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Have you ever had the feeling that you should be doing something in particular, and you didn’t, but later regretted it? What if it was a dream of accomplishing something, like your first book, but you were afraid of the outcome? And what about those feelings of wanting to quit something, to pursue a crazier path, that doesn’t make any sense at all?

Why do we have these feelings and hints that don’t make any logical sense? Well, as a responsible being, you’re not only responsible for your decisions and thoughts, but also your own instincts.

Let me give you an example. Did you know that you can send messages to yourself? Yes, that’s right. People tend to be surprised when I tell them this, because they didn’t know and never though about it, but it’s true. You can send an email or SMS to yourself saying “I Love You”, “You Are Great!” or “You are the best!”… and as crazy as it may seem, it actually makes you smile when you get it. We are programmed to love ourselves and appreciate life. So why are so many people depressed? The majority will tell you that they are basically unhappy, and a further analysis will show you that they have at some point quit pursuing their dreams. But, is it the real problem? What if the real problem was actually their irresponsibility? Yes, in every single situation I saw, the person wasn’t complaining about the past, but excusing herself or himself with that past. If I showed them a book about the solution, they wouldn’t read, if I sent them a movie about the solution, they would watch, and if I tried to talk to them about it, they would shift the topic or put me down to discredit my words. So, why do we call it irresponsibility? The fact that they refuse solutions is one reason, but their option to enter inside the problem and keep it forever is another reason. And can people be responsible for what they did in the past? YES! Their present shows it and their attitude prove it. But lets dig deeper to understand why. A research with 1000 students made them select words that LATER they would have to memorize. It was analyzing the idea that we can change the past with what we do in the future. And they found that students could remember the words they later memorized. What this means is that you will know today, what you have studied TOMORROW.

For example, when I was a teenager, I loved to read books about psychology. Why does a kid with 14 years old does that? Well, it turns out that when I became a teacher myself, I wanted so much to help my students with their life problems, often interfering with their studies, that I would explain to them how to solve them. But, their life experiences built my own conscience about my own childhood problems. And that conscience awakened in me during my childhood through the need to read books that could help me in life. I had to decide to go to a library and pick up exactly those types of books, instead of the comics. But why did I do that? That’s the crazy part of it. I was probably communicating with myself from the future. Or my future communicating with myself in the past. Or both, because according to science, time is an illusion, and present, past and future coexist. But science goes farer than this, into saying that there are multiple universes. In other words, multiple versions of ourselves. So what does this mean? Let’s look at it with the scientific facts known to us today:

