Jesus was Black and Muhammad was White February 22, 2016 – Posted in: Blog, Inspiration

History is truly amazing. Centuries later, here we are, still fighting stupid wars in the name of ignorance.

A once black prophet (Jesus Christ) is now followed mostly by white people from the west thinking that he is white and portraying him as one of their own, often with blond hair and blue eyes.

On the other hand, a once white prophet (Muhammad) is now followed mostly by black people from the east thinking that he is black and not even portraying him due to punishment by their religious law. Muhammed even said that Satan is black.

Most people are stupid, but 7 billion people in the darkness of ignorance can surely do many stupid things. Religion, apparently, can serve as a justification because nobody really cares about the truth.

Religion is indeed a good excuse for the schizophrenic masses, willing and wanting to influence the world with their madness.

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Daniel Marques

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