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I can understand that you may not “want to” believe in reincarnation or karma, and you don’t have to. Most people I know don’t believe in both things. But for me isn’t about believing or not. I know them for a fact, and even wrote about it. It’s impossible to develop yourself while neglecting very obvious things. The scientists have the same problem, because most of what they keep finding contradicts everything they learned and believed. How can a scientist explain that human DNA isn’t from earth? How can a scientist explain that energy is relative to observation? How can a scientist explain diseases disappearing with “happy thoughts”? How can a scientist explain hundreds of highly advanced cities found underwater with thousands of years of existence? All these things are beyond what science can accept and explain. And yet, unless you can admit them, you can’t move forward in your own understanding about life.

That Cloud Atlas experience of the person that reads a book as if he had read it before, is one I have had many times, since I’m a kid. It happens mostly with books related to philosophy or religion. I could fill a whole book of stories with personal experiences related to this. But how can I explain it to someone fearing religion or superstition? Fearing superstition is another form of superstition in itself.

You don’t have to believe in the things you hear or what I say. But if you can see how each individual shapes the collective history with one movie, that’s all you need.

It will probably surprise you to know that there are many crazy researches that have been suppressed because they challenge modern dogmas. And thinking that reincarnation doesn’t exist is a dogma. I’ve found psychiatrists that researched this topic, found many obvious evidences, and lost credibility in the scientific world.

When Darwin presented the “monkey theory” people laughed at him. Most people believed God put humans on earth. That was only 200 years ago. So, not long ago, people were incredibly stupid. Do you think we evolved a lot in 200 years? No! People are still very stupid. Science is still rejecting itself. DNA studies prove that we were created from a hybrid mix of monkey with alien DNA. Yes, alien, because that’s the word used for DNA sequences that don’t exist on Earth. How it happened, we can speculate in many ways. But if you don’t want to believe in aliens or this fact, how can you understand it? That’s the exact problem the scientific community has. They don’t want to accept this fact, although it’s a fact.

Reincarnation has also been proved scientifically, and it’s also being suppressed. The matrix, the idea that our world isn’t real, has also been proved scientifically, and this truth is also being suppressed.

Obviously, you don’t need to believe in reincarnation to understand it, and that’s the beautiful part of it. We don’t have to believe in reincarnation and karma to live a normal life.

I’ve met many people that tell me that they don’t believe in karma, and yet, their life is a very obvious evidence that karma exists. Do you know what happens to people that don’t believe in karma? What happens when you don’t believe that a certain food makes you sick? That’s right, you keep eating it and getting sick. People that don’t believe in karma, are perpetuating a life of negative consequences because they refuse to be responsible for what they do. Certainly, you can learn responsibility without believing in karma, but if I tell you that both concepts are the same, then why disagree? Because you don’t want to be identified with crazy gurus or cults? That’s just the emotional part of this topic affecting your cognitive awareness.

And what about reincarnation? Again, you don’t have to believe in it. But my life became much easier when I started to accept it. That’s how I became a writer. The stupid me didn’t know why he had so much knowledge. For some people, this stupid individual was either schizophrenic or influenced by spirits. That’s both the scientific and superstitious possibilities for people like me. And do you think I would be happy meeting a psychiatrist every week, taking pills to shut down my creativity, or going to church and pray like a mad man?

I’m not that stupid, so I studied reincarnation, and that’s what made me smart. I wanted to know what it is and how it works. And I realized that it can help me. When I found that everything I know comes from past lives, then, believe or not, I started to understand much more. Because if I know that my strength is within a certain path, contradicting it is my weakness.

In the movie Cloud Atlas, most people end up miserably, because they don’t know their path. They eventually find it, but they suffer a lot to get there, as you can see in the movie. That’s a very realistic approach. Most people take an entire life to realize something obvious. Most people spend 20 to 40 years in a relationship that is bad for them. Most people start to paint or write when they retire in their 60s. Most people don’t read the books they should read, until life forces them to. Most people don’t make the decisions they should make until they die.

My life however, because I know these things, moves very fast. Most people I meet think I’m a genius, because that’s the only answer they can think of. But I’m no genius. I just know the truth. When you know the advantage you get is huge.

The problem with our world is that people are trapped in dogmas. Both religion and science are dogmas. People can’t think outside their box.

If you connect the dots, it kind of become obvious that, if this reality is virtual, then “God” may be just an alien making fun of us, forcing us to play the same “game” over and over again, and that may well be what reincarnation is, a big game in which we confuse ourselves with the characters we are playing. Look at what happens today with so many people obsessed by games! The answer is there!

Our reality is full of crazy things, which if you think backward, will make you wonder about. Imagine a world without computers, airplanes, cars and smartphones! Can you really imagine that? Now, imagine how those people would think, if you told them one day they would have all this! They would probably think the same as you when I use the words reincarnation or karma.

As crazy as it seems, people are extremely limited by their mind. What I know today allows me to see that very easily. Everyone is trapped somewhere, in some belief system, including those that think they are very smart because they do research.

The real research is to consider everything you haven’t considered before, including the chance of being wrong. There are many things I can’t prove, but if they improve my life, then they make sense for me. In other words, I don’t really care if other people don’t believe I can write over 300 books with only 35 years old. But if they don’t believe in reincarnation, I also don’t have a way to explain it myself. The only reason why someone with 35 knows so much, is because he has studied it before. There is no other better explanation for it. I have actually wrote many books with theories completely out of my head, that were then criticized for being too personal. So, I researched for quotes to explain them, and I found them for every single thing I had written. I have been using this strategy all my life. Even my researches in college were like this. Teachers hated me, because I would tell them: “I can write whatever I want and always find someone in history that has said it”. And the truth is I did always find someone in history that had said what I knew. However, at that time, I didn’t know it was related to reincarnation. I though I was just using common sense. It was when I realized nobody else could do the same thing, that I started to see my skills from another angle, and exploring it. It did took me 15 years to realize I should do what I’m doing now – living as a writer. But it’s still better than people that spend a lifetime never realizing it. Who knows, maybe the reincarnation of Lao Tzu is working in a Mexican restaurant, and Socrates is in Africa trying to find food to feed his family. Maybe the Asians of the past are the Europeans of the present, and vice versa. Maybe we have met before!

Robin Sacredfire

Author of “A Theory of Reincarnation”

A Theory of Reincarnation