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1475. Blood Passover – Ariel Toaff (translated from Italian in 2007)
1543. Jews and Their Lies (Martin Luther) Medieval Sourcebook – Martin Luther (1483-1546)
1651. Leviathan, or The Matter, Forme and Power of a Common Wealth Ecclesiastical and Civil – Thomas Hobbes
1776. Common Sense – Thomas Paine
1781. Legions of Satan – Jonathan Williams
1798. Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobism – Abbe Barruel
1798. Proofs of a Conspiracy – John Robison
1798. The Application of Barruel’s Memoirs of Jacobinism to the Secret Societies of Ireland and Great Britain – R. C. Clifford
1801. A Dictionary of All Religions – T. Williams
1802. Proofs of the Real Existence and Dangerous Tendency of Illuminism – Seth Payson
1820. The Philosophy of Right – Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel online
1835. Foreign Conspiracy against the Liberties of the United States – Samuel F. Morse
1865. The Great North-Western Conspiracy in All Its Startling Details (Civil War) – Windslow Ayer
1867. No Treason – Lysander Spooner (1870) (recommended)
1871. Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike
1878. The Conquest of the World by the Jews – Major Osman Bey
1879. The Master’s Carpet – Edmona Ronayue
1882. Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy (origins of religions worldwide) – Robert Hewitt Brown (recommended)
1883. Natural Genesis (2004) – Gerald Massey
1884. Grand Orient & Freemasonry Unmasked As the Secret Power Behind Communism – Monsignor George F.
Dillon 1950) Originally “War of Anti-Christ with the Church & Christian Civilizations”
1888. The Secret Doctrine: THE SYNTHESIS OF SCIENCE, RELIGION, AND PHILOSOPHY – Madame Helana P. Blavatsky
1891. Essays in Fabian Socialism – George Bernard Shaw
1895. The Foundations of Belief Being Notes Introductory to the Study of Theology – Arthur Balfour
1896. The Jewish State (Der Judenst) – Theodor Herzl
1897. Rome’s Responsibility for the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln -Thomas Harris
1897. Dissipation of the Darkness – History of the Origin of Freemasonry – G S Lawrence (recommended)
1897. Theodor Herzl Meets Pope Pius X
1897. The Secret Societies of All Ages and Countries Vol. 2 – Charles William Heckethorn
1899. The Coming Battle – M.W. Walbert
1905. The Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. X – Isidor Singer
1906. Confessions of a Monopolist – Frederic C. Howe (1977 reprint)
1909. The Jew and Human Sacrifice – Hermann L. Strack
1910. Foundations of the Nineteenth Century Vol. I – H. S. ChamberIain. The Book of Ceremonial Magic – Including the Rites and
Mysteries of Goetic Theurgy – Arthur E. Waite
1912. Philip Dru, Administrator (1998) – Col. Edward Mandell House (recommended)
1914. Encyclopedia of Freemasonry Vol. 1 – Albert G. Mackey
1916. Encyclopedia of Freemasonry Vol. 2 – Albert G. Mackey
1917. Banking & Currency and the Money Trust – Charles-a-Lindbergh-Sr
1918. The World Significance of a Jewish State – A. A. Berle (recommended)
1919. The French Revolution – Nesta H. Webster
1919. Firebrand of Bolshevism-True Story of the Bolsheviki and the Forces that Directed – Princess Catherine Radziwill
1919. Russia No. 1 – Bolshevism in Russia
1920, Henry Ford, The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem
1920. Horrors of Vaccination Exposed – Chas Higgins
1920. The Cause of World Unrest – H.A. Gwynne
1920. The Inside Story of the Peace Conference – Dr. E. J. Dillon
1920. Horrors of Vaccination Exposed – Chas Higgens
1921. The World at the Cross Roads – Boris Brasol
1921. The Secret World Government – Major General Count Cherep-Spiridovich
1921. Jacob Henry Schiff, A Biological Sketch – Cyrus Adler
