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The highest level in a spiritual path is aesthetics, the understanding, perception and comprehension that everything interacts to create beauty. It’s the Tao combining a path of negativity and positivity leading to a better outcome, as well as an interaction between rhythm and intention to create sound.

Conscience would never be possible without this interaction between elements, perspectives and states of mind. What is good awakens when something is bad, and what is bad reflects in the absence of good. And both, as vibrations, lead to a theater of intentions that entertain our eyes, ears and heart. That is why we love life. We want to live it for as long as possible because we want to learn more about its meaning, its aesthetics.

One of the persons that studied this topic extensively was Pythagoras. He lived during the same period as Buddha and had schools in Greece and Italy (Sicily, a former Greek colony). The knowledge of the Pythagorean Brotherhood included numerology, music, mathematics, reincarnation and philosophy, and was followed by Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, but also shared in many modern religious schools, including Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism. It is on the basis of alchemy, a famous practice among the followers of the Knights Templar lineage.

The school of enlightenment that Buddha started in India and poetically shared with the rest of the world had its counterpart in Europe with the mathematical roadmap to the same end. It was as if Buddha was the Yang of the Yin portrayed by Pythagoras. Their knowledge is the Tao to Enlightenment. Buddha was teaching the inner path and Pythagoras the outer one.

The path to God is a path of perfection that finds its meaning in a purification of heart, as taught my Buddha, and mind, as taught by Pythagoras. None can live without the other.

The study of the divine proportions is as artistic as it is mathematical and scientific. It is manifested everywhere and resumed in the Fibonacci sequence and number of Pi. It has a sound too. You can hear it in the waves of the ocean and identify it in the sound of the bees as well.

The relaxing effects that these sounds have in anyone are obvious. The need we have to be in contact with nature or on a beach shows us this inner need for balance, for a spiritual connection to the divine. And the more we work, the more we need vacations. Because work dehumanizes while nature make us more human. Nature connects us to who we are, our soul.

Whenever an artist followed these principles, we could see the beauty in his work because our soul could identify aesthetics in it. And we can hear music or observe paintings embodying these patterns for endless hours because they allow us to contemplate perfection and feel pleasure. Anything that follows the mathematical principles of nature can be considered divine and help the mind in reaching awareness. Art is just another path to enlightenment. The artists that know it and know how to meditate with their work are more spiritual. Whenever a musician or painter describes his work as a form of therapy or way to connect to God, he or she is showing this idealistic insight.

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Bach was one of those artists. Bach applied the mathematical principles as taught by Pythagoras about music. Here are some examples:

