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Do you remember how happy you feel when sharing food with someone else like two candles sharing the same light? Do you remember how safe you feel with the arms of your lover wrapped around your body and the heat of his or her body next to yours? That’s the type of fire that you must allow to burn within you to transform you,…
not into who you think you were,…
not into who you think you are,…
not into who you think you deserve to be,…
not into who you think you are supposed to be…
But a person that is far much more than all that and beyond your wildest dreams. Because, whatever you think, is never real.
When you surrender to love and allow this fire to burn inside you in the form of passion and desire, that’s when you truly receive a powerful miracle. You don’t need to understand it or know how it works. You only need to believe that in your surrendering to love everything is perfect and even imperfections find their way to lead you to more perfection.
What is toxic, fire recycles. What is pure, fire changes into water. And that is why fire is the most powerful element. Fire purifies and forces all the other elements to become water, which is pure love.
Before there was life on earth, there was water, and before water, there was air. But before air there was fire. Fire purified the toxic air enough to make it into pure oxygen and allow life to manifest. In every planet of the whole galaxy, life started with fire and was purified by fire.
Fire is just another word for light. There is no conscience without transformation, and whenever transformation is resisted, fire hurts. Conscience only occurs when we surrender to the fire. Whoever resists is unaware of the most basic secret of what it means to be enlightened.
The enlightened one is the one who burns strongly like a never-ending flame. The non-enlightened one is the one that burns and fears his own flame. To the awakened ones, his presence is like a gift of God to clean their soul. To the blind, he represents destruction and evil. And yet, his duality doesn’t really exists. Whenever fire is stronger and scarier it’s merely destroying attachment from what is false and delusional because fire is only scary to the one that chooses fear.
Fear is just the resistance of not allowing the sculptures of belief to melt under heat and transform into nothingness, the water of pure love, where everything is one, where there is no such thing as me or you but only us. Whenever there is surrendering, fire represents a miracle of life. Whenever there is attachment, fire represents a challenge.
All these words are meant to tell you only one thing that I can resume with three: Trust your heart.
These three words can be resumed in one: silence. And because silence has no attachment to meaning, is the perfect word. It’s in silence that love unveils.
You don’t study, understand, analyze or judge love. You can only choose to accept it. And yet, even the choice is delusional. Every time you fail in a relationship, love teaches you a new lesson about yourself. If you blame the other, you fail to understand it.
The one whom you reject rejects you. The one whom you neglect neglects you. The one whom you need needs you too. The one whom you ignore ignores you too. And the more you escape yourself or love, the more you trap yourself in a karmic cycle that reflects your deepest fears. In the end, you find yourself running away from yourself and lying to yourself because you can’t accept the obvious. And at this point, it’s in your dreams that you can’t find peace but only pain, the pain you are giving yourself for fear of love.
Can you choose not to eat, breathe and sleep? The same applies to love. Love is natural. It’s who you are.
Nobody ever took love away from you. Whoever makes you believe that, offered you a karmic lesson that you refuse to learn by searching for those that can love you when you hurt them. And yet, sometimes there is someone that loves you too much for you to see.
In the need to escape pain, love escapes our awareness; In the need to find love, real love is lost. And this cycle of dualities keeps pushing us forward, towards the center of our heart, where there is only one permanent state that we must acknowledge at some point and understand, a state of being that is far beyond what we think, the ones we know or the ones we love or allow to love us back.
The father or mother that abandons a son or daughter initiates a karmic cycle, in which this child has to learn to love herself. There is no failure when the lesson has been learned and a lesson learned could never allow such failure to manifest.
The lover that rejects his partner and betrays initiates a karmic cycle, in which the other has to learn the meaning of actively choosing who to love. There is no failure when one knows it and if the lesson had been learned the rejection could no manifest.
The son that is born with a disease or a terminal illness initiates a karmic cycle, in which his parents have to learn the meaning of unconditional love. There is no failure when they can do it and, if the lesson was understood, that child would haven’t been born in such family.
The family member that suffers from some form of addiction initiates a karmic cycle, in which the other family members have to learn the meaning of respectful love. There is no failure when they can respect the one they love and, if the lesson is understood, the one suffering from addiction can cure himself.
We can and have the right to allow others to do their own mistakes. We do it because we love them. If our love cannot rescue the ones we care about from their pain, then to love them is to let them learn their lesson in the way they have chosen.
It’s when we acknowledge our limited responsibility, our roles in the life of others, that we can get hurt and forgive.
Forgiveness isn’t easy because it implies the acceptance of the pain received. And yet, when we forgive, love rescues us from such pain.
The only reason that justifies not feeling rescued from a pain inflicted by others is the refusal to trust God, the universal love that brought us to our experiences and can take us out of them. In other words, love can only hurt when not understood. It’s the egotistical love that hurts and not the universal love. But our life path consists in basically learning to discern the difference between both manifestations.
When someone hurts me, I abandon such person because I love them and don’t want to see them unhappy. I never abandon them in my heart. And yet, for them, this abandonment is the opposite of love. They can only see love in the one that accepts their pain. And so, the egotistical love is very often the most well-understood form of love. People want to be chased, told that they are special, loved, despite whatever they may do and say.
When someone is abandoned, they don’t say “I’m sorry for what I caused to make you want to leave me” but, instead, “you abandoned me because you don’t love me”. The obsession with the reflection of the self increases the disdain for the self which is creating such reflection.
In truth, a goodbye hides behind it the gift of freedom to choose a new fate.
The one that is cheated in a relationship gains freedom to change himself. The one that cheats steals such freedom from himself and loses many years of his life by escaping himself or herself;
The one that is hated by others gains freedom to change his lifestyle. The ones that hate steal such freedom from themselves and lose many years of their life by being obsessed with the same mental paradigms.
Whatever we do, can be seen in the actions we reflect. That’s truly the best way to judge them.
When was the last time you said to someone that you admire him or her, that you appreciate them, that they make a difference in your life? And if you don’t do it, how can they know? And if you don’t do it, why do you expect them to know?
Whatever you give, gives you back. If you don’t express love, then the other can only make judgments based on pain and fear. But you can’t teach others to love; You can only love them in the best way you can and expect them to see it, in the best way they can. And so, you can’t blame the ones that can’t see love, as much as you can’t blame the blind for bumping on you in the street.
Some people need many years to understand love while others learn in weeks. But this comparison merely reflects different stages of awareness, which, by itself, demands responsibility over the dualities implied beneath it.
The person that asks me: “How can you change so much in just one month” is not seeing the reflection of her or his own question, which is: “Why I can’t change so much in just one month”.
Could the answer to both questions allow seeing it?
We can find the answer to this question in the teaching of Jesus. Before he cured someone, he gave an order that was to be followed. The cure could not arrive without the acceptance of the order. And so, the one that wants to change must be willing to change first for that change to occur.
In other words, it’s not about “how can you” or “why can’t I” but… Am I willing to?
Do you want to change fast in your life? Accept your mistakes, accept the mistakes of others and have faith in the people that God sends you to help you regain your courage and faith in love. For every father or mother that rejects to love a son or daughter, God sends 10 mothers and fathers that do it. For every relationship that fails due to lack of love, God sends 10 new friends that help you love yourself again.

“The God of humanity is the eternal power of Love, the source of all being, whose image exists in the heart of the pure, whose nature is Fire, whose rays are the Light of Intelligence and the principle of immortal Life” -Franz Hartmann, M.D. (in Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians)

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