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There are 40 billion Earth-sized planets orbiting in the habitable zones of Sun-like stars and millions of people have been labeled as “Star People” (aka. Indigo) or “Hybrids” (physically speaking) on earth. So, here’s how it works in the whole reality beyond what most people can understand or even accept: We have a direct alien interference that kidnaps humans, mixes their sperm or ovule with the extraterrestrial DNA, and then populates new planets with a mixed race, exactly as what happened on earth. We also have a direct alien interference that kidnaps females from earth and impregnates them with a mixed race of human appearance and makes them give birth to babies that look human but are actually hybrids.
We also have souls that come from higher realms, more evolved planets, to earth, in order to uplift the planet with their conscience, habits and experience. The number of races interfering on earth are many. Some are indeed human, with small differences between them, just as what we have between us on earth, while others have a different genetic blueprint.

Historically speaking, our ancient cities of Atlantis and many others recently found underwater near Japan, India and Cuba, for example, were, according to archeologists, likely habited by people of different races, which makes us today more racial segregated than we were thousands of years ago.
Those civilizations were far more spiritually evolved than we are nowadays, although they didn’t possess so much technology as we do, or at least not so widely available, even though some researchers believe it can be found.

Scientists have also found proves that many human races have once coexisted before, and it’s possible that ours was the most aggressive, killing the rest. We belong, at least, to the most intellectual one, so what the British did in South Africa, America and Australia isn’t as far from our genetical roots as it seems.
According also with recent findings, dinosaurs coexisted with humans and it’s possible that we ended most of them, while others were killed to promote our survival. Not all facts are known, but these are indeed scientific facts, while there are other that have to come from personal and spiritual experience.

The planets in my dreams are beautiful. I may have been, not necessarily a soldier but an explorer. I believe that the concepts I get in my dreams don’t match what is known on earth. So, the concept of who I was may not have a word that I can use. Sometimes, I see myself exploring planets that have been destroyed by their inhabitants likely to understand the causes. Other times, I see myself rescuing people from such planets. And still, other times, I see myself as the member of some order.

I have never seen anything on earth or in sci-fi movies that can be related to what I see but what I see isn’t abnormal, it’s just another reality. For example, I have never visited Japan but so far the Japanese gardens are the most similar thing to what I got in a dream. Even though I doubt that the whole scenario I saw in that dream exists in japan.

My knowledge about spirituality comes mostly as a more widely expanded awareness regarding life in general. If I have visited different planets, then it’s normal that I have a wider concept about how life should be like, from which spirituality integrates itself naturally. Most of my dreams have actually inspired me to write better books.

When I was a child I had similar dreams but they often scared me because I had no idea whatsoever of why I was having those dreams. It only started making more sense recently, when I was mature enough to accept it. So, it’s not something I have chosen to believe but the result of an immense work towards understanding myself and why I always felt so different. If I hadn’t done such work, I would probably have never become a writer and write openly about so many topics that I wasn’t aware, before those dreams, that I was able to analyze so precisely. In other words, my books reflect an alien perspective and understanding about life on earth and that’s why my readers tend to feel uplifted and enlightened when reading them.

This reflects my best in understanding myself. However, this work did make me healthier. My ability to think became sharper, the knowledge in my subconscious surfaced and became more evident to me, and I become more able to have vivid dreams due to this acceptance. So, it’s not really a choice, but something you accept. Accepting it, apart from what society thinks, does allow a more understanding about why anyone is here.

My real appearance is this one, because only the soul rebirths in cases like mine and the soul has no appearance of its own, although I’m likely to be humanoid, simply a human from somewhere else. And to understand how a humanoid alien thinks, we merely have to question how humans transferred to mars would start to think. In other words, they would not be necessarily better than us. They could fight among each other, develop their own religions and rituals, do their own stupid things, and create a completely different culture.

As a conclusion, we can ask: what’s the benefit of all that? And the benefit is the same as what’s seen when traveling to other countries. You learn from other cultures and return with a new you, more conscious about life. This is also what happens when you live on other planets. My conclusion is that you basically just experience another lifestyle. And this, when transferred to earth, can sometimes make you feel very smart and other times very stupid. So, I’m seen as very stupid from a competitive point of view, because I’m not familiar with it and have difficulties in understanding it. That’s why my mother thought I was retarded for a long time and later started calling me a monster. First, she couldn’t understand why I refused to socialize, was so obsessed with peculiar things and rather stay alone. Then, she couldn’t understand how could I know so much and started to freak out. I was born among a family of very ignorant people, so there’s not much to expect anyway apart from discrimination and fear.