  1. What you think now reflects in your own past. You literally change your past with your present. Therefore, the decision that makes a person become a criminal instead of a lawyer, isn’t as important as the future decision of becoming conscientious of the impact of that decision. Regret in the future will probably make you stop to think twice before doing something bad in the past. While, the lack of conscience, the lack of responsibility for your own actions, would make you deliberately do something that would turn you into a criminal without regret. Suddenly, predicting the future doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore, isn’t it? You already know the future, if your future you is conscious about himself enough. Stupidity isn’t bliss, but karma. You build bad karma if you’re stupid enough and good karma if you are smart enough. But how enough is it? Just look at your current life and tell me, honestly, if you are satisfied with it! Most people are. You ask them to go find a job in another continent and they put barriers in front of the possibility: It’s too far, I can’t speak the language, etc. You ask them to find better friends, instead of watching soap operas, and they tell you: I don’t have the time, I don’t know where or how, etc. People always have an excuse to just be themselves. However, they are not happy with themselves. They are just contempt. That’s karma – contemplation of the present.
  2. If there are multiple versions of you, there are multiple experiences of you. One you is a successful billionaire, another you is a badass gang member, and another you may be a prostitute. So, how you feel about yourself in this particular universe is interrelated to how you feel in all the other universes, and what you learn in this universe affects what your other you’s do in their universes. Crazy, isn’t it? Let’s put it into practical terms. You go to work, from 9 to 5, every single day, and your future you dies from cancer, doesn’t accomplish anything interesting in life, and deeply regrets that. Or, another version of you, in another reality, becomes homeless, after year and years of working hard for the same employer. And one day, you go to work, and you say “fuck it! I’m fed up of this shit! I quit”… and you go home. And your spouse tells you: “Are you crazy? Why did you do that?”. Well, you don’t have the answer. But you feel inside yourself that this was the right thing to do, you feel good about it, even though you have no idea about what to do next. Maybe you will regret doing it, but survive that cancer, because you found a new job in a better environment, where you’ll feel more accomplished.  Or maybe you will start your own dream business, and become the billionaire that the other version of you told you, subconsciously, that you had the power to become, a power that made you roar as lion, when in fact you where just another office-sheep. But you just don’t know for the moment what will happen. So, as crazy at it seems, you follow your own instinct.
  3. So why do people do things they regret, why do people fail, and why do people die in car crashes, and airplane disasters, if they could be conscious about it and make their future self warn their past self? That’s the crazy part of it. Maybe they don’t regret. Maybe they wanted to die. I’m sorry, but this might very well be the truth. Just saying. Why I say this? Because I met dozens of people crying about their problems, crying about their difficulties in life, crying about how evil other people are to them. But none, not even one of them, wanted to change. They wanted to be themselves. They just didn’t want the experience. But, my friend, if you can’t accept that you don’t know how to choose friends, that you need to learn how to love someone, or that you are an idiot in managing personal finances, then it’s only normal that you are betrayed, cheated and broke. There’s nothing wrong with that. Only your lack of conscience can answer it. You caused it and you, somehow, are addicted to that. You see, karma isn’t about fate, but responsibility. But nobody wants to hear this, because then they become responsible for all the problems they have been complaining about. The fact is, at some point in time, those who die before their time have wished it, because they couldn’t handle all the problems and desired to runaway from life, or because they felt unhappy and didn’t want to quiet their sorrow with alcohol anymore. People want the experience they have. It’s painful to hear this, but if this universe in virtual and you are co-working with so many versions of yourself, you can’t possibly say that you are smarter than millions of your own clones. Nonetheless, most people actually think that they are smarter alone. Look around you! Most people are selfish, competitive and ruthless. If there is a crowd of people trying to get something, they will fight each other for the right to get that something. People are wired to be alone, not in groups. They always want to prove who has the best job, the best husband/wife, the most money, and the prettiest body. But, if you can’t connect to others, you can’t connect to yourself. And that’s the sad part of it. You could learn so much from your other multi-universes personalities, but you don’t, because of such attitude. A person only is what he is, when he accepts that such persona is all that he is, when he accepts that he can’t be what he can see in others or in his own mind composed of multiple possibilities. Because, everything you dream, exists already, somewhere. You aren’t just dreaming, but being conscious of your potential. You can’t dream something you can’t be, and you can’t be something you are not already, in the future, or some other reality.
 As a conclusion, know that you’re not that different from your smartphone. I enjoy sending “I love you”s to myself, because it’s fun. And I enjoy it as much as sending gifts to other people that rarely get any reply. Most people don’t say thanks, because they love their miserable life. They think they are self-sufficient and that what I do isn’t as important as what they do. Yes, that’s it, I said it! If you didn’t enjoyed your miserable life so much, you would be searching for solutions, instead of complaining about problems, and somehow, you would inspire another you, that would get something in his universe, and then inspire you to achieve something to yourself as well. How crazy and awesome is that? Try it! Here’s an exercise: Imagine yourself going through an imaginary door to have a conversation with yourself 20 years from now: Say to that kid what he or she should know. And then see how you feel about it. Then, have a conversation with yourself in another reality. Close the first door, open the second, and see yourself living the life you wanted all the time. Ask that other you: “How did you did it?” and listen carefully to the answers. And finally, send a particular message to your self. Better yet, write a message, and program it to be sent to your email box when you least expect, one week from now, saying: “I will always love you and accept you!”. Just try it! You will thank me later. What you learn and do today, affects not only your future, but your decisions in the past as well.
Napoleon Hill, wrote Think and Grow Rich, a famous book everyone talks about, explaining how the law of attraction works. But in his last chapter, he said something that few people dare to discuss. He talked about having imaginary friends to form a mastermind group. He said that you can choose to talk with Jesus, Napoleon and any other famous person in history, and learn from them. But people don’t want to tell you that it’s ok to be schizophrenic, because that’s how society would label such behavior in today’s world. It’s intimidating to even think about this possibility to most of us. However, if past, present and future coexist, it’s as possible to talk to yourself, as it is to talk to Jesus or Buddha. When you think about a friend, that friend may think about you. And sometimes you are thinking about a friend that thinks about you first and sends you an email, just when you were thinking about him. But you can also create such situations on purpose. I do it all the time. If a friend doesn’t send me an email for a long time, I won’t ask him why. I will focus on him, all the time, every day, and I know that he will get me in his head. He won’t know why, but he can’t stop thinking about me. So, in the second or third day, I get his “get out of my head” attempt, by sending me an email. He doesn’t know I made him sent it, but that’s the truth. I just don’t want to scare him. Try it, and see how it works for you! And try also to do as Napoleon Hill said, and form your own mastermind of imaginary friends. But, instead of known individuals, make you. Here’s what I did to get inspired and change my life with something I never thought I could. I imagined myself having everything I wanted, and I knew I could, because if the desire exists, the reality is already there too. Then, I asked myself through a kind phone conversation: “How did you get here and accomplish all that?”. That myself told me things I never thought about. I started applying them, and things started to happen. I’m halfway there now.
Don’t be afraid to be crazy! People thought I was crazy too, until I became successful. Now they are proud of knowing me. Most humans can only judge what they see. Don’t let that disuade you from hearing your inner voice, because it might me the most important one you should be hearing. That’s the other you somewhere. Listen!
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