1921. Public Opinion – Walter Lippmann (1921) manufacture of consent in practice of democracy
1922. The Fundamental Defects of Federal Reserve System Exposed – Hon. Charles N, Fowler
1922. World Revolutions: The Plot against Civilisation – Nesta Webster
1922. Jews – Hilaire Belloc
1922. After the War – Charles à Court Repington
1923. The Lost Keys of Freemasonry or The Secret of Hiram Abiff – Manly P. Hall
1923. The Genesis of the War – Hon. H. Asquith
1924. Secret Societies and Subversive Movements – Nesta Webster
1924. The Suppressed Truth about the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln – Burke McCarty
1924. Through Thirty Years – Henry Wickham Steed
1925. Comfort for the Jews- J. F. Rutherford
1926. The Secret World Government – Cherep-Spiridovich
1926. The Intimate Paper of Colonel House – Charles Seymour, et. Al (have #4 of 4 only)
1928. Jew (American Century Magazine) – Marcus Eli Ravage
1928. Propaganda: How the Media Molds your Mind – Edward Bernays
1928. The Rise of the House of Rothschild – Count Corti
1928. The Intimate Papers of Colonel House Vol. 4 (Wilson’s history in the making) 1918-1919 – Charles Seymour
1928. The Secret Teachings of All Ages – Manly P. Hall (recommended)
1928. The Origins of the World War Vol. 1-Before Sarajevo – Sidney Bradshaw Fay
1930 – Rockefeller: Giant, Dwarf, Symbol – William H. Allen, Institute for Public Service
1932. The Strangest Friendship in History – Woodrow Wilson and Colonel House – George S. Viereck
1931. The Truth about the Slump – Arthur Nelson Field
1931. The Fall of the Russian Empire – The Story of the Last of the Romanovs and the Coming of Bolsheviki – Edmund A. Walsh
1931. Flowing Eastward–The War against the Kingship of Christ – Leslie Fry
1932. Toward Soviet America – The Book the Communists Tried to Destroy (1995) – William Foster
1932. Dare the School Build a New Social Order (American educator and supporter of Soviet education system – George S. Counts
1933. Lady Queenborough, Occult Theocracy
1933. Debt Deflation Theory of Great Depressions – Irving Fisher (2011)
1933. The Mass Psychology of Fascism- Wilhelm Reich
1934. The Banker’s Conspiracy – Arthur Kitson
1934. A Short History of the Bank of England – Eric D, Butler
1934. Who Rules America? A Century of Invisible Government – John McConaughy
1934. Congressman McFadden on the Federal Reserve Corporation
1935. War Is a Racket – Major General Smedley Butler (recommended
1935. Money Creators. Who Creates Money, Who Should Create It – Gertrude M. Coogan
1936. Christ Was Not A Jew: v.1 An Epistle to the Gentiles – Jacob Elon Conner
1936. All These Things – Arthur Nelson Field (1882-1963)
1937. Gentile Folly; The Rothschilds – Arnold Leese
1937. A Brave New World – Aldous Huxley (1932, 36, 48)
1937. Our Financial Masters (How the Bank of England Controls the British Government) A. Raven Thomson
1937. Your Country Aat War – Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr.
1937. Der Jude als Verb Recher (a translation by R. Belser 2002) – von J. Keller, Hanns Andersen
1937. Our Financial Masters (How the Bank of England Controls the British Government) Thompson
1938. America’s 60 Families – Ferdinand Lundberg
1938. The Rulers of Russia – Rev. Denis Fahey
1938. The Holy Land – Arab or Jew – Captain Gordon-Canning
1938. Jewish Ritual Murder-An account of the trial of Jews for ritual murder in Europe over the last 1000 years –
Arnold Leese
1939. Democracy & World Dominion – Edwin D. Schoonmaker, Richard R. Smith (1939)
1940. The New World Order – H. G. Wells
1940. The Money Power versus Democracy – Eric D. Butler
1940. Rothschild Money Trust – George Armstrong
1940. Steps toward a British Union – J. Thorkelson-28pgs
1941. The Enemy within the Empire: A Short History of the Bank of England – Eric D. Butler
