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We all have our limits and the best way to see them is related to the level of our awareness. For example, if you can remember your childhood, that’s very good already. On the other hand, I’ve met many people that have childhood traumas and are stuck there, while not being able to remember anything else. So, the trick in confronting your memory and that psychologists don’t seem to know, is actually in seeing it from a wider perspective. If you can remember the good moments and the “neutral” moments, the bad won’t seem as bad anymore.

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There are many ways to do this, either you choose the path of meditation or a biblical path. For example, I agreed to study the bible with a group of friends under the condition that I would choose the topics. One of those topics is forgiveness. So, by talking to them about it, I naturally awakened my pain and memories. And, due to my predisposition to heal, the mind ended up working in my favor. So, days later, I awakened a vivid memory, after waking up, related to my childhood, in which I remember to be eating a biscuit, in the cold winter of an early morning, when it was still dark at night, and was waiting for the bus with my mother. I was only three at that time and my mother was 19.

This is when my conscience cooperated with my memory to help me forgive this woman. Indeed, what could a woman from the countryside with 19 years old, four years of school, relationship problems, a disease and an exhausting difficult job in a factory, possibly know about raising a child that she didn’t even plan? She was in the dark, ignorant and mentally depressed, eventually becoming insane. And the fact that I was so different from the other kids didn’t help. She wasn’t mentally mature to deal with all that at the same time. She did what most people without hope do, which is to hate the ones showing an opposite vibration. She developed hate toward me because I was born with the higher vibration of hope. And she hated because she was ignorant of her ignorance, immersed in the darkness, in a pain she learned to embrace and accept as being part of her and her life, as well as fate. She rejected hope and the vibration that hope brings, sometimes with the ones near us.

This is why forgiveness is important. You can’t expect others to change or the facts to be less evident as they are. Reality is what it is. You can merely help yourself remember and gain a higher conscience that helps you in accepting things as they are, and you can do this using any path, any group of friends and any book.

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