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Spirituality is a personal path. When you learn about the spirit, you must reconsider everything as an observer.

Whoever designs one road for everyone, will always find his followers ending in different directions. It’s the illusion of time and linear evolution, that makes us think that everything happens in a linear way from A to B. But the truth is that this is how we think about life and not necessarily how life operates on us. You can easily access memories from past lives by merely working on present traumas and challenges, although focusing on your dreams, imagination and ambitions can lead you there too, and with a more positive outcome at the end.

The problem in our modern society is that psychiatrists and psychologists aren’t trained to accept past life experiences, and I can’t guarantee either that all psychics and fortunetellers are reliable in what they say. If you meet the wrong person, the message can actually be disturbing and destructive. People tend to forget that those giving spiritual suggestions must be spiritual evolved as well, and that’s not always the case, not even with many popular gurus, although we still attach appearances and titles with qualifications and skills, and that’s how the ignorants win over the masses by merely presenting themselves proudly and arrogantly. The sheep are easily blinded by the wolf in shepherd clothing.

I believe that the personal path is safer and more accurate. You shouldn’t need anyone telling you what you must know, although you can find guidance and confirmation in them to feel more confident regarding your own perceptions. Know that, if I had asked the so-called spiritual experts for guidance regarding past lives, I would have never find mine, because they would always use their techniques to further justify their personal assumptions, which I wouldn’t have a way to judge. This happens naturally if the person that applies the techniques isn’t spiritually evolved enough, which is the situation almost always occurring.

Your spirituality is sacred and must be seen in such way. You must always ask questions that you can analyze by yourself and not be afraid to disagree, even when you’re wrong. Being wrong is actually related to the conscience of ignorance, which is very important for the next stage, related to learning. And how many people learn from what they do in one lifetime? How many people want to read a book about something they want to do? How many people focus on admiring instead of feeling jealousy? How many people ask how they hurt others, instead of insisting that they are hurt? How many people have the courage to change themselves according to what they dream about becoming and leave everything they have acquired behind instead of struggling to acquire more?

There is a necessary process for the lessons of karma and reincarnation to benefit the individual, and without it, knowing more may lead to understanding less. Most people fear karma and reincarnation because they fear knowing more. And this fear comes from a natural resistance related to not knowing what to do with more, with more responsibility, more conscience, more pain, more suffering, more memories, etc.

Most people also fear to dream but to dream about the future or remembering the past is exactly the same thing within our existential line. If you can dream, then you can also remember more easily. The previous life is never more important than the next, or the one that will come afterward. There is a necessary relation between them. If you have lived before as a king, rich and married to a beautiful woman, but suffering from a painful disease during your lifetime, would you change this life for the previous? What if you knew that this king was burned alive or decapitated in a revolution? Would you still want to relive that experience, knowing that you would end in agony?

It’s our perception about life that confuses us. This perception must improve with the necessary actions towards life itself. Whatever we know must favor the present. This present resumes everything we did, acquired and learned before. Within us hides the greatest treasure.

It is in present time that you clean your karma but karma isn’t just something bad that keeps repeating in your life. Karma is your life. If you can alter your tomorrow with what you do today, then you’re cleaning your karma. And, you always have a choice. Therefore, cleaning karma isn’t different from creating karma. You have to see it as a game, in which you’re both the player and the creator of the board. You must ask yourself: Which game do I want to play? And then, proceed into mastering such game.

A person that says: “money isn’t important for me” but hates his job, is accumulating karma. On the other hand, a person that says: “money isn’t important for me” and decides to farm his own land, is cleaning his karma. Even if the potatoes and the carrots won’t grow, the path to make it happen, is in itself, a karmic path. Karma is who we are, so discovering ourselves, cleaning karma, being happy and living life is part of karma. In other words, the man that doesn’t love his job, and doesn’t have the courage to fulfill his dreams, will eventually struggle with his coworkers, get diseases, fight over money with his wife, accumulate stress, become depressed, etc. But the man that can’t make his potatoes grow, may find the love of his life, interesting people, lessons to learn, and adventures, along the path of finding a way to grow vegetables. That’s why life is leveled in the same way for everyone on earth.

If you want a shortcut, then read as many books as necessary. Nevertheless, don’t forget that even the time spent in reading them is a form of sacrifice towards your own salvation. The shortcut, in itself, is also an illusion, only better than others because it can guarantee you new skills for the future, namely, a more accurate thinking pattern and a higher conscience of self.

