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This isn’t going to be easy to digest, so take with a warm glass of water.

The Knights Templar were in Scotland but they didn’t create Freemasonry. The Rosicrucians did in Austria.

This happened between the nobility. The Freemasons were an independent group emerging from Rosicrucianism.

Does that mean that Rosicrucianism is older than Freemasonry? Not exactly! Rosicrucianism emerged as quickly as it vanished, to be reborn again in less than the past 100 years in Germany and the USA. So, who recreated Rosicrucianism and their modern practices? Freemasons did. The Freemasons are behind many religions.

Now things are getting a little bit complicated aren’t they?

If the old Rosicrucianism vanished, The Knights Templar didn’t create Freemasonry and the new Rosicrucians didn’t create modern Freemasonry, who did? And what did Da Vinci learned?

At the time of the first Freemasons’ groups, the world was ruled by Portugal and Spain. These are the real Knights Templar territories.

Da Vinci was a follower of the Pythagorean Brotherhood, which merged with other secretive groups after persecuted, possibly Rosicrucians, definitely not Freemasons, and yet, possibly something else too.

The first king of Portugal was son of a French Templar and raised by Templars to create their first nation in the world. When he made it, by separating the land from the Spaniards, Spain tried to obviously reconquer it back. And it always failed, because the country wasn’t being protected by a bunch of poor villagers, but highly skilled soldiers, the elite army of Europe. The symbol exchanged between them in letters was always a rose, an adaptation from the red cross that could easily be recognized but not interpreted if any letter was lost.

In order to reinforce their kingdom, an alliance was made with England, where their brotherhood was spread and reinforced after the Vatican launched a massive persecution on them.

Problems begun when the Iberian Union started. Conflicts of interest emerged and new brotherhoods were necessary to shift this power. And, for political reasons, it had to emerge from a hidden connection. That hidden connection was ritualistic and religious. In other words, the history of Freemasonry has always been political. This is why many governments tried to finish it. Piracy was just one of many private investments that Freemasonry, Skulls and Bones, and many others subgroups, funded in order to counter the political alliances between the Iberian Union and England. There were agreements at the surface but robbery beneath it. The history of Dutch, French and British Piracy has nothing to do with nations or kidgdoms, despite what history depicts, but pure private interest without nationality.

The solution that the Freemasons found to create and keep their legitimacy was found in the USA, a land where they would do what the Templars had done in Portugal, that is, create their own nation. And the way they found to legitimate their religion was to transform it from a group of thieves and pirates into heirs of the Templars. Winners always rewrite history, and by promoting dictators in the middle-east, USA was able to destroy the gnostic brotherhoods that were predominant during the time of the Persian Empire, one of great wisdom, not Islamic terrorism.

It’s worth mentioning that during this period Christians and Muslims lived well together in Europe. It was the Vatican intervention, in fear of vanishing and its greed for power, that ended this multicultural relation. A relation from which the Templars had greatly benefited, in trading, technology, religion, science and even astronomy.

It may be hard to notice due to the immense political and ignorant propaganda seen today, but the Persians were lovers of wisdom, and followers of Plato and Pythagoras, not ignorant people. They had Universities much older than the ones found in Europe and weren’t as closed minded as the Europeans. In fact, they shared everything they knew and the once very ignorant European can thank them for that and many other things, such as the numbers and knowledge about navigation by the stars. Indeed, Hollywood, controlled by Jews, will never make justice to this truth and reveal historical facts, which could lead us to think differently about the middle-east, i.e., that they are governed by idiots sponsored by the West.

As with Spain and Portugal, once the greatest empires in history, USA faces today difficult times. And the future of great empires remains the same. They rise and fall.

The Illuminati, the self-proclaimed enlightened ones, don’t have nationality but learn from history. This is why they are buying property in New Zealand and British Islands. This is why the political members of the Chinese government all have green cards and none has family in China. Everyone at the top knows that once the castle of cards starts to fall, few nations will remain immune to the destruction that will occur.

As before and always, they are preserving their interest by shifting countries. As before and always, they don’t really care about their religions and are preparing themselves to create new ones by recreating others. As before and always, the Vatican is trying to expand its power by positing itself in a key position.

Names, logos and symbols have always been a distraction to deceive the unwise. Freemasonry is a religious corporation founded to keep private interests and alliances in line and towards a common goal. That goal is power over the entire planet, but it has nothing to do with freemasonry, religion or nations. It’s all about private interest, and unfortunately for the many rich, they’re not part of the plan. This power is becoming so reduced that we can’t even call it the 1% anymore. Soon, less than 0,01% will control over 80% of the earth resources and wealth. That’s what is all about. As for the Vatican, to shift from christ to lucifer and from drinking wine to real blood, is really the same. They don’t and never cared about anything else except power, simply because they know their whole faith is based on a massive lie. That is why they now claim to baptize aliens if needed. Indeed, anything can be said and done to keep themselves at the top when shit hits the fan. The freemasons and rosicrucians will be the ones paying the price.

If something big happens, people will want heads. And when they want heads, they search for the obvious, i.e., symbols, religions, temples and mansions, all of which will house innocents. The guilty party is never to be found when events they create come to public awareness, simply because they created it. If the world starts getting more mad than it is today, and people start slaughtering each other, the guilty ones will be partying in bunkers, with enough food and water to wait until everything is over, like Noa after the flood. In fact, they may even create their own flood, to make sure everyone is dead, in the form of a deadly virus, space weaponry or radiation.

Once everything is over, their new religion will proclaim to be the highest and portray them as the chosen ones by God after the ignorant and vicious are wiped out from the earth for their biggest sin – stupidity.

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