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This planet is far much more limited and conditioned than it seems. So, the best suggestion I can give you regarding being in tune with the universe is to be very suspicious and critical about everything you observe and feel, namely, gurus with soft voices, positive thinkers that are afraid to get angry and even logic, because there is plenty of nonsense hiding behind self-destructive logics. Don’t be afraid to listen to your own heart, even when your mind seems dissociated from it! And don’t be afraid of your own nature, as, behind every judgment, wisdom awaits for an opportunity to become awaken.
The universe is like a mighty river; It can lead your boat to a better location or crush it against rocks. What you feel can be observed and what you observe can be imagined too. There is no difference between perspectives as much as what is abstract must always follow the principles of what is objective. Deception is always a self-inflicted effect when we can’t be the cause of our own responsibilities. And so, whatever is the position you assume in life, whatever is the topic you choose to read and study, remember that, at the end, every single human is struggling to reach the same purpose, with more or less awareness, with more or less responsibility, with better words or without them, with more or less logic. It may take another ten thousand years for humans on Earth to reach the level in which they are supposed to be in and remember what they have once knew about themselves but it’s impossible to neglect that we are all heading there. And so, if you can transform your vocabulary into emotions and perceptions, you can indeed learn from anyone, including animals and plants.
I often say that rabbits are my most wise Buddhist teachers and trees my most wise healers. As for the voice of God, I find it behind the artists that compose the most beautiful music, the kind of sound that touches my heart, as with their art they channel universal beauty.
Those that know me are fascinated with my ability to talk to anyone, children, adults and elders. They are also fascinated with my ability to talk to a beggar on the street and even with high ranking members of secret societies with the same at ease and smile. They think I have some kind of special supernatural power but I don’t. I simply accept the power that I can see within me. When I look at anyone, when I communicate with anyone, I don’t see individuals, but different manifestations of the same conscience. Identity is an illusion. When we can see the truth, love is so obvious that requires no definition or explanation. And so, to get angry, resentful and frustrated is to merely forget what I just said. To apologize is to remember what we forget. For this reason, I try to remember as much as I forget. That’s balance.
This balance can be found in a multitude of other different forms. I personally meditate much better when sitting in front of a beach and observing the waves. But you must know what kind of result you’re looking for with meditation to avoid getting lost or deceived by it.
Unfortunately, most the modern meditation techniques that I’ve heard about and experienced have devastating effects on the mind and they are being promoted by individuals that seem very credible, which is even more dangerous. But ultimately, you will always get the best results when tuning to the vibration of the planet. Walking barefooted for an hour in a park is the best suggestion I can offer you, and also the healthiest for your mind and body. Another one would be to choose any form of art, even if you feel you may not have talent. Art brings us closer to our spiritual nature than any other form of meditation because it combines our mind, heart and spirit in the process of creating something, whatever it may be. In fact, what makes it so difficult to judge art is precisely the idea that it is being produced by an artist and not his ability to connect to a supreme intelligence. Whenever we connect to it, art is always great. Techniques and styles are just better ways to express that greatness, and they can, indeed, be learned, like a new language.

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