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Your own experience, your own perceptions, is what truly what matters. Instead of comparing themselves, people should reach an ideal stage in which they can learn from others.

I can exemplify this with my personal experience in China, learning how Chinese think about money. When I share something that was completely new to me, some people aggressively attack me, others focus on the racial or cultural differences, and very few show curiosity in learning. But we all have to deal with money, we all buy our food with money, we all pay a house with money. So, it’s really stupid to ignore something you need every day and carry in your pocket from Monday to Sunday. And it doesn’t matter where I learned it or how I see it, because if China is the richest country in the world, we surely can learn something about money from the Chinese or people that live in China.

You can replace money with any other topic because the reaction tends to be the same for everything else. I lived in China for nearly 10 years but that’s not the point. The point is in what I learned from the experience.

Indeed, knowing yourself can help you understand much better your present life. One of the things I realized when checking the karma in other people, often using numerology, is that it matches perfectly their present life. However, because that karma is usually horrible, they don’t want to accept it. On the other hand, not accepting, won’t change anything in the present. So, in fact, if they did accept it, they would evolve much faster, their life would be much greater and they would achieve everything more easily. Understanding where you come from and why you are here leads you to create a more meaningful life and be at peace with yourself.

One of the ways I used to help lots of children with learning disabilities was based on the same principle. I wouldn’t contradict their nature. If they had a violent nature, for example, I would let them play war games or go out and scream, run,  whatever they felt like doing, in safety, until they were ready to sit down for one hour and listen to me. And it worked very well. It’s the suppression of their karma, their instinct, even if negative, that interferes with their capability to learn. Therefore, if you allow a child to explore his own creativity, they will likely manifest tendencies from past lives. One of the children that I met, for example, and seemed quite stupid made a bunch of robots with playdoh in front of me. I was amazed, especially because he told me he never played with playdoh before. In other words, he was very smart, as an engineer but not good at social skills, which is actually very common among adult engineers. The key here was to help him understand the books with an engineering mentality, that is, building what he reads. It worked and he became the best in his class.

That was the key to my success but because the methods were too unique, they were always refused by everyone else, and I would eventually be fired me for not being “a normal teacher”, despite having an amazing success rate, And that’s why this planet is such a crap. People are too obsessed with what they believe and see, and their habits, and reject everything that is new and different or that they can’t understand, even if it benefits their own children.

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