It is also interesting to mention that, within the same paradigm, the reader may find himself reading the exact same books that he has read in another life or a book he authored and forgot. For example, I can never feel related to Egyptian mythology, even when properly explained by the wisest individuals I know, but I can immediately remember a Greek belief system related to Egyptian mythology and explain it after listening to Egyptian mythology. When I attend a seminar about Egyptian mythology, it’s as if I was hearing 2 seminars at the same time, the one occurring outside my head, about Egypt, and another inside my head, about Greece. And this is definitely an evidence of a past life. The evidence is even reinforced when I pick up a book written by a famous philosopher and feel that I’m reading the same book for the 10th time, while having a perfect understanding of every line on the text, or by the fact that I always had the highest grades possible in philosophy exams, and didn’t need to study more than a few hours before to know what to write to achieve such grades.

Understanding philosophy so accurately and much faster than anyone I ever met surely gives me advantages, but there’s not much I can do with texts written over 2 thousand years ago, apart from realizing that the greeks knew more than we know today about many things. Between then and now, I have lived many other lives, which are equally important, and lead me to where I am now, which is the most important. What I have now is a resume of what I acquired and that’s why I continue in reading and accumulating more spiritual wealth.

If there’s a benefit in realizing what I just said, regards the importance of fulfilling my life destiny. To be more precise, despite being born in a family of very ignorant persons, with no books at home, and in a poor city, surrounded by very ignorant people, or ridiculed by both classmates and teachers because of the way I speak and think, I ended up becoming a popular writer. And it seems from an external point of view that this doesn’t make sense. People still don’t believe that I write books when they look at my face or hear about my background because I appear more to be a member of a criminal organization than a philosopher from ancient Greece. But from an internal perspective, the one that only very advanced spiritual individuals can recognize, what I do makes as much sense as who I am, and despite what I seem to be, what I wear or how I speak.

The question then is: How do I maintain such wisdom for 2000 years? But the answer was already mentioned when I said that some books make me feel like it’s the 10th time I’m reading them. During my life, I have also been awarded in music, painting, as a lecturer, as a martial artist, and recognized as a very successful business consultant too. I have done far more in my previous lives than just being a philosopher, including living some lives in other planets as well, as a leader of armies and research teams, which I fortunately started to remember very vividly and in detail thanks to my activity as a writer, which allowed me to unlock these “sleeping parts of my mind”.

Past and future are related. When you work towards your dreams, they do manifest images and memories, coming from this planet or others, and you may not know the difference, especially when they come inside normal day visions or during the night as you sleep, but that’s part of who you are too. Even the most realistic dreams portraying an earthly society that doesn’t exist  in your reality have something real in them, when you consider the possibility of parallel universes.

There is no guilt or confusion when you look at life from a much wider perspective. Is the person that reads and dreams, dumb and crazy for admitting that he needs the knowledge and mental experiences?

You may not be aware of this, but everything comes from a deliberate choice. Even reincarnation between planets, countries and races is, despite any previous event or the gravity of it, a choice. And bigger choices emerge from stronger necessities. That’s why people don’t need to justify themselves with what they did, in this life or the previous, but what they are doing and plan to do.

When I dream with perfection, peace and beauty but also with orgies and apocalyptical madness, I know that I have abused my power and seen how others abuse theirs, which led me to come to earth and experience ignorance, my own ignorance, manifested in others mirroring my past mistakes, and yet a chosen ignorance to work with.

When I understand that I have taken a necessary step to come here, in order to correct the only thing I did wrong, and yet caused my deliberate fall, should I feel guilty about it? There is no guilt in the duality that learning implies. The sun rises and falls every day, without guilt or remorse for its own cycles.

I must say that the gurus and avatars that portray perfection hide much more ugliness than everyone I have ever seen. I have never met a real one, but have seen many portraying themselves as such and deceiving others. I know, because I’ve been an avatar for longer than them and don’t need to show it, but that’s why I can see so clearly.

Nobody on earth is without fault, even though many that are here coming from other galaxies are indeed here to save mankind. What brought them to earth, karmically speaking, and what they must do to clean their karma and continue their evolution, is related. They may have chosen to come here deliberately, but nobody is without fault, nobody is perfect. The choice and the cause for the choice to emerge are related.

Earth may be a very imperfect planet from a higher perspective, but there are also many more imperfect worlds below ours. The main problem with human beings is the illusion of permanency and the strong tendency to stay asleep and ignorant about the cosmic relation that exists within us, and this tendency is very rare in the whole cosmos, reason why this planet needs a big amount of help from outside.

The speed for improvement could be increased if we could remember our previous mistakes and achievements. Our past lives memories are all kept within our spirit. To access them we need to bridge the conscious and the subconscious. And for most people, the problem starts in the conscience. It’s usually not easy to accept a previous life in which we suffered more and may have died miserably. But you can do meditation, in order to relax and allow these memories to come to the surface, if not during meditation, later in the form of a dream during sleep.