1941. From Luther to Hitler – William M. McGovern
1942. Behind the Dictators – A Factual Analysis of the Relationship of Nazi-Fascism and Roman – L.H. Lehmann (recommended)
1944. Money Manipulation & Social Order – Rev. Denis Fahey
1944. The Secret Destiny of America – Manly P. Hall
1945. The Cross of Gold – Frank Lowson
1945. John Flynn, Men of Wealth – John Flynn
1945. A Biographical Dictionary of Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Freethinkers – Joseph McCabe
1947. The Future of Socialism, III-The Perspective Now – Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. (presented by Hon. John
H. Rousselot in 1961 Congressional Hearing)
1948. The Roosevelt Myth – John Flynn
1949. 1984 – George Orwell
1951. The Iron Curtain over America – John Beaty
1951. White Collar: The American Middle Classes – C. Wright Mills
1951. Catholics and Freemasonry – Rev Dr. L Rumble
1951. Far and Wide – Douglas Reed
1952. Rockefeller, “Internationalist”: The man who misrules the world – Emanuel M. Josephson
1952. Essays on Liberty Vol. 1 – The Foundation For Economic Education
1952. Secrets of the Federal Reserve – Eustace Mullins
1953. B. Carroll Reece (Foundations: Their Power and Influence – Rene A. Wormser)
1953. Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace-A Critical Examination of the Foreign Policy – 10 authors
1953. The Turning of the Tides – Paul Shafer-John Snow
1953. I Testify Against the Jews – Robert E. Edmondson
1953. Zion’s Fifth Column – Senator Jack B. Tenney
1954. The Road to Serfdom – F.A. Hayek (recommended)
1954. School of Darkness – Dr. Bella Dodd
1954. Roosevelt Family Papers – Donated (1954)
1955. Soviet Art of Brainwashing-A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics – Ron L. Hubbard
1956. The Power Elite – C. Wright Mills
1957. The Ultimate World Order – R.H. Williams scribd
1957. Deadlier than the H-Bomb (international bankers conspiracy) – Leonard Young
1957. Inside Look at the Knights of Columbus plus Billy Graham segment – Life (May 1957) *look at magazine ads
1958. Your Health and Sanity in the Age of Treason – Dr. R. Swinburne Clymer
1967. Catholics and Freemasonry- Dr. L Rumble
1958. The Struggle for World Power – George Knupffer
1958. The Legalized Crime of Banking and a Constitutional Remedy – Silas Water Adams
1958. The World Conquerors – Louis Marchalko
1958. Pawns in the Game – William Guy Carr
1959. Satan – Prince of This World (Luciferian conspiracy exposed) – William Guy Carr
1960. You Can Trust the Communists (To Be Communists) – Dr. Fred Schwartz
1960. Keynes at Harvard; Economic Deception as a Political Credo – Zygmund Dobbs – Veritas Foundation
1962. The Invisible Government – Dan Smoot
1962. Congressional Record – UNESCO – Communism’s Trap for Our Youth
1962. America’s Unelected Rulers, The Council of Foreign Relations – Phoebe and Kent Courtney
1963. America’s Great Depression (2000) – Murray N. Rothbard
1964. The Jewish Religion Its Influence Today (formerly titled The Plot against Christianity) 4th edition 1983
Elizabeth Dillon
1964. Fearful Master-A Second Look at the United Nations – G. Edward Griffin
1964. None Dare Call It Treason – John A. Stormer
1964. The Great Deceit: Social Pseudo-Sciences – Zygmund Dobbs
1965. The New Unhappy Lords – A.K. Chesterton
1965. The Modern Crisis – William Robert Plumme
1966. Don Bell Reports –1972-1993 Reports (Recommended Source, including Don Bell Reports here)
1966. Tragedy and Hope – Carroll Quigley
1966. The Fabian Freeway, High Road to Socialism in America – Rose L. Martin
1967. The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations – Myron Fagan
1967. Judaism and the Vatican – Leon de Poncinsc
1968. F.D.R.: My Exploited Father-in-Law (1970) – Curtis B. Dall
1968 – Cuba Declassified Document (Invasion)
