The Age of Aquarius ,

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All secret societies know that the world is currently crossing between realities, in which energy will certainly manifest in a new and completely different form, forcing us to rethink our values and priorities in life. As we move from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius many questions come to mind. What should we expect? What can we do about it? How can we be ready? What is the fate of human spirituality? What will be the new religion? And how can we fit ourselves within such new order of things?

This book promises to answer these questions and many more based on an extended research of sources emerging from different religions and political views. From one side of the spectrum you will see how gnosticism, and societies with very peculiar beliefs, such as Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry and Scientology are perfectly capable of explaining this new phenomena with accuracy, and even though we don’t necessarily need to address any of them to focus our attention on the main current of thought shared or others with a similar background. From another side, we can easily analyze what prominent anarchists have been trying to show us regarding the possibilities for democracy when extended to its limits, the individual gifted with full responsibility for his own fate. And all this, surely, can also be compartmented inside what astrology have always knew since its creation, since Man started using it to predict the future.

With such variety of principles and values in mind, this book merges the core observations into easily applicable psychological reasons associated with our spirituality and natural predisposition for beauty and love.

The commencing of a new worldwide social order, a new chapter in human history called the Aquarian dispensation, will lead us to challenges that are unavoidable, both in a personal as well as social and global scale. But, ultimately, it will show you the prospect of an approaching Golden Age of abundance and far much more happiness, along with more magic, innovation and creativity.

We are now at the precipice of a new age of spiritual awakening, promising mighty accomplishments in the arts and sciences, while penetrating the minds of many with unique and uplifting ideas that benefit us all as one in health, wealth, wisdom and relationships.

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