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I was very happy when invited for the first time to attend Rosicrucian meetings. They were a secret society in the past and Freemasonry copied nearly everything from them, as did Ron Hubbard to create Scientology, and many more religions as well.

Basically, Rosicrucianism, with over 600 years existence and being directly descendant from the Knights Templar philosophies, as well as Egyptian mythology, is really the birthplace of many gnostic religions of our modern world.

This may make one assume that I learned much from them. However, to my surprise, world history and my history, repeats itself.
When I go to a meeting, I’m the only one asking questions, and recently, they seemed to be getting angry at my questions, which many consider challenging, absurd and irrelevant. They often mock the questions and then answer something opposite to what I believe or too abstract, leading me to assume they know far less than I imagined. So, I did what I always do when in doubt: I decided to borrow books from their library which were written by the founders and first followers.
What I found in those books is perfectly accurate and in accordance to my own way of thinking, but opposite to everything that I hear them speaking, and against their common and current belief system.
When I realized this, I was so angry that decided to copy some of the quotes I saw and send them. And, obviously, they didn’t reply. I did it twice, by email, always questioning their beliefs. The first time, the representative said he didn’t receive anything, while his whole attitude, completely antagonistic to me, proved me otherwise, showing that he was lying. I guess it must be painful for someone like him to be inside such a prestigious old order, like the Rosicrucians, for over three decades, and feel stupid in front of a young man that has just arrived and never met them before.
On the other hand, it’s also intriguing to see it. They believe in reincarnation, like the Buddhists and Hindus do, and, just like the Buddhists and Hindus I keep meeting, they never, not even for one second, consider the possibility that I may know far much more than them. What if they found Rosicrucianism in this life but in my previous lives I was a Rosicrucian and had a total of 200 years between reincarnations dedicated to the order? What if the books they read were written by me? It would at least explain why I can understand them so well and feel a strong familiarity with the pattern of thinking as if I had seen them before.
I don’t know exactly why I can easily understand anything I read in Rosicrucianism, Scientology, Hinduism, Christianity or Buddhism, among other philosophical faiths, and far beyond the people I encounter claiming to have studied such knowledge during their entire life, but this is a fact. And yet, I can’t understand why these people are so angry at this fact, at the fact that reincarnation, being real, is surely proving itself worthy on me. Why don’t they accept the fact that I may know much more than them and that they can learn from me?
Isn’t impressive to notice that dogma is still more powerful than knowledge about reincarnation or karma? People think they know a lot, that they are enlightened, and when the real light hits their face they need to close their eyes and insist in keeping them closed.
Every time I would leave a meeting with these groups, I would feel confused and lost, and never knowing why I made others angry. But now I know. They suffer from a common disease called arrogance. The first founders predicted it and said everything I already know.
The author of Fama Fraternitatis (one of the 3 first and main Rosicrucian texts with over 400 years), predicting the events in our modern world, said that “the uninterested word won’t find any advantage in this (knowledge), will slander and laugh instead, and corruption will increase. But, the pride and presumption of the enlightened ones will be such, that it will be impossible for them to create in unity, with everything that God has abundantly provided us since the first days of the order, a book of wisdom, i.e. a compendium of all arts. On the contrary, they will offer resistance and opposition”.
The same kind of prediction can also be found in one of the most widespread and modern religions – Scientology. Foreseeing the dangers that greed could bring to his church, Ron Hubbard, the founder, said: “I know no man who has any monopoly upon the wisdom of this universe. It belongs to those who can use it to help themselves and others”.
I often ask myself: how can I know what the true illuminati said?
Maybe I will never get a specific answer for this question because people seem to be more terrified at the fact that I may be a real illuminati and they, in so many years of studies, may not. And isn’t it impressive how humans quickly discard everything they seem to believe just to maintain what they want to believe?
Many seem to be very spiritual, enlightened and knowledgeable about the laws of reincarnation and karma, this, until a spiritual, enlightened and knowledgeable individual comes to the scene proving that what they know is correct, as at this point they behave as the exact opposite of what they claim to understand, and get angry and jealousy, immersing themselves in the darkness of ignorance. Or, should I say, reveal their real level of wisdom when the light unveils their darkness?
I’ve seen the same thing happening all my life and in all the religions I encountered. The world is full of bullshit. Different layers of bullshit, but simply bullshit. So, who are the ones claiming to be Illuminati? The answer is obvious: The ones with more bullshit in their head.
There are 2 types of idiots in this world sharing the same level of ignorance: The idiots that don’t know they are idiots, and the idiots that think they’re not idiots. In other words, the Illuminati are just in a different spectrum of stupidity when compared to the rest of the humanity at this stage.
The real Illuminati, are the ones nobody talks about. And it’s actually interesting to see how history repeats itself, as the people that are now being persecuted for saying the truth, murdered for sharing the truth in public, and ridiculed by the majority that doesn’t believe in the truth, as others once were in the past, these are the real Illuminati.
How interesting it is to notice that the founders of the most important religions, and the people that are sharing the truth, speak the same, think the same and behave in the same way, while the descendants of those groups are completely wrong about the things they claim to follow and comprehend. This massive deception that even the Bible predicts should surely deserve, at least, a moment of meditation and deep thinking.
