Born to Be Alive ,

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Trapped in a life of delusions, failures, losses and frustrations, we tend to become conditioned by what we think, what we feel and, mostly, by what others want us to think and feel. Reality is and has always been an instrument of our soul for the purpose of spiritual development, but by forgetting such fact we tend to be the instrument of that reality. Our inner voice and the accumulation of pain over time, eventually leads us to realize that we’re out of track. No therapy or friend in the entire world can help us go back in track, because each being is unique. The only person that can help us to understand our life’s purpose is one and only ourselves. The problem arises when, after many years of living out of track, we realize that we don’t know who we are any more, what we’ve done wrong, which choices we should take and what we love the most in our life. Somehow, we realize that we’ve lost ourselves due to an intense living under activities that we don’t love but must do in order to maintain what we believe to be a stable life. In order to find back life’s purpose, this book was created and organized in different levels of self-awareness. Through the chapters presented, it’s possible to practice the remembering of past memories and awake our true self. Carefully explained with specific details, the book also intends to allow the understanding of how reality, mind and dream, work together to bring a fulfilling life when we operate under our own destiny. Although most people may confuse destiny with free will, both are one and the same. What makes you happy the most is your destiny. If you change the activities that make you happy all the time and your goals, this means you’re developing as a soul. There are only two ways in life: One leads to prosperity in both spirit and life, what can be measured in financial success as well as happiness; The other leads to frustration, fear, anxiety and death. In fact, it’s well known that most of the deaths occur by the increasing of negative thoughts and emotions, which in their turn affect the health of our body. In knowing this, we also can understand that when we’re fulfilling our destiny in the right way our health improves and our happiness increases.

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