1968. My Life (autobiography of Oswald Mosley, the British Adolf Hitler) – Sir Oswald Mosley
1968. Red Symphony – J. Landowsky
1969. The Myth of the Six Million – David Hogan
1969. The Federal Reserve Bank – H.S. Kennan
1970. The Naked Capitalist – W. Cleon Skousen
1970. Power and Market Government and the Economy – Murray N. Rothbard
1971. The Capitalist Conspiracy: An Inside View of International Banking – G. Edward Griffin
1970. Between Two Ages-America’s Role in the Technetronic Era – Zbigniew Brzezinski (recommended)
1971. Richard Nixon-The Man Behind the Mask – Gary Allen
1971. None Dare Call It Conspiracy, Gary Allen and Larry Abraham
1971. The Anti-Defamation League – Sen. Jack Tenney
1971 – The Money Manipulators – June Grem
1972. OSS – The Secret History of America’s First Central Intelligence Agency (2005) – R. Harris Smith
1972. A Tiger By the Tail: The Keynesian Legacy of Inflation – F.A. Hayek
1972. Lusitania – Collin Simpson
1972. Cancer in the Constitution – Dean Clarence Manion download scribd
1972. Wake-Up America – Robert L. Preston
1973. The Plot to Seize the White House-The Shocking True Story of the Conspiracy to Overthrow FDR – Jules Archer
1973. America’s Assignment with Destiny (2000) – Manly P. Hall
1973. The Federal Reserve Hoax – Wickliffe Vennard, Sr.
1973. Beware Metro, Regional Government – Phoebe Courtney
1973. The Secret Team – The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World (1997) – L. Fletcher Prouty
1973. The Plot To Seize The White House-The Shocking True Story of the Conspiracy to Overthrow FDR – Jules Archer
1974. Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution – Antony Sutton
1974. Changing Images of Man – Stanford Research Institute (cultural transformation by the Elite)
1974. To Eliminate the Opiate – Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman
1974. Conspiracy against God and Man – Rev. Clarence Kelly
1974. Bohemian Grove and Other Retreats – A Study in Ruling-Class Cohesiveness – Domhoff
1974. Pagans in the Pulpit – Richard S. Wheeler
1974. Captains and the Kings – Taylor Caldwell
1974 The Rockefeller File, Gary Allen
1975. The Republic: Decline and Future Promise – Archibald Roberts
1975. The Babylonian Woe – David Astle
1975. The Secret History of the Jesuits – Edmond Paris
1975. Kissinger on the Couch – Phyllis Schlafly and Chester Ward
1975. The Chinese Opium Wars Jack Breeching Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
1975. The Guns of Dallas (JFK cover-up) – L. Fletcher Prouty
1976. The Thirteenth Tribe – Arthur Koestler
1976. The Hoax of the Twentieth Century-he Case against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry (2003) – Arthur R. Butz
1976. Opium Lords – Israel, the Golden Triangle and the Kennedy Assassination – Salvador Astucia
1976. An Expose of the Federal Reserve Banking System – The One World Monetary Cabal – Russbacher
1976. Kissinger-The Secret Side of our Secretary of State – Gary Allen
1976. Fourth Reich of the Rich – W. Gay Carr
1976. Media Sexploitation-The Hidden Implants in Americas Mass Media – Wilson Bryan Key
1976. Hostage to the Devil – Malachi Martin
1976. The Anti-Defamation League and Its Part in the World Communist Offensive (1947) – Robert H. Williams
1976. The Rockefeller Syndrome – Ferdinand Lundberg
1976. Wall Street and FDR (1999) -Antony C. Sutton
1976. Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler – Antony C. Sutton
1976. The Real Eichmann Trial or the Incorrigible Victors – Paul Rassinier
1976. The Subversion of Australian Education – Marion Wallis (recommended)
1976. World Affairs Council – Declaration of Interdependence
1976. The Taking of America 1-2-3 – Richard E. Sprague
1976. Presumed Guilty-How and why the Warren Commission framed Lee Harvey Oswald – Howard Roffman
1977. Project Mkultra, The CIAs Program Of Research In Behavioral Modification
1977. Imperial Brain Trust – Laurence H. Shoup
1977. Agency of Fear-Opiates and Politican Power in America – Edward Jay Epstein
1977. Senate Hearing on MKULTRA
1978. Behavior Analysis and Behavior Modification – Malott, Tillema, Glenn
1978. The Civil War and The American System: America’s Battle with Britain – Allen Salisbury
1978. Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites – Lyndon LaRouche
1978. Dope, Inc. – Britain’s Opium War against the U.S. (major expose of global drug trade)
1979. The Search for the Manchurian Candidate – CIA and Mind Control – John Marks
1979 – The Evolution of Civilizations – An Introduction to Historical Analysis – Carroll Quigley