The real illuminati are still here with us. I won’t claim to be one of them as that’s for you to judge through my books and words, but I will tell you who I believe are the real humanity of this Era of Aquarius: Jordan Maxwell, Santos Bonacci, Alex Jones, David Icke, Julian Assange and many, many more. By awakening mankind with their research and revealing the truth hidden from the world, they are indeed behaving as the Illuminati of 500 years ago, and pushing everyone closer to the truth and freedom.
These are the individuals that have so much light within them that will even risk their life, reputation and public image to share this truth with the many unawakened among mankind. They are the ones being persecuted, harassed, stopped, jailed and threatened with murder. If the illuminati of the past, if Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and the founders of the wisest religions in the world, had to be born again, to bring light to a world still immersed in darkness, these are the individuals that could and would represent their modern reincarnation.
To think the opposite is to deliberately be deceived. In the Fama Fraternitatis (famous Rosicrucian text), it is said: “People remain in the ancient teachings… in everything that resembles a law or code, as an official light, although, if the ancients were alive today, they would undoubtedly correct themselves with great joy”.
Let’s not confuse facts with history. History repeats itself because we don’t learn from the facts, and one of the most important facts to know today is that the courage to speak the truth remains still in a minority of individuals, ridiculed by the majority that looks at them as lunatics, and that, on top of this constant humiliation, face persecution by their governments, having to live a life of secrecy to avoid further consequences.
The ones that are brave enough to speak the truth are the real illuminati, while those representing the opposite force against them are the sons of darkness, trying to fulfill downgrading agendas for mankind, which will then stop it from evolving.
In ancient times, these dark powers used the legitimacy of monarchy and mainstream religion, and now they use the legitimacy presented by the law made by corrupt politicians and judges, along with the ignorance that arrogance has brought to many popular religions of today’s world. The power of the enemy of mankind is still in the hands of the many controlling it: Governments and Religion.
I’ve learned a lot about Rosicrucianism but on my own. I love it! I love the light of wisdom and conscience! But I love these experiences because they match what I already knew and puts the same personal thoughts in a new level. The words of truth always strengthen my conscience. But while this happens, I feel less interest in being part of any group, because they are wrong and delusional, far from what their founders intended. That’s why I know that there’s more truth in a book than in any order.
This seems to be the story of every religion I ever encountered, even when traveling to many distant countries. Therefore, the only thing bringing me to the lodges of Rosicrucianism, and the only thing that could make me join the Freemasons and accept their invitations, are books, not people, rituals or organizations with dubious and unclear intentions. I’m too close to the truth to allow such massive deception within my level of conscience.
This is my story with the most enlightened people I ever met. I know they are not enlightened but delusional. But should I expect more from the rest of mankind, from the people I encounter in a daily basis? That was probably my main delusion for many years of my life. I was deeply deluded into thinking that most people care for the truth, their fate, or the fate of their fellowman. Most people, the vast majority of society, is incredibly selfish, arrogant, ignorant and instinctively evil. They quickly and deliberately choose hate before considering compassion. And their numbers seem to be increasing rapidly in current times.
The path of salvation and conscience is the same for everyone, and I have clearly described it here. The path is the truth. You have to be true to yourself and what you say and do. There must be coherence if you want to become enlightened. The instinct of sharing the truth must be stronger than your fears for you to know that you’re enlightened. That’s the only way you will ever manifest the Rosicrucian Chemical Wedding within you. It’s a connection between heart, mind and soul.
Nobody can help you if you don’t help yourself. The book you don’t read, the words you don’t listen, the suggestion you don’t try, none of that is useful.
Are these words useful? Is the time I spent writing them useful?
Your value is proportional to the value you offer and recognize. How much value there in ignoring the truth or ridiculing the ones sharing it? Doesn’t seem very valuable from this perspective, isn’t it? That’s how God judges you!
How much value there is in a person that wastes an entire life refusing to be valuable? Not much value, isn’t it?
I’ve built my value by building value with the things I have, my skills and with the people I know. Many waste what I offer them, but I still do it out of my personal conscience, and I also keep offering free books that many should read and refuse. This man, that many devalue, is actually valuing himself, his work and his life. And it’s because he has value, that he reads, improves and abandons those that devalue him, whoever they are.
Where would you put your money: In a bank that values it or devalues it? This is the question you should ask yourself if you want to have value.
Probably, you already know how to value yourself and how to increase such value. You do know, deep in your soul, how to become enlightened, prosperous and successful. You’re just looking for an answer that doesn’t have the word “responsibility” in it. But there’s no illusion in these facts. The illusion is always in the perception of the facts. And what I wrote here are just fact beyond perceptions. However, what you do with the facts I wrote, that concerns your own perception alone, which then defines your level of conscience and, as a direct consequence, your worth in this world and as a person.

Daniel Marques

Author of “The 88 Secret Codes of the Power Elite”

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