When you are relaxed enough, you can also close your eyes, and like a mantra, repeat the sentence “Show me my past life” which will trigger images and emotions related to it. These images and emotions can, at first, seem like a movie that you have watched, and that’s normal too because the brain always responds faster to what the spirit can identify with. People tend to want to watch movies that make them feel as if “at home” even when it’s a horror movie.

Other methods that can help in rediscovering a past life are hypnosis (which I suggest applying only with a qualified and experienced expert), astrology and numerology. With the last two sciences, it is possible to easily associate the karmic lesson from this life with the previous, as they are related. And, in specific, with numerology, you can easily follow the system to uncover everything you need to know on your own.

Finally, I suggest researching biographies of individuals that have rediscovered their past life, as it will help you in identifying similarities that can apply to your own experience. You will realize, for example, that skills, instinctual behavior and tendencies, are brought from a previous life.

Our personality grows with time, but our relatives often identify attributes from a very early stage, that we then continue to act upon as adults. Don’t forget, however, that we have lived many lives. The previous isn’t more determinant than all the others that came before it.

The process of reincarnation can be compared with our current life, in which we change job, friends, house, lovers and experiences, and along the way, mold our personality and conscience with what is given, allowed and conquered. Reincarnation and karma are just extended versions of what already manifests in one lifetime. And yet, as you can see, time is limited, and you are always forced to make a choice.

Despite the many choices that I found I have, I was also forced to make one, and this message is part of it. I have aligned everything I do with my books but the books are just the road I noticed to fulfill my spiritual journey faster. I don’t intend to stay on earth again. I have traveled to many countries, but I want to return to my “real family” which is not to be found here, on this planet. My home planet is far more beautiful and organized than earth, which will need many thousands of years to reach the same level.

I have seen enough about mankind and I have done my best to help it and even be part of it. I will continue this work because it’s what I must do, not what I truly love. What I truly love doesn’t exist yet on this planet and the duality between what I know and have seen, and what I have and now see, creates an immense mental gap that is difficult to deal with. If you can imagine yourself traveling back in time, to a period in which there were no cars or buses, but only horses, or to another in which people are so stupid and racist, that end up creating world wars, or even another, in which the sword is the law, you can understand my point of view, as that’s what I feel after having experienced wiser societies.

When you deal with karma and reincarnation, that is what you will be facing, by looking at who you where, and most people can’t handle more imperfection than the one they already possess. I have applied numerology to show others their whole past life based on this science, and they were shocked about it, and also seemed traumatized for knowing the truth.

This is why I insist in the importance of spirituality allied with the past life memories. You may want to know that you have lived a better life before, that you were more important than you are now, but unless you are an Indigo, or have lived in one of the very few civilized earth societies from the past, that’s not the case.

One of the major truths about reincarnation and karma, is that what you did in a previous life with what you had, justifies what you have now. The skills that you have developed made this life easier for you in some areas, while the problems that you have accumulated remain as your challenged today.

I may be difficult to accept that an antagonistic person, namely, one with tremendous power, may be born now without it, in order to learn about compassion. And this person may consciously refuse it, by regaining such power and then abuse it again. However, this individual will eventually realize that lack of compassion will destroy his spiritual life, and indirectly affect his monetary achievements, because if you don’t feel compassion for others, then others won’t feel for you as well. And this can be a very profound lesson that this individual will eventually learn, even if he doesn’t remember anything about his past life. He doesn’t have to, because the present will always manifest the immediate result of our choices. We can try to escape it, but life will always bring it back to us, wherever we go, and with whoever we meet.

You can travel among the most distant countries, meet the most different cultures, and at some point realize this: I have met a person like this before, I have experienced this before, I have listened to this sentence before. And everything that repeats is trying to show you something you haven’t noticed properly.

A few days ago, a Chinese friend told me: “I have heard your sentence in China too”. But my sentence wasn’t a repetition of something I had read, but something I acknowledged in her and that she had to know. When she categorized it as being Chinese, then she missed the main point of this event. That repetition of sentences was manifested for her because it matches her karma. Reincarnation is nothing more than re-in-bodying our tendencies and stubbornness, and to refuse to absorb knowledge by classifying it in colors, races, cultures and words is a very strong and common human stubbornness, that denies conscience a chance to acknowledge things as they are. This is the illusion Buddha explained so well but many still can’t understand.

Robin Sacredfire

Author of “Spiritual Evolution and Reincarnation”

Spiritual Evolution and Reincarnation By Robin Sacredfire