1979. Hitler’s War and the War Path – David Irving
1980. Cracks In The Constitution – Ferdinand Lundberg
1980. The Rich & The Super-Rich – Ferdinand Lundberg scribd
1980. A People’s History of the United States: 1492 to Present – Howard Zinn (recommended)
1980. Trilateralism: The Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management – Holly Sklar (ed.)
1980. Fire in the Minds of Men – James Billington
1980. Models of World Order, in “Dilemmas of War and Peace” – Robert C. Johansen
1980. The Energy Non-Crisis – Lindsey Williams
1980. The Leipzig Connection, Paolo Lionni, Lance J. Klass
1980. Bilderberg and the West – Peter Thompson
1980. The New Dark Ages Conspiracy – Carol White & Lyndon LaRouche
1981. Symbol and the Symbolic – Ancient Egypt, Science, and the Evolution of Consciousness – R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz
1981. Target America – James L. Tyson
1981. The Anglo-American Establishment – Carroll Quigley
1981. The Naked Communist – W. Cleon Skousen (some claims refuted directly by Quigley)
1982. The Ominous Parallels – Leonard Piekoff
1982. Holy Blood, Holy Grail, Baigent, Leigh, Lincoln (recommended)
1983. Who’s Running America? – Thomas R. Dye
1983. The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow – Constance Cumbey
1983. The Illuminati 666 – William Josiah Sutton
1983. America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones (2002) – Antony C. Sutton
1983. The Mystery of Banking – Murray N. Rothbard
1984. The Brotherhood – Stephen Knight
1984. The Police State Road Map
1984. New Tesla Electromagnetics and The Secrets Of Electrical Free Energy – T.K. Bearden
1984. Architects of Conspiracy: An Intriguing History – William P. Hoar (John Birch Society)
1984. National Education Association – Trojan Horse in American Education – Samuel L. Blumenfeld
1984. The Central Intelligence Agency, history and documents – edited by William Leary
1984. Imperialism the Final Stage of Bolshevism, Lyndon LaRouche
1985. The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel – Jack Bernstein
1985. The Unseen Hand – A. Ralph Epperson
1985. Treason in America – Anton Chaitkin
1985. New Age Globalism – Dr. Ed Rowe
1985. The World Order- A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism – Eustace Mullins
1985. Mind Control in the United States (subliminal programming of the masses) – Steven Jacobson
1985. War Cycles, Peace Cycles – Richard Kelly Hoskins
1986. Assault on Childhood – Alan Gourley
1986. Pirates and Emperors, Old and New – International Terrorism in the Real World (2002) – Norm Chomsky
1986. The Best Enemy Money Can Buy, Antony C. Sutton
1986. 1986. The Closing of the American Mind – Allan Bloom
1986. Behind the Lodge Door – Paul A. Fisher
1986. How the Order Controls Education – Antony C. Sutton
1987. The Crisis of American Democracy and Liberal Education (Collected Essays) – Allan Bloom (1987-1997)
1987. Psychological Operations-The Ethical Dimension – Michael Aquino
1987, Dark Secrets of the New Age – Texe Marrs
1987. The Curse of Canaan: A Demonology of History, Eustace Mullins
1987. Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country – William Grieder
1987. The Crimes of Patriots: A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money & the CIA Jonathan Kwitney Norton