How does it feel to be conscious that you’re alien? Frustrating! Imagine that I steal your iPad and computer and put you living in the jungle with a tribe. You would know that you are smarter but they would make you feel stupid because you can’t climb a tree to catch bananas and are afraid of killing snakes to barbecue them and then eat them. That’s how it feels for an alien on earth. Besides, all my life I felt uncomfortable with the sensation of having a human body, panicked since I’m a kid with getting old and dying in less than 80 years and for many years I really hated to live in a world that I perceive as being extremely slow, aggressive, competitive and medically barbaric.

The only thing that make me feel normal growing up is art, probably because it isn’t bound by the physical world. With books and music, among other forms of art, I can fully express myself. I tend to go as far as I can with anything I do, so I’m surprised to see that the results tend to be positive. However, for reasons that coincide with my age, maturity and life experience, I ended up making a living with books, which, nonetheless, reflect everything I know.

Aliens aren’t smarter. They simply think differently. So, in school, such type of individual will fail, basically, because school demands memorization and a passive learning, and not understanding or interaction, which, if you weren’t born on earth before, you wouldn’t know how to deal with. School geniuses were often smart people that lived on earth before. The ones that come from other realities aren’t perceived as smart. It’s the way they talk that may lead to seeing them as smart but in a different way. In other words, not smart as superior but as having a different way of thinking.

Although for most people many reincarnations are necessary before they have a chance to leave planet Earth to enter heaven, one of the higher earthly planes, simply because they’re too slow in learning things, as we can easily see everywhere, in a cosmic level, this exchange is constantly occurring. In fact, one of the things that make a person behave like an alien is the curiosity to learn, because only someone from a higher real would manifest that. Lower realms are associated with ignorance and hell is basically a lower manifestation of life. And it exists. It’s represented by the lower planets, where you have to fight to survive. People that behave like animals do promote a lower reincarnation, even though “fortunately for them”, they still have poor countries in Africa and the Middle-east to keep them here.

Not everyone born in a lower reality has done something bad before. This is another misunderstanding. It’s like saying that the star people are sinners from their own previous world. There are many reasons justifying a certain reincarnation. Some people, simply have a sense of mission, like the volunteers in Africa. Others, need to learn something, like the reporters or soldiers in Iraq. And, furthermore, we all do stupid things that we regret, like buying a ticket to visit a country we end up hating. So, indeed, many star people live with depression or committed suicide already, because they can’t handle this planet. Others like me, do what they have to do, against their will, because it’s too late to go back. And besides, nobody is perfect, so many many chose the wrong family and the wrong country, simply because they didn’t know enough, didn’t expect certain things to happen, just like the aliens that come to visit earth and are then shot down by governments, or approach political leaders and are then kidnapped by the military. They didn’t expect humans on earth to be so stupid, aggressive, disrespectful and rude. So, their only way out is death. There’s nothing else they can do.

People on earth tend to fear what is different but there’s no difference. In fact, the human race was likely created to be enslaved, as some of our races did to others. That’s why our DNA is always giving us so many problems.

The human mind and soul evolve, and there is a certain level in this planet that, nonetheless, is rising. So, our present today would very likely be seen as a heaven for those living one thousand years ago, while our future may become our concept of paradise today. But, we can also self-destroy the whole life on earth and that’s something that I’ve seen in my dreams related to other planets where this has happened. I believe, when seeing the events in the last three years, that they match very well the reason why I and many others like me came here. But, from personal experience, I doubt I can do much to change anything. I did have a stronger belief about it years ago but not now, because I see the conscious level of mankind diminishing for the vast majority.

The likelihood of an apocalypse is today much higher than the one of a conscience uplifting. There is too much selfishness, competition, discrimination and egotism in the world. That is probably why writing books gives me a stronger sense of fulfillment, as I can reach more people and faster, and in a wider range, by doing it. The ones that have to read them will eventually find them. Anything beyond this can be a waste of time, so I don’t like to waste this time in promoting myself or justifying anything I know and say. I have wasted too many years already doing that, when I wasn’t aware of the whole truth and thought I should get a normal job working in an office and pretending I’m stupid.

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