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First of all, consider that there are over 100 billion earth-sized planets orbiting in the habitable zones of Sun-like stars. I don’t think that among 100 billion planets that can sustain life, God only wants life on earth. I also don’t think all aliens are non-human. In fact, I believe there are many humans in other planets too. And I believe that, just like on earth, they may have the same and different colors, as well as small differences, just as wee see today with, for example, the Asians, that tend to have different eyes. In other words, I believe that there are people exactly like us, that think like us too, in many other places. Furthermore, there are projects to take humans to Mars and start colonies there. Their babies will be aliens, humans from Mars. So, I see this as a small replica of everything else. I wouldn’t doubt too, if after several generations, the people from mars started saying that they were expelled from paradise. Unless earth becomes a worse place to live. Then, they may claim they were rescued from hell. It all depends on how we evolve or how the future habitants of Mars evolve.

I believe it is indeed possible to remember past lives. But we are limited by two things to do that, being one the brain and the other the frequency of the planet itself. I have no doubt about it, because lower vibrations, as the one coming from computers and smartphones, damage our body and mind by lowering the frequency. That causes memory damage too, although in a physical level. But that’s actually the problem of remembering past lives. The human brain is connected to the vibration of the planet.

I believe the soul knows everything about itself but the brain is just a tool. Therefore, the problem of remembering is in the brain, not the soul. For example, I may not remember many things I read, the exact words, but the knowledge of it, the conscience, remains, and I separate both, as I see conscience as part of the soul, not the brain. I believe in order to gain conscience a person must use the brain. In fact, all the ancient books talk about this, including the Hindu scriptures. It is in the actions, the understanding, the consequences of our mistakes, that we gain conscience. This conscience puts us closer to God, but the closer we get, the more we develop as spiritual beings too. That evolution awakens special skills, related to the spirit, not the brain. And along the way, memories of past lives may occur.

There is one movie that talks about this, named Cloud Atlas. In the movie, one of the characters finds a book that he becomes addicted to but doesn’t know that he wrote it and that’s why he feels the information is familiar to him. I get the same feeling from books that I wrote a long time ago, because I understand them, feels familiar but I don’t remember why I wrote them or the purpose of some sentences I used. Each book emerges from a certain life experience, so, indeed, by forgetting the experience I also forget my purpose when writing them. In the same movie, a reincarnation later, he listens to a song created in a previous life, and he knows the song is familiar, even though it’s a song that doesn’t sell and very few people know. That’s conscience manifesting, in my point of view. I have had many similar personal experiences. For example, it has been always easy for me to understand Greek philosophy, it’s as if I had read books authored by Plato and Socrates and many others already. But I always had headaches and many difficulties to understand German or British philosophers. And there’s nothing explaining why. Surely, we can think about possibilities, but the problem I have with many explanations is that they tend to be trapped by what we think about the brain. And I know very well the limitations of the brain and what is not from the brain.

Few people know the difference between brain, soul and spirit. And that’s why many confusions occur. There are things the brain can’t do. One of them is understand something that was never explained before. I have worked with many people with difficulties to learn and have seen it. They can only learn when an unknown topic is connected to a known experience, for example, explaining philosophy using soccer or social habits. I have had a huge success with many children suffering from difficulties to learn because of what I know about the brain. And one of the things I know very well is what the brain cannot do. On the other hand, I also know what the spirit can do. And I also know that the brain and the spirit must be connected, in order for the individual to experience truth beyond the 5 senses. Otherwise, he may be fooled by a demon or merely have a neurotic experience, which is also very common in people that meditate but don’t understand these things. In fact, I believe the purpose of this planet is exactly that. We need to remember “the cosmic truth” by acting in life. Everything I studied about the brain points at the same direction. For example, when a child has problems in learning, it always means he doesn’t have the necessary level of abstraction. So, I need to make the learning as physical as possible. One way is to use small rocks, toys or sticks. That’s when he realizes how things work. Well, as spiritual beings, the same applies. We must experience life and death, reincarnation, interaction in the world, causes and effects, to understand God, to understand spirituality.

Religion is an abstract perception that we try to reach in group by sharing different insights. And that’s why religion helps us get closer to that truth, to God. But I see religion as just the way, not the end. The end, from what I see, cannot be obtained in one or many lifetimes, not for those on earth. I see this planet as being kindergarten for souls. There are too many illusions here, too many fairytales, and too many people without interest in knowing the truth, too many people that just want to have fun and play in this big toy store. That is what kindergarten is.

I also don’t believe life and death only exist on earth. The difference is beyond this. For example, I believe in many other more evolved planets people live longer. And several scientific studies tend to point in the same direction when mentioning that healthy and spiritual people tend to live longer, or that mental health affects physical health. In other words, I believe in some planets humans may live hundreds of years. I also believe that in more evolved planets, it’s easier to remember past lives. So, the person leaves the body but never really dies. And I also believe that even though in planets with physical manifestations, like ours, death must occur, there are planets composed of higher vibrations, a purer state of energy, where there is no death, simply because there is no body.

I believe in a hierarchy of life forms and manifestations of energy which is too complex to explain. Generally speaking, the hierarchy works in spiritual development but sometimes goes beyond that. And to explain it I compare it with situations on earth, in which people may need to reborn in lower states of life to understand something about themselves or God, or merely to help others. I see the same principle everywhere. Some people don’t want to learn, prefer to suffer, because they need to understand something within the suffering. They will refuse any answer that doesn’t include the suffering. They need the suffering to understand the uselessness of the suffering. Others, want to live in poor countries, in bad conditions, even face death, because they need to help others and have a strong desire for that. So, they suffer in their desire to help.