1988. The Shadows of Power-The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline James Perloff
1988. Murder by Injection: The Medical Conspiracy against America – Eustace Mullins
1988. AIDS Inc., Scandal of the Century – Jon Rappoport
1988. The Boss J. Edgar Hoover and the Great American Inquisition – Athan G.Theoharis & John Stuart Cox
1988. The Hidden History of Zionism – Ralph Shoenman
1989. Feudalism aka American Capitalism – David F.
1989. Necessary Illusions-Thought Control in Democracies – Norm Chomsky
1989. Guardians of the Grail – J.R. Church
1989. Born in Blood – John J. Robinson
1989, The Occult Conspiracy. Secret Societies: Their Influence & Power in World History, Michael Howard
1989. The CFR Conspiracy – Phoebe Courtney
1989. Inside the New Age Nightmare – Randall N. Baer
1989, When the World Will Be as One – Tal Brooke
1989. The Gods of Eden – William Bramley
1990. New World Order – A. Ralph Epperson
1990. By Way of Deception – Victor Ostrovsky
1990. What Has Government Done To Our Money – Murray N. Rothbard (1990)
1990. None Dare Call It Treason: Twenty-Five Years Later – John A. Stormer
1990. The Federal Mafia-Illegal Income Tax (1999) – Irwin Schiff
1990. New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies – William T. Still
1991. October Surprise – Gary Sick (Reagan and Iran Hostages) Videos
1991. Behold a Pale Horse – William Guy Cooper
1991. The Politics of Heroin in S.E. Asia – Alfred McCoy 1991
1991. Media Control the Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda – Noam Chomsky (1997) links
1991. Secrets of the Federal Reserve – Eustace Mullins
1991. The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews Vol. 1
1991. En Route to Global Occupation – Gary H. Kah
1991. The Risk of Economic Crisis – Martin Feldstein
1991. Thanks for the Memories – Brice Taylor
1991. Kiss the Boy’s Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed Its Own POWs In Vietnam” By Monika Jensen Stevens & William
Stevenson Plume
1991. Be Wise as Serpents – Fritz Springmeier (includes Ch. 13 (The Satanic Rothschild Dynasty – Financial Wizards and Wealthy
1991. CIA Origin and Evolution – CIA History Staff
1991. The New World Order – Pat Robertson
1991. Secret Agenda-The United States Government, Nazi Scientists and Project Paperclip – Linda Hunt
1991. The Role of Richard Nixon and George Bush in the Assassination of President Kennedy – Paul Kangas
1991. Who Will Rule the Future – Paul McGuire
1992. Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media – Edward S. Herman & Noam Chomsky
1992. Conspirators’ Hierarchy the Story of the Committee of 300, Dr. John Coleman (recommend)
1992. The Federal Reserve is Privately Owned – Thomas D. Schauf
1992. The Wars of Gods and Men (3rd Book of Earth Chronicles) – Zecharia Sitchin
1992. Votescam: The Stealing of America by James Collier, Full Book Online (recommend)
1992. The Franklin Cover-Up-Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska – Senator John DeCamp
1992. New World Order – Dennis Laurence Cuddy & Robert Henry Goldsborough (1999)
1992, Global Tyranny-Step by Step (The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order) – William Jasper
1992. Federal Reserve System Fraud -Thomas Schauf (recommended)
1992. Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare – Michael A Hoffman ll
1992. Satanic Voices – Ancient and Modern – Musa Pidcock
1992. The Paedophile & Satanic Network by Australia Govt. Officials – Reina Michaelson
1992. George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography – Webster Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin
1993. Why is America Bankrupt? – Devvy Kidd
1993. Russian Roulette-Among Other Things (Phoenix Journals) – Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
1993. The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla (autobiography) – David H. Childress
1993. Year 501 – The Conquest Continues – Norm Chomsky
1993. Diplomacy by Deception – John D. Coleman (recommended)
1993. Final Secret of Free Energy – T.K. Bearden
1993. Official and Confidential – The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover – Anthony Summers
1993. The Big White Lie – The CIA and the Cocaine/Crack Epidemic-An Undercover Odyssey – Michael Levine
1993. Defrauding America – A Pattern Of Related Scandals – Dirty Secrets Of The CIA And Other Government
Operations Volume I, Rodney Stitch
1994. The Other Side of Deception-Victor Ostrovsky Ex-Mossad
1994. Prodigal Genius-Biography of Nikola Tesla – Brotherhood of Life
1994. David Ch ildress – Technology of the Gods-The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients (VIDEO)
1994. The Case against the Fed – Murray N. Rothbard
1994. Powderburns, Cocaine, Contra and the Drug War – Cellirino Castillo III and Dave Harmon
1994. Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence & Security (All 3 Volumes) – Thomson Gale
1994. The Medical Mafia (2002) – Ghislaine Lanctot
1994. Best Witness-The Mel Mermelstein Affair and the Triumph of Historical Revisionism – Michael Collins Piper
1994. Turning up the Heat – MI5 after the Cold War (state-sponsored terrorism) – Larry O’Hara
1994. The Complete Book of Greed – Hirsh Goldberg
1994. Full Disclosure – The Truth about the AIDS Epidemic – Dr. Gary Glum
1995. The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines – Fritz Springmeier
1995. Final Judgment – Michael Collins Piper
1995. The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism Keystone of the New World Order-Joen Weintraub
1995. The Jonestown Massacre – CIA Mind Control Run Amok Excerpted from 50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time – Jonathan
Vankin and John Whalen (1995)
