Tomorrow’s Dream ,

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I never imagined that one day my own knowledge and decisions would imprison me in a path towards more love, towards finding the woman I could spend the rest of my life with. But apparently, that is what happened. By following a more spiritual and uplifting path in my life, I actually ended up encountering the ultimate challenge of all, which is to find and accept real love with an open heart one more time, but now in the least predictable place I ever thought about, which is Vilnius. This quest took me on a journey to a country I knew nothing about, and that’s where I would find you, a woman that captured my heart in a strong way.

Even though this is a novel based on real events, shows a story about self-discovery, but mostly about the discovery of my other me, my soulmate,… which is you?

How this story ends, not even I know, for as I have told you during one of my tarot readings, our fate is mostly on your hands. Your freewill to accept or not this relationship, to go deeper into the state in which I found you, or forward towards the happiness you desire, and that will certainly transform you into someone else, is foremost  and mainly in your heart to decide.

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