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We are moving from the 3th dimension to the 4th. The Age of Aquarius is related to conscience, and conscience is a skill from the 4rth dimension.

The good news is that we are evolving spiritually, and this evolution can be seen in, for example…
1. The intellectual revolution – a growing interest and sharing of books and research, more people publishing information, and more free pdfs containing the knowledge of thousands of years of human history and writers, available in your pocket in a smartphone, and allowing us to literally access anything ever written at the distance of our pocket;
2. The technological revolution – everything is more simple and faster, and cars can even drive by themselves;
3. The spatial revolution – people are more curious, traveling more and changing countries more often to live in distant locations from their birthplace, which matches perfectly the intention of populating mars and the moon with human beings, among recently found planets that resemble earth and are near out solar system;
4. The economical revolution – More people want to own their own business and become independent from the need to have a job;
5. The spiritual revolution – People are more curious about meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices that are detached from religious dogma.
The dark side of this transformation, as any other in human history, is related to free will and the need people have of maintaining old habits, their ego, their selfishness and their fears. This is what is happening to the majority…
1. That doesn’t read anything and prefers to waste their life in ignorance and arrogance;
2. Abuse technology and allows technology to dictate their thoughts and beliefs;
3. Are uninterested in traveling and experiencing a new lifestyle, opting for maintaining the one they know;
4. People that are losing jobs and still thinking that there is a problem with lack of jobs that governments need to solve;
5. People that practice wrong techniques with irresponsible and ignorant teachers, ending up damaging their mind in the process.
The ultimate difference between the one staying behind and the other moving forward…
1. Will be in wars and political persecution forcing migration between countries, or in segregation between people of different mindsets;
2. Death caused by an irresponsible use of technology with genetical engineering and use of chemicals;
3. More racism and terrorism;
4. More poverty and starvation;
5. More selfishness and spiritual ignorance.
As before, now the changes are also seen globally and not just locally. There wasn’t only one Atlantis, but many. So, despite what happens, some people will survive, but they will have to change to survive. The changes before were mostly physical, and now they seem to be more intellectual. But what will really happen, nobody knows for sure. And a human life is so short that we may not even notice much difference between the present and the next 50 years. Businesses won’t disappear or be created in one day. Everything has its own flow and rhythm.
It would be logic if the poles had shifted as it was predicted in 2012, but they didn’t. So, we have to assume the shift is energetic, not physical, and gradual, not immediate. There were so many predictions related to 2012, that something serious must have happened that we didn’t notice or is being delayed by some outside force. Religious texts do say that God can stop a major disaster if nobody survives it. And many experts working for governments have also said that there are different alien races making sure that our transition doesn’t exterminate the whole race.
In some European countries, many banks are closing. People thought they could withdraw their money after hearing the news that the bank was going to close, but they were refused to take their own money back. Others banks that close took people’s money with it. The number of people unemployed is also dramatically increasing. So, these two are strong signs that things won’t change for the better in this direction. But most people don’t want to change, and that’s why they suffer. Everything that has always happened was towards a forced changed that dealt with free will. People have free will, but they don’t use if for their own good, and that’s why there is suffering. What did the Portuguese do when a major earthquake hit Lisbon in 1755? Most went to a church to pray and died there. Others lighted candles at home and prayed on their own, and were burned alive inside their houses. And then you had people moving near the water to escape the earthquake and that died with a tsunami. Do people learn anything from history? They always think that such things only happen to others, not them, while forgetting that they might be those reincarnated others, repeating the same stupidity because they refuse to learn. On the other hand, who lived in Lisbon at that time? The greedy and the needy. In a very rich city, that’s what you find.
Nonetheless, we all die, so the best we can do is prolong our life and leave a better world for the next generations.

Robin Sacredfire

Author of “Understanding & Uplifting the Human Nature”

Understanding & Uplifting the Human Nature By Robin Sacredfire