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The success stories you hear about famous writers and their masterpieces aren’t very important in the long run. There are many variables interfering with the results a book gets, and they’re not necessarily related to the quality of the book, reason why many authors that are rejected by traditional companies end up earning more when self-publishing. But this isn’t because traditional companies are doing a bad job. Traditional companies plan for the long run, while most writers are only planning for the short run. A long run plan is, for example, to make a living, all your life, from books. A short term plan is, for example, to become famous and a multimillionaire, with a novel that has less than 200 pages of common sense or more than 500 of boring self-talk.

A book may sell a lot for a while, due to reasons that are beyond the comprehension of many in the field, or because such book touches a topic that nobody ever thought about too much. But such book will provide revenues for many years if other principles are being applied. Books like 50 Shades of Grey or Harry Potter won’t ever have the success of, for example, The Diary of Hanne Frank, The Lord of the Rings, or even The Little Prince, and there are many important reasons for that. If you can pick up a list of world well knows titles, and really think about it, you will start understanding my point.  I’m not talking about success measured in sales but in time. Time is always a better associate than money, and any entrepreneur knows that. You don’t use time to buy money, but money to buy time. And with that time you buy more time and you attract more money. In fact, without time, you can’t even write more and better books. So, why most authors are or where teachers? Do most teachers have a tendency to write books? No. Simply putting it, teaching is one of the jobs that gives you the most amount of free time possible for the highest pay. And the most determined authors become language teachers, because this is the kind of teaching job that gives you the most time. Try to write a book while working in an office from 9 to 5, or frying burgers at McDonalds, or carrying boxes in your hands every day, and see if you can! Remember Einstein equation E=MC²? Well, the M is related to your book, the C is the amount of speed you can dedicate to it, and the E is your energy. If you are exhausted from a full day of work, and still have to take care of your family, your changes of exploding an M (book) into the world are quite small.

The problem with most authors nowadays, is that they care too much about social values that are new to us, and will only last one generation, or even less than that. Those values are money and fame. Money and fame have never been so important as today. People  judge you by these 2 things and nothing else than that. And you can get both, by using everything that so many have written about already, i.e., increasing your network with all the social media, stalk your followers with newsletters, get interviews, write articles for magazines, etc. But you have to struggle for that, and that struggle will never end. This, however, is the path that most writers of this time have chosen deliberately. There’s another path, optional for a few, and consists in paying someone to do all that for you, which is still impossible, because most platforms don’t care about it. It’s too much work and too complex to manage. The best they can do is create an awesome platform that allows you to connect all your author profiles on facebook, twitter and pinterest in one single space. So, as you can imagine, the number of books, indeed, keeps rising, the profit of most writers keeps decreasing, and, once in a while, you may hear about someone that made lots of money with one book. Yes, it’s possible. But you have to write in a specific genre, both unexplored and in high demand, you have to grab the attention of people that will love what you wrote and judge you positively, and you might need to invest more in marketing than what you will benefit from the results. In other words, you will have to see it as a business. And, as in any other business, you have to risk. Maybe that risk takes you to a new level, or maybe not. Besides, as in any other business, you will need to either do plenty of office work, or hire a secretary, or both.

I don’t know why nobody talks about this, so I’ll take the chance to be the first. Authors’ Secretary is a new job title that will very likely transform into a high profitable job in the near future. Authors need them to be authors.

Many writers have contacted me with questions related to this topic, so I hope this post answers most of them. Keep in touch, you might be among the first to read one of my future books with all my secrets in it. I did manage to achieve bestselling rankings with most of my titles, and I do live as a full-time writer for the past years of my life, in places I only dreamt before. I usually live in beautiful costal areas, near the beach, full of old retired Americans and British, so they do tend to look at me and wonder what I do with my life, because I spend more time having fun than worrying about life.

From what I read in plenty of blogs dedicated to writers, I know that I’m not the mainstream, and very few know what I know about the publishing industry. But even this is a risk. I often get criticized for writing and saying things that the majority doesn’t agree with and doesn’t want to know. The majority is wrong about many things and tends to talk more than what they truly know. Arrogance is, very likely, the worse enemy of a writer that wants to improve his revenues, and I’m not only talking about his arrogance, but the one of others which often lead us to see them as experts, until we realize that they’re not, which may take a while due to their constant barking of how much they know. I haven’t seen many writers claiming that they live next to a beach or have a swimming pool that they can go to anytime they want, writers that can work whenever they want and anywhere in the entire world, and writers that don’t have to do anything else than focus on their own books.

If you want to increase revenues from book sales, you have to follow the guidelines that I have recommended here. But if you want to be more than just a writer, then I suggest reading my book “How I wrote more than 100 books”. It’s a very aggressive book, but if you can go beyond the words, if you don’t take anything personal, and if you can understand my purpose within those sentences, you can actually take a lot of ideas to apply in your life as a writer and move your career to a completely new level.

Another option that I recommend you, is to think less about yourself as a writer, and more as a book lover or public speaker. Most authors make more money from public speaking engagements than books, and most of the books they sell is through those public speaking events. As a book lover, on the other hand, you may want to become an affiliate and promote books you love with an affiliate account. That will create a parallel source of revenue in your life, apart from what you earn from the books you wrote, while still attracting more readers to your work. These are long term strategies, solid and stable. If you want quick results, then you have to team-up with someone that has some form of control over the media, a person with good connections, but those individuals are very rare and don’t just help anyone that approaches them.

I joined simply because it’s a strong company. Strong companies grow, while weak companies wait for their death. Most publishing companies seem to be waiting to die, because they don’t offer any added value. And I rather team with a company that has potential than one that just has reputation. Reputation is nothing in today’s world. Today you are famous and tomorrow you are gone. If big companies bankrupt, why wouldn’t writers have the same fate? The world isn’t struggling to survive, just changing very rapidly. And people that apply old rules in a new world will always feel that they need to struggle harder. If the rules are correct, you should struggle less in time. But allow me give you an example. Most writers think they are good because they struggled to put one book in the market. But a good author is a fast author. He doesn’t struggle with words, because his brain is clear and experienced in thinking, he doesn’t struggle with his memory, because he knows what is important, he doesn’t struggle with content because he has plenty to talk about, and he doesn’t struggle with readers because he knows his own worth. This author, sooner or later, will be admired. Reviews and revenues aren’t important when you truly know your value as a writer. You just need to realize that people nowadays have too many distractions and very little interest for whatsoever. You may need to create an audiobook just to make sure people get your message or story. It’s not uncommon for people to find interest in a book after listening about it, listening to it, or watching a movie about it. I’ve read many books after finding interest in movies based on them. I believed that the book should have much more to say, could be more interesting and profound than the movie, and I was right.

Daniel Marques

Author of “How I Wrote, Published and Promoted 100 Books”

How I wrote 100 Books