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In every planet of the whole universe, stories find their reasons, reasons are explained by their environments, and environments are molded by those same reasons. It is difficult to see which comes first. A closer look at planet earth, would make it seem like just another planet in the whole universe. And yet, a closer look at life in this planet will always make us wonder why it is the way it is.

Most humans feel regret, sorrow and sadness. They are often depressed about the things that happen to them. However, empathy for their feelings wouldn’t allow us to see how they generate this suffering.

I have loved many human beings. I still do. But few have ever loved me. And the ones that think they did, sadly, were actually loving themselves alone. In fact, they don’t hear what they don’t want to hear, they don’t feel what they don’t want to feel and they don’t talk because they need anyone to listen. As confusing as it may seem, most humans are not living in planet earth, but merely cohabiting in it, while focused on their own minds. They use the outside world as an excuse, to talk to themselves, think by themselves, and justify their problems, their sadness and their sad stories. They are unknowingly living merely inside their own mind. But curiously, they reject control over it. How can you not know that you are the master of your own universe, when all you do is research what is inside your brain, that brain is inside a body and you control such body? I can put water into a cup, drink from the cup, and yet not be the cup. But I cannot drink the water, keep it in my body, and say that I’m not the body or that the water hasn’t become a part of me. That water will enter my blood, and that blood will justify my existence. Therefore, even though I am not the body or the blood in it, if I think myself as a spirit, I cannot refuse that the body and the blood aren’t a part of my spirit. The spirit, the body and the blood are part of me. I have respect for them and acknowledge them as me, even though they aren’t enough to explain who I am when complete.

Humans, unfortunately, do not understand this. And that’s why their life is sad. And their happiness not real happiness.

Many spiritual masters have descended to Earth to teach them this, and make them be aware of the multitude of realities that exist within and outside of them. But the evolution verified since has been little.

I have loved many humans as if they were a part of me. But they have never seen me as such. In fact, they didn’t even acknowledge me as such. My family, including my own mother, saw me as a stranger, and denied my identity. But I didn’t stop loving them. And my childhood friends could only see what they could see, and they saw little in me. Because what they wanted to see, was never seen in me. I have very few human characteristics, and the ones that can be seen as being human, are actually universal to the humanoid species. But I do love, and I may well love than most people I meet. But what is the meaning of love on planet earth?

A friend comes to me with a problem that he has for months. I offer him a book that will solve his problem in one day. But he doesn’t say “thank you”, doesn’t read the book, and will in fact develop hatred feelings towards me. In his mind, I know more than him, and am therefore a threat. I can become more than him and more easily, so he will hate me for being better than him. And finally, he will be hating me so much that he will forget that I was just helping. And by helping, take him out of his misery. His hate, however, will increase his misery, while pushing me away from his life.

When people don’t react with hate, they react with mockery, disdain and constant efforts to justify putting you out of their reality. You see, humans can’t change, because they have decided not to. And so, they don’t want anyone that can stimulate such change, even if just with his presence.

I read a lot. I used to read one book a day. I have read thousands of books. But humans saw me doing this and couldn’t understand. I was reading those books to understand them. And I can’t understand why they won’t read the same books to understand themselves. I have read the bible, the koran, the upanishads, the gnostic scrolls, the torah, the tibetan book of the dead, and many others. But most humans choose one of those books, follow one of those principles and reject all the others, believing that their perspective is more correct than the other perspectives, or that the overall perspective is inferior to the particular perspective. So, I don’t understand why humans think that is confusing when I say that I don’t have or follow any religion in particular, because I can’t follow one perspective while embracing all of them. I love all religions equally, I respect them all equally, and I can understand them equally. None is wrong or right. All depend on the moment, the channel, the culture, the language and the translations in which they were written, interpreted and passed. But the truth is there, in the multitude of perspectives.

There is also a strange sense on planet earth of culture superiority. People look differently and down on me, because I am not white enough. And those that have a darker skin seem to hide themselves from the majority or assume the paradigms of that majority. It is not easy for a person of dark skin to be rich, smart and polite. And it is not easy for me to be among the richer class, because the rich are whiter than my human body is.

It seems to me that humans don’t evolve with their books, culture or money. They worship many things, but evolve very little. A earth dog is often more reasonable than most humans. The dog can communicate telepathically, feel love and share his love, when he feels loved. But humans don’t believe in telepathy, communicate in very basic terms and limited emotions, and can’t share love when loved.