1995. Trilaterals Over America, Antony C. Sutton
1995. Changing Commands – The Betrayal of America’s Military-John F. McManus
1995. Secret Societies and Their Power in the 20th Century-Jan Van Helsing
1995. The School of Tomorrow-Womb to Tomb-A New Managed Economy – Anita Hodge (recommended)
1995. Anarchism, Marxism & Hope for the Future – Norm Chomsky
1995. Making Economic Sense (economics, political science, anarchism) – Murray Rothbard
1995. Fingerprints of The Gods – Graham Hancock (recommended)
1995. Who’s Who of the Elite – Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr.
1995. TRANCE Formation of America – Cathy O’Brien with Mark Philips (2005)
1995. The Dark Side of Christian History – Helen Ellerbe
1996. How the World Really Works – Alan B. Jones
1996. Dirty Truths – Michael Parenti
1996. The End of History: Messiah Conspiracy – Philip N. Moore
1996. Gods of the New Millenium – The Shattering Truth of Human Origins – Alan E Alfrod
1996. The Electric Magician (Tesla) – D. Trull
1996. The Money Changers – Patrick Carmack
1996. Class Warfare – Norm Chomsky
1996. Covert Operations of the NSA – From an article in Nexus Magazine April-May 96
1996. The Fluoride Deception (history of water flouridation and why it is bad for your health) – Christopher Bryson
1996. Kissinger and Rockefeller the Origins of AIDS and Ebola – Leonard Horowitz
1997. What Will We Tell Our Children – Jeremy Lee
1997. A Brief Chronology of Collectivism – Eric Samuelson
1997. The Order of the Skull and Bones
1997. 25 Ways to Suppress Truth-The Rules of Disinformation – Michael Sweeney
1997. MajestyTwelve – William Guy Cooper
1997. Sex, Drugs, the CIA, Mind Control and Your Children – A.B.H. Alexander
1997. Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind-controlled Slave – Fritz Springmier &
Cisco Wheeler
1997. The Largest Empire In the History of the World (The American Almanac, August 25, 1997) – Jeffrey Steinberg
1997. Mind Control, World Control – Jim Keith (recommended)
1997. ECHELON interception system – European Parliament (1997-2004)
1997. The Forgotten Role of the Constitution in Monetary Law – Tex. Rev. L. & Pol. 77 (1997-1998) – Edwin Vieira, Jr.
1997. Propaganda & Control Of The Public Mind – Noam Chomsky CD @ Harvard (recommended)
1998. Did Six Million Really Die – Barbara Kulaszka
1998. Occult Ether Physics-Tesla’s Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Concea – William Lyne
1998. Suppressed Inventions & other Discoveries – True Stories of Suppression, Scientific Cover – Jonathan Eisen
1998. Gestapo Chief-The CIA & Heinrich Müller – Gregory Douglas
1998. The Culture of Critique – An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth (2002) – Kevin MacDonald
1998. The Secret Behind Secret Societies, Volume 1- Volume-Liberation of the Planet 2-Full Power – Jon Rappoport
1998. Empower the People; Overthrow the Conspiracy That Is Stealing Your Money and Freedom -Tony Brown
1998. The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives – Zbigniev Brezinzski (recommended)
1999. The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America – Charlotte Thomson
1999. The CIA Covenant – Nazis in Washington (Muller journals) – Gregory Douglas
1999. The Six-Pointed Star – Dr. O. Graham *****
1999. The Biggest Secret – David Icke
1999. And Not a Shot is Fired – How Parliament Can Play a Revolutionary Part in the Transition – Jan Kozak
1999. The Giant with Feet of Clay – Raul Hilberg and his Standard Work on the ‘Holocaust’ – Jürgen Graf
1999. Historical Beginnings – The Federal Reserve – Roger T. Johnson
1999. Investigating the Federal Income Tax (former IRS agent exposes the criminal income tax) – Joseph A. Banister
1999. Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press – Alexander Cockburn & Jeffrey St. Clair
1999. None Dare Call It Education (how schools dumb us down) – John A. Stormer
1999. Fateful Triangle – The United States, Israel and the Palestinians – Norm Chomsky
1999, Secret Records Revealed – Dr. Dennis Laurence Cuddy
1999. Pentagon Aliens – William R. Lyne
1999. Chronological History of the New World Order – Dr. Dennis Laurence Cuddy
2000. Brotherhood of Darkness – Stanley Monteith (recommended)
2000. An Underground History of American Education – John Taylor Gatto
2000. The Global Crisis Makers, An End to Progress and Liberty – Graeme Donald Snooks
2000. Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden History That Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the
Great Pyramids – Jim Marrs
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M. A. Hoffman II (2008)
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Initiative – Lee Penn
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2011. Rome, Rockefeller, the U.S. and Standard Oil; The Monarchy of Money – Niall Kilkenny
2012: The 88 Secret Codes of the Power Elite – Daniel Marques