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We keep listening to the phrase: I HATE SCHOOL! Because schools haven’t changed since we heard it for the first time. In fact, the school itself is an anti-humanization of the process of maturing into an independent thinker. And it’s no surprise that the greatest self-thinkers of the modern world are school dropouts and also the ones who have changed it the most: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Einstein,…

And because Science and Technology are not the only way to change people’s life, we can also mention some of the most well-known artists ever:

Sir Sean Connery (Actor – dropped out of school at age 13)

Jose Saramago (Nobel Prize Winner Portuguese Author)

Or even Presidents, such as:

Abraham Lincoln (U.S. 16th President with one year of formal education)

Martin Van Buren (U.S. 8th President)

Andrew Johnson (U.S. 17th President without any formal education)

Grover Cleveland (U.S. 22th & 24th President)

Millard Fillmore (U.S. 13th President)

Lula da Silva (Brazil’s President with merely elementary school)

Check the list yourself, for the “loser’s name”: http://www.angelfire.com/stars4/lists/dropouts.html

In fact, the question we should ask, is not why can people succeed without school training? But, how can people succeed with school training?

Human beings have never learned like this before the school system became a reality, animals don’t learn like this, and even children raised with wolves or dogs have proven, later when found, tremendous capability to communicate with those animals and survive among them, or even in the jungle, even though losing the ability to become social among humans:

Interestingly as well, is that the Roman Empire Mythology says that it’s supposedly to have started with human twins raised by a wolf.

So what is the purpose of the school system? The answer to this question can be easily seen when you change the teaching method. Students angrily reply: Where are the books? Why don’t you write what you say for us to see it? What do we actually need to know?

These questions are more evident as we move up in the academic levels, and more common in colleges. In fact, 6 year old children, when facing school for the first time, will ask the exact opposite questions: Why do we have to sit all day? Why can’t we play? Why do you talk to us these things?

The difference is obvious. The school system exists TO PROGRAM YOUR MIND, just like any other computer system. That’s why we call it SYSTEM. Be we all need our degrees, our certificates, our paths to a better life, better jobs, careers, and mostly, better life opportunities. And it’s a statistical fact that degrees increase your chances of finding a job. So, how can you hate school and be a good student at the same time?

1. Hate the school but Love yourself. Pick up the books and go read them where you want to read them, with the music you like, when you feel like it, and when you are happy.

2. Do what you love first. Parents may disagree on me with this. But my 100% success results with dozens of children and teenagers with learning disabilities has proven me that giving them a chance to play for a long time when they are frustrated and angry, allows the body to move, the mind to relax, and the analytical thinking to become more evident, as games are a natural human resource for developing the mind and that’s why they’ve always existed.

And if you believe in God, you may very well say that he started our first game, by saying something like: “Hey you 2, I’m going to put you in a garden to see for how long you can avoid the tree of knowledge”.

Adam and Eve didn’t fail. We don’t fail. WE LEARN with our mistakes. We need to fail to know why it’s called failing.

Thomas Edison, inventor of our light-bulb, failed 10.000 times, and said:

I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.

And he also said: I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun.

3. Know that there are no rules about how you should study and kids that learn to use the computer instinctively know it well.

Learn as you feel better, how you get more results, how you understand better!

One day I was teaching a 10 year old little girl to learn with toys, and she replied: “I’ve tried to do that many times at home but my mother disapproved and said I shouldn’t study like that”. However, the best results I ever had with any student were achieved without books, using toys, games, videos, music, pictures,… and yes, doing this, also in colleges. The methods are surely different, but the results are obvious. They always become the school’s or University’s BEST! My college students won all the speech competition, translation competitions, theater competitions, composition competitions, and any other type of competition in which they ever participated. I’ve even made them compete with the whole world, and win at that, by being accepted with scholarships in some of the best Universities in the United States.