Many of these earthly humans have hurt me. They usually apologize. But their recognition of mistake, if existing, is very limited. Because they keep repeating their paradigms, and often in a worse manner. They can’t correct themselves, but they can and often deliberately become worse. It is as if they needed the pain to understand their suffering. However, all they do is increase the pain and use it to justify their lack of rationality. “They are”, “I am”, “my karma is”, “I have”, “I need”, “I have”, “I don’t”. As they grow up, they get stronger in arrogance, delusional beliefs, and ignorance. Like a heavy and dense rock, they become unbreakable by the stream of love that could crush their ego and uplift their soul. And so, they sink in the ocean of delusions. And as they sink into this dark ocean, they claim it as their own, and they call this having a normal life. Because they want to be normal. They want to be in peace. But this peace is fill with darkness.

Most of these humans I meet, not to say all of them, don’t understand why I write book, and it’s sad when I see them complaining about it, or frightened, as if my wisdom was a threat to their existence. It doesn’t matter what I might say to make them feel more calm or aware. They do not listen. Conversation are often a waste of time in this planet. And humans merely have them to feel normal. They do not want to know that they are not normal. They do not want to know that they are primitive. They do not want to know that they must be destroyed for other species to flourish. They do not want to know that God did a mistake when mixing their DNA with theirs. They do not want to know that they must be exterminated, because they can’t love. And they definitely don’t want to know, that they can’t hide inside a temple, or that hours of meditation can save their soul in the afterlife. They fear ghosts, they fear demons, but they do not want to know that those ghosts and demos have been humans like them, might reincarnate on Earth again, just to live a life like theirs. And they don’t want to know that they might, and I say might, have been ghosts and demons before, trying to occupy living bodies, torturing living humans, and confusing themselves with the thoughts of others, as they now confuse themselves with their own. And so, I can say very little to them. And often, saying it means wasting my time repeating the same words.

They have lived the same life for an entire path of reincarnations, and learned very little. They keep repeating the same habits, mistakes and paradigms. And yet, they refuse to acknowledge it. And tend to hate those that want to go beyond it. They criticize the ones that reads many religious books, but refuses to accept religious dogma. They criticize the ones that loves, but refuses to accept marriage. They criticize the one that expands, but refuses to compromise. They are as they are, while in fact they are nothing. Because this is not what it was meant when humans were left alone to proceed in their spiritual path. The possibility of reincarnation isn’t just a path, but a gift. A treasure. But love, is a much bigger treasure. So, it is sad when it is thrown out as garbage.

Life on Earth is for me just a big bad dream that keeps repeating for too many years. That’s how I will remember it. A sad story, about people, too stupid to even acknowledge that they are very stupid. No hope! No change! Just a stupid me talking to myself, and getting angry for not seeing the obvious. But my stupidity comes from lack of choice, and my anger comes from my acknowledgement of the choice they have and unwisely take to be stupid.

I may be trapped in this human body, that I so much hate, because it limits all the immense potential that I have once experienced, and can only remember now in dreams. I may hate the limitations of my life. But everything could be solved if I could feel love. And I only feel it in nature. Therefore, I do know, that nature will appreciate if the virus that names itself as being human, is irradiated from planet earth, and life finds another chance to restart.

To think that humans can love and expect, is a disease. Because you can’t love a parasite that eats you from inside, and you can’t love the tiger that can eat you alive. But you can love yourself. And nature has the right to love itself. But this is only possible when humans are surgically take out of planet Earth.

Many of them claim to have come from a paradise, and waiting to be taken to the same or another. But while doing this, they completely disrespect the paradise from which they are responsible from, called Earth. So, how can a irresponsible being, incapable of loving his kind and his home, gain the trust to enter another and better realm? He won’t. Sorrow is part of human life, and a part of their spiritual life. Ghosts and demons exchanging places between Earth and Spiritual Realms aren’t humans, but just viruses. Mistakes of God. So, they have become confused when claiming to fear something. They only have to confront themselves to see that all their fears are within them. They are what they fear.

I know who my ghosts and demons are. I have met them before. And I know who your demons and ghosts are, by looking at you.

But life, death, living and dying, are simple within the sphere of love. Love is what justifies human life. And I wish humans could love. But my wish is my disease. And my mission is to learn to love myself, and help them by acknowledging my own love.

Sadly, life on earth only gains meaning when you learn to abandon and reject, and accept solitude, loneliness and difficulties, as a path of rocks, and yet a path to walk in, as any other. Sometimes, we go to a beach, and the water is warn. Other times, it’s cold. But we want to swim. So, we accept the temperature of the water. That is how Earth is. And although I haven’t quite learned to live with it, I know that this is what I must do. Because this is what being human is all about.

It is difficult for me. But I will love every human on Earth, by loving myself. And in doing so, teach a painful lesson to everyone that has refused to love me and love themselves. A lesson that, if not learned, will justify the extermination of the Earthly humans.

Angel Ennobled

Author of “Apocalypse”