The songs that follow Pythagorean principles also follow the same rules. And they have a spiritual meaning too. The first, second, and third sounds represent the perfect triangle, leading to the meditative state of mind that allows better awareness, a higher conscience. This is also why we love to dance to music. In both rock and techno, the most popular songs tend to combine 3 elements that musicians know worldwide to be essential, namely, a leading sound, voice or instrument, bass and drums.
In numerology, these elements can be identified as the following:
1 – God or The Creative Force
2 – Perception
3 – Conscience
4 – Form
Whenever you have a leading force, a perception and a conscience, form is manifested. In other words, a band’s personality, their experience and their performance, lead to music, just as much as a good voice, drums and bass lead to a great song.
One of the  Biblical references to the perfect harmony or music of God is seen in the quote: “as one, to make one sound” (Chronicles 5:12-13). And it applies whenever we see a great band. They act as one.
This is also what the application of the divine proportions to music, as seen in nature, create. In other words, they bring us together to the sound, and it’s this absence of ego, when we’re contemplating beauty and relaxing, by surrendering to it, that makes us more spiritual. That’s how art, nature and meditation become one activity, one path, the Buddha and the Pythagoras within us, mind and heart connected.
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Biblical interpretation is not to be taken literallyThe 6 days that led to the creation of our planet are represented in the double triangle of the Israeli Flag. The 3 first days are represented by one triangle. So, one triangle means conscience: You, the Other and the Relation between both. Or, You, God and Enlightenment.
This triangle is also the symbol of alchemy, the art of transforming the soul with knowledge. So, six represents perfection, the union of 2 triangles. This union manifests when you contemplate beauty. At this moment, the triangle of the mind, heart and soul of the observer, unites with the triangle of the mind, heart and soul of the artist.
When in contact with nature, these 2 triangles unite when you allow yourself to connect with it. That’s when you connect with the Creator. At that moment, your identity, conscience and spirit, unite with the identity, conscience and spiritual force of God.
This relation between the art in God’s nature and in man’s hands was perfectly portrayed by Antoni Gaudi in a beautiful legacy for mankind still found in Barcelona, Spain.
One of the greatest painters of all time, Da Vinci, also applied these principles on his artwork. That’s why he always had certain schemes within his paintings and inventions, that nonetheless follow a natural order.
Even the beauty seen by a  Mathematician, when interpreted by a Musician, can reveal to us the work of God.
When we look at society, it’s not difficult to see how the divine proportions apply to anyone’s life. We can look at both the most materialistic or spiritual side of it, and they’re still there. For example, when a woman wears makeup or dresses graciously, she’s trying to apply a perfect balance to her appearance, which will then attract an attitude in others that recognize it. She will enhance her best while diminishing the impact of her worse.
In religion, the same thing happens, although here we merely see a flow of interactions that match perfectly in accordance to the spiritual nature of each individual. I’ve been in open and free lectures talking about Pythagoras and his teachings that never had more than five to six people attending. On the other hand, if I go to a Christian Church the opposite happens. They tend to address God as a selfish, strict and cruel ruler, who will save them based on a blind obedience to the bible and nothing more than that. Their lectures, which often reflect a very naive spiritual nature, are always full with hundreds of followers. They believe that the same God that created beauty and aesthetics in the whole cosmos wants ignorant souls in heaven or ruling any of His planets.
Unfortunately, most people still fear knowledge and the knowledgeable while evil hides in plain sight. Indeed, they think God is all they need, but I think some wisdom could help them along the way because I’m not necessarily confronting them because I follow Satan.
I have dreams about other planets since I’m a kid. It’s not wise to challenge me in topics I know well. And yet, that’s the human nature, to just do it and see what happens. And books will never help much in changing it, either it’s a Bible, a Koran or the Vedas.
This is the difference between the religion of the fools and the religion of the enlightened. Indeed, in today’s world, the light is still in the hands of a minority. Whenever I join a group of people sharing something useful, I see the attendees going there for the first time and then disappearing and never coming back.
It’s always easier to be lazy, irresponsible, ignorant, stupid and point fingers at others. But enlightenment isn’t just something that happens but a process you work for. This is what the Illuminati are. They are followers of the Pythagorean Brotherhood. Good and Evil depends only on people’s nature and what they do with the information in hands. If most people prefer ignorance, if they choose to be in the dark instead of reading and listening, then that’s what they get.
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The truth always follows the same rules, and whenever a book shows it, it attracts people. The problem is never in the book but on what people do with it. The Bible is also studied by the Freemasons and the Rosicrucians, as it was by the Knights Templar. The difference is that they understand it as it is, and not as it was intended to seem to deceive the majority.
When a Christian tells me that his bible is the best and only important book in the world, I think he is being fooled. I’ve written hundreds of books and I wouldn’t say that they’re not inspired by God. There are many books in the world that are inspired by God. Even the birds and the bees are inspired by God. When I listen to the ocean waves, I’m being inspired by God and when I listen to the wind too. To say that God is inside the covers of a book in to be naive about God’s nature. A person that can only see God inside the Bible is much farer from God than any other creature on Earth, or than any tree, fruit or flower, from which the Rose, symbol of secret societies, has always been the most beautiful demonstration of the perfection of God on this planet.
Buddha poetically described truth and is today misinterpreted by many. Pythagoras created a whole map to find it, see it and hear it, and everyone ignores it. And did psychiatry found better solutions? I don’t think I need to answer this question. To compare man with a monkey, a rat or a pigeon has been so far the best solution available, because, indeed, it’s easier to deal with humans as if they were just irrational animals than trying to teach them how to behave as gods or even God’s creation. There is no art in ignorance. There is no beauty in the stupid. Ignorance and stupidity are ugly, evil and selfish, like the forces of destruction, and like self-destruction too. Whenever you see chaos and death, there you will find less of God in it. That’s why we don’t claim that a dead body is more beautiful that one alive or a rotten fruit more beautiful than a fresh one. Whoever says the opposite is insane. And that’s what insanity is, the abandonment of God.
While for many Christians, the raising of the dead inside the Bible refers literally to it, as portrayed best by apocalyptical and zombie movies, and not anything better than that, the real meaning of it is an awakening. If most people are ignorant, their mind and their heart are dead. They are just living zombies. To bring them back to life is to make them wake up for the beauty that we see everywhere and make them experience it, instead of waiting for a rapture, in which an ignorant God will rescue ignorant souls to share his ignorance with and in a paradise full of naiveness. I wouldn’t want any selfish lunatic near me and inside my house just because he owns one of my books, so why would God do it with those that have a bible or any other religious book at home? And, if the God of the Bible is the same of the Koran and the Vedas, why so many disagree about this? Why everyone thinks that their God is better than the one of the other?
If you want to see God, follow aesthetics and be one with beauty. Allow beauty to manifest in you, in how you feel and what you do, and you will see God everywhere, inside of you and outside as well.
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When Moses asked God who he is, the answer was: “I am that I am”. That’s beauty! That’s aesthetics!
Enlightenment is the awareness of the light within, from which only an awareness of it outside of us, in everything that is beautiful, allows reaching it. Buddha became enlightened after meditating under a tree. Few realize that “under the tree” is more important than “Buddha became enlightened”. The ego easily deceives the soul. That’s what life on Earth is, a deception, in which, nonetheless, enlightenment is possible.

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