. So, what went wrong on this planet? What went wrong on so many other planets with the same fate? That’s why I’m here. I’m not special. I’m just different, because I have different experiences. I am here to know, to study, to understand, and to do my best, not to rescue anyone or promote myself. Humans must rescue themselves, even if blood has to be shattered in the name of freedom. It has been like this before and it has to be like this again, because humanity has pushed itself to this point.
Even though I don’t like to talk openly about my past life, I can assure you that in the many planets where I have been, not even one soul was left after the total destruction. The ones that were rescued were very few, sometimes only one.
Rescuing beings from a planet is not like doing volunteer work in Africa. It’s extremely complex and has nothing to do with faith. Yes, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but in the end it’s never about faith. It’s about vibrations and opportunity. You have to follow the music within you to be rescued. That’s the best explanation I can give.
I do have the ability to clearly see who has the highest potential to be rescued but even I had to die several times on the planets that were destroyed to release my soul to a new body. Yes, even I wasn’t rescued, simply because I couldn’t keep the same body anymore. And that’s another thing humans can’t handle. They’re not important in themselves but with their genetic. So, I’m sorry to tell you that if you don’t have a healthy body, you’re not that interesting to keep. You are eternal as a spirit, but if planet earth is destroyed, then you won’t come back here in the next life, not in a human body living on earth. Maybe you will then claim to have lived in two paradises: One from which you were expelled and another that you destroyed, as the third experience won’t be equal or better than the previous two, and this I can assure you.

Most of what alien abductions are doing refers to this planet. They are preparing themselves to keep and perpetuate the human genes. So, yes, we are to live forever as a race, but we won’t look like humans anymore. If the human race annihilates itself, the planet is to be repopulated with a hybrid race, only half human. On the other hand, the American government and secret agencies may know this, and be acting exactly according to this plan. If they have an agreement with the greys and draconian, this is very likely what they are doing, selling earth away, probably in exchange for a planet where they can act as gods. If humans are greedy and selfish, ultimate greed will be to have the power to be a god. That’s something far greater than winning the lottery, owning a bank or being a member of the illuminati brotherhood.

There is no greater destruction than that of one’s own beliefs and people hang on to those for dear life, because life wouldn’t make sense without them. And that’s the sad part of it. In their need to believe, humans become what they fight against: evil.

Music is everywhere, in clubs, in what I say, in what you read, in the obvious facts of life, but everyone dances to their own music, a music that has no formal rhythm and sounds bad. And yet, everyone claims to have the right to follow it. This is a planet where there’s one music and everyone dances to their own.
Did you know that Pythagoras was the first to explain music in a mathematical form? I find it impressive. It’s just sad that most of his knowledge was lost. Because there is much more than just mathematics to music. There is energy to it and harmony. About 1% of all the musicians I ever met know this. Imagine the rest.
As a DJ, I used to calculate my performances as energy but nobody understood it when I tried to explain. I got so good at it, that in my last performances I had everything planned already, and yet, people loved my performance much more than the others. How could I know that people would like it? This, others DJs never understood, even if I explained. It was mathematically predictable. And yes, many people say this is not really music or djing but most people are stupid without knowing it. They think unplanned things have more art or logic. Again, I know too much about art to agree with what most say about it. And that’s why I relate more to what Pythagoras said. Maybe I have been amongst his students when he was alive. Whatever is the reason, truth can’t absorb wrong thinking patterns or promote them.

Do you know what a spiritual person really is? Frustrated. You can’t be spiritual and sensitive. In today’s world? You can only be sensitive and lunatic or spiritual and angry. That’s why God lost his cool far too often and decided to wipe out an entire race or city. I’m not sensitive. I’m awakened. But I don’t think anyone on earth knows the difference. Sensitive is what I am when trying to control myself not to get angry in front of others. But experience has shown me that it’s a waste of time. Again, this topic of being sensitive could lead to much more talking. I must say, however, that I highly distrust peaceful spiritual individuals. They’re either lunatic or acting. Even the Dalai Lama has often confessed to use mind tricks to avoid getting angry. Indeed, he can trick his brain to avoid anger but he can’t say that peace comes naturally to him if he needs to trick the brain to find it.

Most people often trick their mind about an immense amount of topics in order to feel better within themselves. That’s when the lie becomes a necessary truth, like eating cookies with chocolate and believing they don’t destroy our body and teeth, eating a yogurt with strawberry flavor believing it contains any strawberry or buying a bottle of juice believing it has more than half an orange on it.

This said, it’s also worth mentioning that almost all the prophets on earth were more black than white. Buddha, Jesus and Mohamed had curly hair and dark skin. The authors of the Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagavad-Gita were from India. And therefore, God is likely more black than white. And if he really loves vibrations so much, he also loves music. The ancients were truly spiritual by believing that playing the drum and singing mantras got them closer to God. And yet, for the vast majority, especially the ones living in England and North America, the idea of God being black makes them feel deeply uncomfortable and afraid. They need to believe that God, Jesus and any other prophet was white and, if possible, did yoga and was vegetarian.
Taking into consideration that white people have problems with the sun and have historically wiped out most of the races on earth, I can also tell you that Satan is very likely white, as white as a British or Swiss, which tend to be the most racist people I ever encounter wherever I go. Even the history of the Portuguese, Spanish and Italians, the half black Europeans, isn’t as violent and cruel as the one of the British in South Africa, Australia and North America. At least, those 3 European cultures would mix with the locals and assume their new family, not rape women and claim to be scientific when saying that they belong to an inferior race as many British scientists and North American politicians did.

I’m not saying these things for any particular reason, except for the fact that if aliens decided to come in a spaceship for the purpose of rapture, they would more likely rescue a darker than a whiter person, for genetic and spiritual reasons. The racist white have much to learn from their role on planet earth. If this planet finishes they can’t aspire for a better outcome and yet, they do tend to follow religions that deceive them about it. Only if Satan came to rescue them would their type of Christianity make any sense.

Reality is one with truth, and they emerge from the same sound. Call it OM if you want! Whatever it feels, it’s one with the earth, life and the universe.

It’s easy for me to help you imagine life on planets where people are wiser. Take the need to lie, the fear and the prejudice, and you can have it on earth. Imagine a planet full of abundance where everyone has a rich lifestyle, and that’s how it looks like. But do you want to imagine a worse planet? I can tell you as well how it looks like and help you see it. Imagine a planet where people are mad, dogmatic, ignorant, violent and aggressive towards the weak and most vulnerable. That’s how it looks like.

The architecture of a planet can go towards a multitude of directions. What we see on earth is fruit of choice, not necessarily evolution. When looking at the past, you can easily notice that earth could have evolved in many different ways. That’s why I can’t ever identify myself with any science fiction movie, not even star wars. Their description of life on other planets is so poor that becomes too dogmatic to be realistic. You have a better sense of it with ancient Greece and Egypt, as they did try to imitate what they called the gods wisdom. That is, nonetheless, one perspective towards one type of civilization. Again, there are many ways to evolve.

The problem with most people on earth is that they try to understand God, alien life and spirituality with their brain. You must use music to do that. Vibration is the secret. God manifests in many different ways. And yet, there is one way up and one way down. Humans on earth are dividing themselves and increasing the gap between the two spiritual poles, but very few are ready to go up, and they may have to die to achieve that. Religion won’t save them. Only their inner spiritual music will. The best musicians, dancers and singers will play, dance and sing with God, and despite their differences, they will find themselves united by the same music.

If you want to imagine paradise, imagine an eternal orgasm. If it’s too much, then it’s too much for you.

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