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Most people pass by life as if they would live 2000 years. They don’t really care about absolutely anything, not even their spiritual conscience, knowledge or legacy. Even the ones that believe in reincarnation tend to say: “It’s ok, as we will reborn again”.

For me, the limitations presented by life on earth have been the most disturbing I had to acknowledge about existence. Earthly humans really live like a bug; One day you are here, the next day you have sex with another bug, make littles bugs, and days later you’re gone forever, and nobody really cares. It’s as if you passed by this planet unnoticed. And once you are dead, you’re awarded with a personalized stone in some graveyard, and that’s your legacy, that’s how important you really were.

Have you ever done a tour in a graveyard? It used to be one of my favorite hobbies. It’s really good as an exercise for the conscience and even produces more amazing results than meditation. When you look at the dates, names and faces in the pictures but also texts written, you immediately realize that the vast majority actually did absolutely nothing with their life. And despite what most people think about their own retirement, the truth is that a vast majority dies between 40 and 60 without enjoining it for too long.

The graveyard is full of individuals that had a name, a social identity, that were emotionally relevant for one or two persons still alive, and nothing more than that.

I do admit that I panic when realizing that life on earth is such a crap and feel disdain for the vast majority that disagrees while insisting on wasting it. It truly makes me feel even more nervous when seeing that nobody cares and often chooses to destroy it faster, with a persistence in maintaining bitterness, jealousy, ignorance and resentment towards others.

The best analogy I can relate to regards being a cow in a slaughterhouse. It’s as if almost everyone just wanted to exclusively eat the grass and forget the rest while I’m panicking about everything else and all the time. They can’t understand why I worry about being slaughtered after living a life without meaning, and I can’t understand why they are so ignorant about the obvious and persist in the maintenance of the overall ignorance under a sheep mentality.

I do panic, especially when acknowledging the limitations of my brain and body. I used to sleep an average of 3 hours a day or not even that once a week. But now, if I don’t sleep 8 hours, my day is ruined. And I don’t like to get old, to lose energy and to lose time, especially when the most important moment of my life arrives.

We are all being led to the slaughterhouse. It’s disguised as social institutions, retirement plans and socialization. We never really get a chance to live life fully.

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Education, provides you such an amount of ignorance and falsehoods, that by the time you realize it, if you ever do, it’s too late, as you’re now an adult, with a huge background of failed experiences behind you, and funneled towards one determined package of values, and from which you don’t have at that point much chance to improve. It’s really amazing to see so many bright college students follow the path of the slaughter, by telling me “I won’t listen to you because you’re not the majority”.

Employment, on the other hand, destroys your self-esteem, your dreams, your ambitions, and forces you to believe that if you don’t play by the rules and obey, if you can’t absorb the emotional pain and deal with the turmoil of working with individuals you hate, you won’t have food to eat and a roof to sleep under by the end of the month. How humiliating is that?

Some seek for hope in religion, but it castrates our spiritual inspiration, the inner fire to know more, seek more, and understand more, and does it with the most vicious mechanism, which is fear.

At the end, the only thing remaining is our heart, a very damaged heart. Most people are far from realizing that they’ve been poisoned before acquiring the realization of the potential to be conscious.  This happens within the family, which intentionally or not, on purpose or by accident, determines your ethical independence forever. When someone says: “I love you, therefore…”, he or she kills you.

Most people never awake, despite the amount of knowledge they’re exposed to. They can’t anymore. And time passes by them. They soon become like little children in very old and slow bodies and minds. And then, neglecting their fears and beliefs about immortality, death comes and takes them away. And what is left? A stone with their name on, saying that a bug once lived here, on this miserable planet, reproduced, was enslaved for his entire life in a cycle of egocentric actions and unquestioned laws, and soon after returned to nothingness.

I used to tell my students: “I have no idea what you will all become, but if you become successful, altruistic and thoughtful about the wellbeing of the entire world, I will be proud in having you in my classes. Anything less than that represents a total waste of my time”.

When someone asks me why I write so many books, I answer that “I don’t write for you but for those you can reach, and I don’t only write for this generation, but all the others that will come after I’m gone. I do my best to make my books worth an amazing value far beyond the words they contain between covers”. When someone asks me why I keep writing, I have to tell them: “Honestly speaking, it’s the best path I have found in order to give a meaning to my life, in a world that shows such a neglect for life in general, and the one of individuals like me in particular”.

I am here to change the world in a more positive direction. I don’t really care what will happen to my name after I’m gone. But I do hope and expect recognition, empathy and respect while I’m still alive. These qualities shouldn’t be so hard to achieve. And yet, despite what I think, they are among the most difficult to earn. It is today easier to get money than respect, and more difficult to get money than knowledge.

Few are those that remain aware of these facts and aren’t afraid to get angry about it. That’s what this ridiculous planet has become, a place where you’re seen as lunatic and discriminated for demanding the right to be respected when your integrity and dignity as a human being is being abused and trashed. Uniforms, titles and social hierarchies have blinded people furthermore while leading them to an extreme dark future, one in which humiliation and lack of freedom, lack of conscience, will be seen as absolutely normal, as normal as being stupid in a world full of libraries and smartphones with access to free books is today.

This isn’t a pleasant planet but I do hope it can become it. And I say it, not as a pessimist or a cynic, but a realistic being that can see this reality quickly rotting in front of everyone, an individual frustrated for not seeing enough people waking up, and truly hopes a better tomorrow arrives, while actually doing something about it and being ready to raise fists and fight when no other option is presented.

For every individual that reads my words and applies them for the betterment of humanity, I get closer to my goal, but my ultimate goal, I assure you, is to never return here. I may have arrived on this planet with a spiritual purpose in hands and a higher conscience of purpose within, but humanity has given up on itself, and now, unless blood is shed and terrorism becomes the right to impose reason instead of a concept to be feared and associated with ignorance, as we’re being led to believe by those sponsoring it to fulfil their ends, nothing will remain.

The label currently attributed to terrorists sponsored by powerful bankers and politicians makes freedom fighters from many other nations, including China, look like criminals, and the majority easily forgets that, under the same label, the founding fathers of the United States, as well as the Native Americans from both the North and South Americas, were too seen as terrorists by those occupying their land. It is the same strategy once used to discredit well-educated anarchists by transferring and attributing the concept mostly to drug addicts, hippies and petty criminals. Even hackers are today labeled as anarchists by the news, as if the philosophy, created hundreds of years ago, had anything to do with computers. And, nonetheless, these are just some examples among the massive insanity that covers the world in darkness.

Millions have died in revolutions throughout history for being against totalitarian power and discriminatory laws, not to be remembered, but to guarantee our most basic rights and the freedom we tend to now waste and ignore. Billions will have to die soon due to ignorance. In fact, even though everyone dies, very few truly live, very few leave more than a name on a rock, very few make more out of their life than a common bug, very few realize that they do have a life worth living and have the courage to pursue it against all odds.

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To be a hero isn’t a choice but the necessary thing to do when no other choice is presented and fundamental values must be protected. The heroes of your past and in our books knew this and I wonder why modern day humans don’t. Where is your hero when you’re not a child anymore but a full grown adult gifted with conscience and responsibility?

Robin Sacredfire

Author of “Understanding & Uplifting the Human Nature”

Understanding & Uplifting the Human Nature By Robin Sacredfire