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For a big part of my life, I thought I was stupid. My grades were always bad since primary school, my mother thought I was retarded and in high school I started getting zeros. So, I was stupid indeed! Then, I decided that I wouldn’t be stupid all my life, work in some restaurant serving others and washing dishes, or in construction. I wanted a better future for myself. So, I created it! I started reading library books about psychology, to understand how the mind works, then about the IQ, intelligence, mental health,… and I never stopped since.

I got bored with the limitations of psychology rather quickly actually, and that’s what made me study deeper topics related to spirituality, war and ancient history. I also realized that I had to exercise my brain, as being stupid for many years made me slow in thinking. So, I started waking up really early, around 5 o’clock, to exercise the memory in various ways,…

At a certain point, I realized that I was playing a game in which I was doomed to lose. So, I changed the rules of the game. What happened afterward? My grades got better but I became weird. I would always arrive late for exams, often 20 to 30 min later, and still get one of the top 3 grades in the class, sometimes the best in the whole school. I even remember one day I was in a fight and beat a bully much bigger than me, and, full of anger, went to do a chemistry exam, while the bully went home to put ice in the head, and I passed it with 95%. I was full of scars and bruises during the exam, so the teacher kept looking at me as if I was insane.

I did got weirder. I stopped caring about even doing exams or going to school while still getting very high grades. I remember one day a teacher approached in worry to say: “You missed the last exam, so you may fail the year, do you know that?”. And my answer to her was: “It’s ok, as I will get a higher grade in the next, and the average will be enough to pass”. Nobody really believed I could, and I did it, not once, but many times. I basically became someone that doesn’t exist in the world. I stopped caring about anything while overcoming everything.

After that, my life never became predictable anymore, and I’ve helped many predictable futures turn into unpredictable stories as well. And well, my mother still thinks I’m retarded. So, in fact, nobody that knew me before would ever imagine that that idiot would one day turn into a college lecturer and make a living writing books which individuals with a PhD truly love. Indeed, I recently realized that the three readers that wrote my best reviews ever and keep writing them, my biggest fans, are three North Americans – one Neurosurgeon, a Nurse and a Clinal Psychologist.

Now, isn’t that God truly laughing at me? I always faint when taking blood since I’m five and hate hospitals, most people thought I was retarded and stupid, and my biggest fans in the world are a Neurosurgeon, a Nurse and a Psychologist. That’s crazy! Even more crazy is how much my life changed. The people I know meet keep calling me Genius.

What’s my point with this very personal and crazy story? The point is this: If you’re not successful with anything you wish to do in life, then you don’t really understand it, despite what you might know. There is no life and there is no you. There is only an experience. And whatever you think about it, it’s what it is for YOU.

Despite everything I ever did, I still don’t know how to describe myself to others, and I don’t really care much about it to be honest. I don’t think it’s that important as most people think. I’ve been interviewed many times and have talked in public countless times as well, and I still don’t know how to and don’t care about describing myself.

I still encounter people that mess with me because I’m generally peaceful and quiet and don’t like to cause trouble to anyone. But, seriously speaking, with 3 black belts, the only thing I’m truly afraid is of breaking someone’s neck and end up in jail, writing books on toilet paper.

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