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The modern world isn’t facing an economic problem but an egotistic challenge that questions our spiritual nature.

People still believe that they are entitled to things that they didn’t work to deserve, either it is love, money or a job. They “want” and think that they “deserve a job” but never change perspective and see things in the opposite way.
I know a girl that is always frustrated about not getting a job. I asked her several months ago: “Why would they choose you and not any other of the 500 candidates?” She had no answer and didn’t care about the importance of my question. Many months later, she still doesn’t care and just wants a job. So, she’s unemployed for nearly a whole year already. She actually believes that money isn’t important which contributes in making her reality become even more realistic.
On the other hand, another friend of mine that agrees with everything I say and learns from me, finds himself facing a very different scenario. He was actually surprised when he was recently selected for a job that he didn’t even want, and among hundreds of candidates.
Most of the people I know wonder how can I make money with books. Indeed, if only 1% of the writers in the entire world makes a living from books, there is a reason, but it has nothing to do with luck. It’s just that most writers think in the opposite way than me. They think like most people when seeking for a job. They write a book, two books, or even ten with the same mindset. They write what they want and then expect to get recognition for that, for just being who they are, and are surprised when nobody cares.
To illustrate the situation, imagine myself joining a group of people and saying: “I’m Robin Sacredfire! Love me!”
Doesn’t make much sense, isn’t it? Well, that’s why when people ask me for my author name, I don’t tell them. If they are not interested in the topics I write, my name, who I am and why I write, have no purpose in that interaction. I more likely answer an email from a reader, than spend 5 minutes talking about my books with whoever I meet in person. And I actually don’t care if the people I meet don’t want to buy my books.
Money never follows the ego. This applies for books, business, a job,… and even profitable ideas or in finding opportunities. In fact, the most arrogant and egotistical people I know, are constantly losing money.

The principle to attract wealth is simple, but most people still can’t understand it, because it affects them on a spiritual level. You need to provide value, build trust and then be persistent with faith in what you want to achieve for the results to eventually manifest.

I sell my books for 2.99 and my friends question how can I make so much money every month. But again, I’m just applying the principles I write in my own books. If I provide value, build trust and persistently write about different important issues, my readers will see that, and will value my work, trust me and persistently buy my books.

So, how can I make a living from books? Because I deserve it. Whoever thinks otherwise or thinks that I’m lucky, it’s ignorant of his own ignorance. And that’s the problem of the world today. It’s not a problem of lack of money or jobs, but a problem of ignorance and a stubborn belief in egotistical entitlement.

My ex-girlfriend also believes that, just because she has a business, is entitled to be a billionaire. When she started losing all her money, decided to cheat on me with a man that was richer to benefit from that relationship. Ironically, he didn’t give her nothing more than a bed to have sex with him. Her business kept worsening and I became rich enough to support five adults in my life. I find myself today living in a big house with a swimming pool and enjoying the beach alone, while wondering if I will ever find a woman that isn’t so spiritual blind as my former girlfriend, which, because she works with money, I believed to be smarter. And that, was my own spiritual lesson.

Again, money follows spiritual principles, not the ego, not our feeling of entitlement and not our demands from the world.

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