I was never seen as a good lecturer, because despite all these achievements, I wasn’t following the norm, creating social cattle and doing what other lecturers believe that I should be doing. I was making everyone look like a fool. And being nominated the best lecturer, due to the high rate of success achieved, would just make everything worse for me. But the results are proven by life itself: You can only succeed in what you love. And you can only love it when you succeed.

When I was a school student, the Psychologist said I should focus in simple and easy tasks in order to finish high-school and start working, because I would never succeed in University as a student. But I’ve spent 5 years of my life Teaching in well-known Universities before quitting to become a full-time writer. My Professors at University said that I was the worse student they have ever met in writing paperwork, and that my phrases made no sense and were difficult to understand. But, as I write this, I’ve published nearly 200 books, and I did it in less than 4 years. The majority of these books ranked among the Top 30 most popular books on Amazon, iTunes and Kobo, and are sold by major book platforms around the world.

My colleagues in school never wanted to do classwork with me, because they said I was too stupid. But for 4 years of my life, I’ve helped children with learning disabilities, such as Dyslexia, Hyperactivity and Autism, to learn and achieve good grades. My success rate was 100%.

My colleagues in college, my parents and my friends said I should focus more in studying than making stupid music that nobody understands. But I’ve won a MTV Music Television Prize for Best Electronic Music Composer in Europe, had more than 40 songs on Top 10 World Charts for Trance and Techno, have been one of the most popular DJs in my country, and I’ve also published 15 music albums. I’ve even managed 5 Music Events Companies at the same time, and had experts double my age working for me.

Besides, even though I was not having the best grades in University, I ended up working in Multinational Companies and had the jobs that most of my colleagues just dreamed about, that my parents still couldn’t believe I could achieve or even maintain, and that my friends could not even believe when finding about it.

But what do I want to prove with all this? Just that I love myself and my life. I have nothing to prove to the world, and not even to the Educational System. Because they almost destroyed my nature and who I am. And if succeeding in it, my happiness would have vanished. But I’m now a popular writer and I have fulfilled my lifetime dream of never having to work for anyone else, ever again.

People always ask me everything regarding their life and I’m very happy about mine. But I can’t tell them what they should be based on who I am. I can write 200 books. Maybe you can’t. I can sacrifice my time to fight for a dream. Most people can’t. I can live without a TV, but when someone knows about it, they look at me as if I had come from another planet. They can’t even imagine life without a TV.

The secret to life is as simple as it is abstract: FOLLOW YOUR OWN DREAM! LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE YOUR LIFE, and spread the Love! Remember that other people in the past have survived much worse systems. And although you may hate or have hated school, even though you may hate reading a book, even though you may spend money in a coffee, and drink coffee every single day, while thinking that a book with the same price is not worth it,  there are those that wish they could have a better life, books, knowledge, and all the other opportunities you have but disrespect by ignoring.

Remember: “They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our FREEDOM!” (William Wallace)

“What would you do without freedom? Dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that …for one chance, only one chance, to come back here?” (William Wallace)

And allow me to update this quote with another even better, as I would have said it myself: “They may take our lives, program our mind, diminish our heart, close our door of opportunities, but they’ll never take away our FREEDOM TO DREAM.”

The Greatest Accomplishments in history have been achieved by dreamers, because no logic could support their reality. “What we do in life echoes for eternity” (Maximus)

A Spiritual Beast may change its forms and even attack us from within, but there’s one way you can beat a stronger and bigger enemy, including a huge system: “NO RETREAT! NO SURRENDER!” (King Leonidas)


Daniel Marques

Author of “The Efficient Student”

The Efficient Student


This Post is dedicated to my dear friend Mona Huang, that is hating her American University, but is very bright and smart, even though she may not be aware of it, and is drinking Red Bull at breakfast, keep throwing up in the bathroom, and saying: “I hate school”. I hope that, even though she may hate many things all her life, she doesn’t forget to love herself and drink orange juice for breakfast, so that she doesn’t throw up while studying.