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You probably think that there’s only one way to find enlightenment and it implies following a religion, a guru or a cult. Maybe you think that money and spirituality are different things that can’t be complemented or work well together. And maybe you think that you can’t get rich and become spiritual at the same time, or that enlightenment is not for anyone, not an easy path at least.

This book is here to demystify all that by showing you the shortcuts to wealth and abundance, to a fulfilling lifestyle with more money and more spirituality, but also the vast amount of secrets that are being hidden from you with social and religious beliefs, now, so commonly spread around the world, that their similarity makes the deception portrayed much more difficult to identity.

This book will show you the relation between spirituality, money, intelligence, relationships and enlightenment, while clarifying the meaning of every element in your life, and even though you may have insofar assumed them to be compartmented, isolated and not easily assimilated by your personal goals.

Indeed, money, knowledge, meditation and love can lead you to God, and although they’re just some among the vast amount of elements that this book talks about, the interaction between them is what makes sense in the laboratory of spiritual alchemy that we call life.

Understanding how these things combine between each other will help you find enlightenment and God, while realizing the meaning of everything happening in your life at the moment.


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