In a larger plan, the same things occur with reincarnation. In other words, I see reincarnation exactly in the same way I see life in general. I believe God works in the same way with many levels. So, reincarnation, from my point of view, has to match everything else we see during one lifetime, as the law is the same. God doesn’t have different laws for different situations or different people. When religions seem to be different, I always find a misunderstanding there. If the truth is one, religions should be one too.What I do in my curiosity is to find that one religion. That’s why I have very little doubts about this topic, even though I obviously don’t know everything, and there are topics in which I’m completely ignorant. This topic, of reincarnation, is a topic I know very well. So, I’m open to debate, but truly doubt I will ever change it. The bible may have anything written, but this is something I know from personal experience and research.

I do know that Satan can mislead people with this topic and uses it too. I have read about it. But, in fact, Satan can use anything against people, so it’s not a problem with the topic itself. Satan more easily uses the mind of ignorant people, like the ones that meditate and believe in something they don’t understand. It’s difficult for Satan to interfere with topics that we use to improve ourselves because the gaining of practical conscience unites a being with God and separates him from deception, evil, and Satan, or merely the ignorance of the majority.

I believe Cloud Atlas is a fiction movie that describes the purpose of reincarnation and how it manifests very well, without ever talking about it. In other words, even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, you can understand a beautiful message in this movie. That’s what makes it very unique and special in my opinion. Unfortunately, it’s not a popular movie, because most people can’t understand it in a deeper and more spiritual level. It is, however, a very good description, the best I have seen in a movie, about reincarnation. There are many other movies about reincarnation, but I don’t see it as well explained as in this one. The fact that the movie doesn’t talk about it, but merely shows connections between souls, makes it more unique. The message is there and it’s very unifying and spiritual too.

Academic studies about reincarnation tend to follow what is already known. And we should avoid confusing when addressing this topic, because geniuses aren’t necessarily from other planets. It’s more likely, from my personal experience, that geniuses are from earth. It’s the repetition of an earthly habit that makes you a super-earthly being. It won’t be useful to develop an habit that doesn’t apply to earth, and that’s what alien reincarnations on earth suffer from. For example, a being that has never experienced competition, violence, deception, blind obedience and passive learning models, will have a very hard time on earth, maybe even be labeled as stupid. He won’t find a place in the social hierarchy that is favorable for him. And that’s why these alien reincarnation tend to be unnoticed.

I don’t think a super child that can play the piano at 6, for example, comes from another planet, but I do believe that you can’t play piano like a pro with 6 years old, unless you have been a pianist before, in a previous life. Especially, if the way he behaves when being applauded feels too natural for him. Famous adult pianists aren’t so natural like small geniuses when receiving applauses.

My point is, I have extensively studied and researched about little geniuses and I don’t believe they exist. I believe geniuses are merely individuals conscious of a highly experienced life. However, this conscience can only become awaken by practice. So, indeed, a small pianist can’t find his previous skill if nobody gives him the chance to “remember” how to play the piano. And that’s the confusion that leads us to see them as geniuses while in fact they’re just someone repeating something done before and loved, just as we may reject an experience that was unpleasant to us. And that’s what makes it seem so easy for them.

Another evidence for me of such cases showing a reincarnation is the way these boys move when playing the piano. They feel what they play with much intensity. That reaction can only come from someone with experience. Musicians don’t behave like that unless they are very familiar with what they do, and that often comes with the years. A person that plays guitar for 3 years, for example, doesn’t move his body while playing, like someone that plays guitar for 15 years. The level of confidence isn’t the same. So, how can a small child of 6 years old show a level of confidence typical of someone with 30 or 40 years experience?

What I know today about the topic of life and death is very complete, and that’s why I’ve written about this topic too. I haven’t found anyone or any religion, that shares what I believe entirely. So, it’s indeed a very personal perspective. Indeed, my perspective is so unique, that I know most Buddhists or new era followers will not agree with it. And I don’t need them to agree because I don’t write for them. I just write about things I understand, not the ones I think or believe to understand. When I write a book, the purpose is to help people, to uplift them, so when I write about reincarnation, the purpose is to explain why it works and how, not exactly what it is. In fact, when a reader contacts me to ask how he could remember a past life complaining that I don’t explain it precisely. I reply that my books don’t explain it in detail because it’s not important. The present life is always more important than past lives. Who we were was never better than who we are now.

Knowing more about the past won’t help in living the present. In fact, people that have childhood traumas never solve them by going to a psychologist and talk about it. They solve it by improving their life at the moment, by being happier and more compassionate. In other words, I could spend my whole life complaining about what my parents did to me, or I could read about psychology, research about the things I like to do and improve life on my own. Maybe I had to work harder that most people to have what I have now but that’s the only solution I had. To remember my past wouldn’t have helped me. And the same applies for people born in rich families, with a good education, that waste everything on drugs. That’s why I always say to people that if they don’t know who they are now, knowing who they were before won’t help them. And even if we don’t believe in reincarnation, it’s ok, because our current interests and tendencies tend to go in the same direction. People tend to do what they’re supposed to do as if God was behind everything. I do see God as part of the reincarnation process. I think he knows we can’t do much in one lifetime or only with one life experience.

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