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Religion is something very arbitrary, and from the books I read, from different historical periods, it’s also obvious that there are a lot of momentary reasons in many arguments that shouldn’t persist. For example, the Quran is well written for its time but after that, most of it could be erased and ignored. You can’t keep cutting hands and heads anymore, not when you have free education, online books everywhere and libraries.

I can understand that at a time, when people were more insane and evil than now, this was the only way to create order in a mad society. Let’s not forget that the British cut more heads and hands than anyone else in Europe while the rest was burning them alive just because of made-up gossips. This stupidity of murdering people because of things like refusing to go to church or having a black cat at home ended just 3 centuries ago. Even the murder of the Templars was completely and merely political and motivated by greed, and we keep ignoring the real reasons why the Vatican had to do it. Thank God (Satan) that people are still too stupid to know that the Templars had the Gnostics in their hands proving that the Bible is full of bullshits because this is what allows many churches to keep changing the bible to fit their needs. Now you have a different bullshit to fit every possible and imaginable criteria on this earth.

In other words, we weren’t and are still not necessarily brighter than the Muslims to earn the right to judge or condemn them. But most people don’t know it and can’t tell the difference either. Somehow, both sides are ignorant of their ignorance. The Muslims think they must follow all their laws while the west thinks that their religion is different from others. There isn’t any difference, as I’m sure that, if they could, the many mad Evangelists that exist today would be cutting many heads too in the name of God, which, honestly speaking, when using a sword, is more humane than burning someone alive. If you have ever been publicly humiliated by a priest or physically harassed by Evangelists, as I and many people that I know have, you can actually understand why many North Americans feel safer inside a Satanic cult than in a Evangelic Church. Somehow, killing chickens in a bloody ritual doesn’t seem as bad as allowing Saudi Arabia to cut thousands of heads every day, China to shoot innocents for political reasons or even participate in a religious group where everyone, apparently, is possessed by demons. What a party! What a hypocrisy!

The Quran is a very good book, once you focus on universal values that persist in time. If you take into consideration that it also explains that its laws must be measured according to each situation, you can understand that the prophet couldn’t create a different law for everything or predict the mad future we have now. The rest isn’t important. But people can’t see the difference. They are too ignorant to know the difference, and then we end up having discussions like if Muslims should have the right or not to practice their religion abroad. Why nobody is talking about China? In China you’ll go to jail if you talk about religion in public or without an official permission (which you won’t get anyway). And many religious harmless people are being murdered in China every year for political reasons ONLY. Their organs are being trafficked around the world and they didn’t do anything wrong. But here we are, talking about terrorism, instead of talking about the opposite, the Chinese continuous slaughter of innocents. Another evidence that we live in a very hypocritical and selfish world.

The only reason why people talk about terrorism is because it’s knocking on their door, bringing the problems of the world, that they had been ignoring, to their face. But terrorism isn’t the real problem. The real problem is ignorance. A person that isn’t so obviously stupid would question how can machine guns enter Europe if even a USB in my pocket is checked everywhere I go, or why everyone has the smartphone and computer in the hands of European and US secret agencies, but somehow, the terrorists always magically escape until it’s too late. And isn’t so very obvious that US has been sending weapons to ISIS and allowing them to sell oil to Turkey? How stupid can this world be?

People are now afraid of anyone looking less white when they should be looking at the mirror for the real enemy – themselves, their own ignorance and hypocrisy.

Robin Sacredfire

Author of “The 10 Commandments of Satan”

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