Change and Develop a New Personality ,

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For reasons that escape the awareness of most of us, happiness has turned into a mystical topic, something that seems difficult to acquire and to understand, even relative to many. Most would now simply claim that happiness depends on the personality of each individual, on our values and needs. And yet, with such attitude, we ignore the fundamental principles behind being a happy person, and which lay in how we relate and connect to the rest of the word.

Furthermore, if we aren’t making efforts towards increasing and strengthening such connections, we’re also neglecting the elements that make them possible, and they are part of the whole paradigm regarding what makes us feel alive and truly joyful for being alive.

Along the pages of this book, a path will be shown to teach you how to make better and more friends, become surrounded by amazing people, and increase your potential to experience the life you should be living, rather than the one you struggle to accept. This, because life isn’t some kind of path of slavery and suffering, you weren’t meant to live a whole experience of struggle. On the contrary, you were born to be happy, spread happiness and fulfill the desires of your soul, the ambitions of your spirit and the needs of your mind. And for this reason, it is with the greatest intention that this book wants to show you the light towards more altruism and humanism in your own existence, so that you may feel proud of yourself and your decisions from now on and forever. As a matter of fact, this book will show you how to measure your happiness and the one of others, so that you may learn how to make better and more uplifting friends, and know in whom you can trust and with whom you should spend time with to become a better person.


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