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“What is a religion?”, Chinese people asked me in a seminar about friendship that quickly changed to other topics.

I answered: “Religion exists when a group of people gathers once a week, or month, to talk about social values and rules, and follows specific rituals of any kind. Communism, for example, is a form of religion, because it forces people to follow the same ideals and rituals, just like any other religion does.”

After a brief silence, they followed with another question: “Is it possible to believe in God and not Christ?”.
“It surely is”, I said. “Although it does depend on the religion. For most Catholics, for example, Christ is the reincarnation of God on Earth. For other religious groups, Christ was just a man, and they do not worship him. On the other hand, if you ask a common Catholic who God is, he will answer to you that he is pure energy, everywhere, inside and outside ourselves. And you can answer him this: Chinese people also have a God, the same God, because we believe in Chi and the harmony between Man and nature. In fact, China is a very spiritual country, more than most western countries. Because, in many western countries, people go to church and then forget everything about it when they leave. They believe in God but don’t live a well-balanced life. However, in China the majority lives a very spiritual life without going to church.

In fact”, I continued, “the Chinese culture is so admired in Europe, that many Europeans know a lot about Taoism and Confucianism, and some of my friends even know it by hard and can easily quote Chinese Philosophers, but you, that are Chinese, know little about your own country and culture. And the reason is that China is forgetting its own and amazing roots and becoming more capitalist, just like America is.

If you want to make the difference and develop a bright future, focus on, not working as a machine for only 3000 RMB a month, but a business person, investigating your own culture and promoting it to the western world. The westerners, like the Americans and Europeans, are investigating China’s resources to cure cancer, bone and heart diseases. And while they do this, you eat the plants they study, the mushrooms and fruits, everyday, in your food, but know nothing about it. It’s a shame that you know nothing about your own country, and want to know so much about Europe and America, that are much more poor in culture than China is. You should study your own culture and roots, and promote it to the world. Because, before being Chinese, you are all citizens of the planet, like anyone else. Frontiers are just government made ideas that make no sense anymore. We are all humans from the same planet. If you pollute the waters of China, and kill all the fishes, there will be consequences in the ocean near America. If the Economy of a country is bad, there will be consequences in another country. We are all part of the same planet and united by it.

So, what is the best business? Tourism, without a doubt. As China gets richer, the new capitalists will want to travel, and they will undoubtedly wish to visit countries where the rivers aren’t brown and dirty, and fishes can be seen in clear waters, countries where the air is easy to breathe and the sky is blue, and, definitively, this can only be seen outside this country.”

Offended, one person in the crowd tried to change the topic:
“What is the difference between friendship in China and in Europe?”
“The difference”, I said, “is that, in Europe, friendship is forever, and we never put anything or anyone in front of a friendship. First comes our friends, then the group.
But in China it’s the opposite, and friendship can be lost in one day to protect the interest of the group. So, in fact, it means nothing. If, for example, I have problems with Chinese leaders, my Chinese friends, in one day, will turn from friends to enemies. And this, in Europe, would never happen. When I was merely a University student and was working with the new leader of the Students Union, I had a fight with him, and then I decided to quit the group. But the other people inside the group decided to put him out instead, and then they elected me as the new President. When, one year later, another group wanted to compete with mine, they asked me to be their President. In other words, people were willing to compete for their interest, but had no problem in keeping me, whatever the outcome was. That’s a big difference in the European Culture. Friendship is everything, and betrayal is totally despised. In fact, that’s how in the past we elected the nobles. They were the most trustworthy and honorable people among us, and its no coincidence that I’m also descendent from the European Monarchy. Honesty and rightfulness is still a very strong value inside my family that I’ve learn well, no matter how little our power and popularity may be in modern times, and no matter what kind of political party may be ruling our country or what kind of job we may have. We are still known for our honesty to our friends and courage towards our ideals, and that’s what makes us people of noble heart. My grandfather, a Swiss citizen, passed this values to me every time he had a chance and was proud of my integrity. But I’ve never seen such integrity in the Swiss citizens. Because integrity isn’t part of a culture, but an ideal, a very noble and personal ideal, that the vast majority can’t understand or appreciate.

I don’t depend on what others think that I should be or do. In my heart, friends are forever, no matter where I am, who far I am, or how many times I contact them. I’m always traveling to very distant countries, all over the world, but I never forget my friends.
This, I’m not sure that Chinese people can understand. The old China is dead. And the New China is nothing more than a Religious Communism.

Daniel Marques

Author of “China Doesn’t Exist”

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