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There are many platforms that allow readers to make money with the books they read. You can create a library page in your website and advertise your readings there. When someone buys from your website you get a percentage, which can range between 10% to 85% of the cost. There are many websites that allow doing this, but the most popular I know are: also has an affiliate account, allowing readers to earn 50% (the same amount Google earns from its authors).
One of the things that confuses me, is knowing that readers promote a very primitive website with a horrible design like goodreads, instead of making money advertising the books they read. It’s a win-win situation for readers and authors. It seems that facebook and goodreads are more important for compulsive readers than having their own bookstore and that’s strange, as they could be making much more money than writers without ever having to write anything. Not many people stop to think that, while writers argue a lot about the ideal price of an ebook, and win an average of 0.20 to $2 on a regular book, a reader can be earning up to $5 on a famous book he never wrote.
For people that like to read, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most interesting ways to make money with what you already do. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any company putting my ideas into practice. I would probably become a billionaire in weeks with the right resources. Nonetheless, it makes me happy when some reply me saying that they took my ideas into consideration for their meetings. On the other hand, I think they’re too slow in implementing them.
Smashwords is probably the most trustworthy and interesting company I know, even though Streelib is also doing a very good job. Both allow you to create an affiliate account and sell their books. And this means that, if you already have a blog, you can create a page for them, your own library, or better yet, write in your blog about what you read, and post a link to buy the book, which will give you a return as an affiliate. The more people buy, the more you earn. In some cases, if the percentage is around 50% or more, you are actually earning more than the author of the book.
I’m offering 85% to affiliates on all my books sold through Smashwords. That means I earn only about 5%. I know it makes me look like I don’t know what I’m doing but it’s actually a very smart strategy. I’m looking at a very big picture. I always think big. And thinking big, in this case, means giving away almost the entire cake of my revenues. So, my question is, why wouldn’t a reader that loved reading, for example, “The 88 Secret Codes of the Power Elite”, which is a popular bestseller, isn’t selling it and making 85%? He didn’t wrote it and yet can make 85% of the profit. That’s like baking a cake, offering it to you, and keep only a tiny slice for myself. So, why aren’t people taking advantage? You don’t even need a blog to sell anything nowadays. You can easily post the affiliate link in any social network or a forum and sell it there. And if you don’t sell immediately, what do you have to lose? It’s like saying “I loved this book”, people click to have it, and pay you most of the money. Every time someone clicks the book, you earn money. And this means making money on books you never wrote, for the rest of your life. If you really think about it, you can be making more money than any bookstore, simply by advertising what you read to your friends.
Most people are surprised when I tell them that I earn one dollar on average from each book sold, and that’s why they will never understand how money works. They focus too much on the dollar part. If they were smart, they would sell the same books and earn that dollar too, and then they would soon be making as much money as me. However, to my surprise, they never even consider this option.
Another great thing that you can do as a reader, and that is very popular, is creating your own podcasts. And it’s also very easy nowadays. Technology is improving very fast. You can interview writers and readers, and record the interview into a podcast. People are always available because they like to advertise themselves or merely talk about their experience. But, with that podcast, you can drive traffic to a specific website. In other words, your “meet-up” or group of friends can also become a podcast and drive traffic to your blog, where you sell books you never wrote. That’s really the easiest way to make money doing the same you already do: reading books and talking about them.
Another thing that is becoming rapidly a new and very profitable trend is audiobooks creators. Most are asking between $500 to $3000 to read one book. If you like to read, you should buy a good microphone and read out loud to a recorder the books you love. You can post an ad saying that you only create audiobooks if you like the print version. If your price is competitive, people will send you their pdf and, if you like it, you can read, learn for free, have fun, and still earn $500. That’s another easy way to make money doing something you already do: reading books.
Honestly speaking, I think readers should get smarter. Everyone talks about writers and books but readers can make much more money than writers if they start taking advantage of what is happening right now. I haven’t seen any company being smart enough to move forward in this idea. Entrepreneurs don’t tend to invest in the book industry. Even Jeff Bezos was quite an uncommon person for his time. And if it wasn’t for kindle, the rest wouldn’t be moving so fast. In this world you have to slap people hard in the face for them to wake up.
The world is changing very fast, that’s all there is to it. Nothing really ends. Newton said it already: Everything transforms. The whole book industry is transforming, and readers must transform too, from passive readers to active money earners. The self-publishing industry has created a major revolution, driving more readers and money than any other traditional publisher ever did. Imagine what THE READERS REVOLUTION can do! If writers can make more money self-publishing, then readers can certainly make much more money by sharing their favorite books.

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