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Since we are born that we are at war. We may not know about it and we may not be able to see it. In fact, others will often claim that we are insane for believing that such war exists. And yet, it remains, destroying us from within, in various ways. And the only path available seems almost impossible to reach.

This war is against ignorance, darkness and satanic forces. And it manifests in such a variety of forms, that if we look at the forms, we will be blind to the real causes. I have faced discrimination by teachers, classmates, and many other people, so I do know very well what it means. That’s why I admire people that are at the front of the battle, showing a face and speaking.

Most fall victim of the ignorance. Some are too afraid to speak for themselves, and hide in resentment. Others, become racist and hateful themselves, later attacking innocents that were merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’ve been a victim of racism by the white and also by the black because I look Arab. However, even the Arabs reject me when realizing I’m neither a Muslim or born in an Arabic country. And, amongst this massive ignorance, nobody knows the difference between being Mediterranean, middle-easterner or south American, and if I don’t tell where I’m from, the countries attributed to me can include France, Mexico, Turkey and even China, among many others. I’m actually just naming the ones people repeat the most, as they have absolutely no idea of how to put a face in a country and aren’t even conscious of the ignorance implied in doing it.

It is based on my life experience, that I ask you to see the truth beyond the deception and persist in speaking the words of honesty strengthened by what you feel in your heart, because there isn’t a problem with race in the world, but a serious problem with stupidity, from which racism is just one of the many forms in which the stupid and wicked manifest among us.

The stupid do show their real face when I tell them that I was born blond because it somehow hints them to the fact that, on the other hand, they’re likely to have a non-white gene. It is the same stupid face that I see in many North Americans and British that can’t have my lifestyle and decide to call me arrogant for being wiser than they are.

This reality makes it very obvious that, if the real Jesus came to earth again, with the same appearance and attitude he had before, namely, being black, unattractive and a political activist with tremendous healing powers, would likely be crucified today as he was 2000 years ago for challenging authoritarian systems that oppose such order, because that’s what really happened.

I have lived in many countries and I can clearly see racism everywhere and feel it too. The Chinese are as racist as the North American. And yet, whoever you are and wherever you are from, I can’t say that you are racist, as much as I don’t want to be perceived as an ignorant European. I do admit that most Europeans are extremely stupid and ignorant in their vast majority, and only culture and good manners deceive the unwise into thinking otherwise. It actually amazed me to see the strongest manifestations of ignorance and racism in countries like Switzerland, England and Germany. For me to have a regular lunch in one of these countries made me feel like a dog asking for bones. I have never felt so discriminated in my whole life. But, likewise, I also had many problems when in the USA, where racism is strong but unspoken, and especially when trying to make the locals admit that they are racist, as they would label me insane for seeing it, feeling it and knowing it for a certain.

Racism and hate are everywhere in the world. In south Africa many whites are now paying the price for what the British did, by being the target of black criminals. And yet, this was never a fight about race, but ignorance. Racism isn’t about whites, blacks, Arabs or Asians, but ignorance. Ignorance has been destroying the world. And it’s a fact that this ignorance has been leading many races to extinction. It’s obvious that there is a war going on against the Arabs, the Africans and many other races. It is obvious that discrimination is now stronger than ever, and in much more ways than before. And freedom, despite existing, seems utopian for those that don’t know how to conquer it, as the whole humanity has been hijacked by corruption, deception and egotistic powers fueled by anger against humanity.

The vast majority on planet earth is too stupid to see that the position they abuse and the anger they unleash unto another fellow man will affect the whole human race for countless generations. It’s like a spiritual pollution that shows itself in the destruction of nature and the annihilation of humanity as a whole. And you don’t have to believe in reincarnation, you don’t have to believe that the blacks will be born white and the white born black, to understand punishment, as the lack of compassion between humans will definitely lead to a much bigger punishment, just as history has shown us and continues to show. The same madness persists.

It’s not enough that we know that racism exists. I dare to put myself in the face of those that hate me and challenge them. I do take pleasure in sitting in a coffee shop full of British looking at me as if I shouldn’t be there, and wait to see what they will do while feeling their anger and resentment. I don’t like it, but I want to make a point, and I do, by sitting there comfortably reading a book, until they all leave. This is something I see all the time, me arriving and them leaving. And it’s ironic to say it because I currently live in Spain, where locals look more like me than the British. And yet, they behave as if the south of Spain was their colony, they hate me for being able to live the same lifestyle they have, and enjoy a sunny weekday instead of being stuck in an office. They think I’m inferior and shouldn’t be there. And that is another reason to be exactly there, making a point.

As for the ones that hate me for having the life they don’t, I can only regard them as what they are, as pathetic idiots. It would be naive to think otherwise because I refuse to be racist and believe that stupidity is associated with skin color or nationality. Traveling around the world to dozens of countries has proven me that stupidity is global and has many faces. And seeing it in my family also shown me that truth isn’t in the blood.

The world is in a very bad situation but in each one thousand or three thousand ignorant souls, there is one or two that awakened. Those awakened have the light of God within them. And, over the years, I’ve become sharper in identifying them. That’s why I do know that words of encouragement are important for others as much as they are for me, as we, the enlightened ones, are a minority. If we don’t empower ourselves, we suffer more than we should. And yet, we are the strongest, the only awakened ones in a world of the living dead. The brotherhood of the light was never meant to be confined to the walls of secrecy because God doesn’t choose his religion but only people and they’re everywhere, even in the most violent countries. The chosen ones have different passports, different skin color, and are born in both the rich and poorest countries, the most peaceful and violent environments. To think otherwise is to fall victim of the massive ignorance that hates the bright light of truth.

God is constantly showing the way to those that are persecuted, by transforming them into His tools and inspiring them with activities that bring more light into the world. The fate of humanity truly depends on us and our faith. And mine is surely empowered by words of support, which are rare but always more meaningful than hundreds or thousands of bitter messages full of hate and absolutely no reason. In fact, it’s the ignorance of the unwise that makes me trust furthermore in my work, as the truth is truly untouchable. A billion liars won’t ever be close to the truth or threaten it, and that’s why liars are deeply insane, as they truly believe they can as if they were in a witch hunt for those that believe the planet is round. Would the planet become flat if we killed everyone believing it’s round? Surely not, but the only reason why liars don’t try it is because they know this is a lost battle. Instead, they want to believe they still have a chance on other battles, like the belief in white supremacy or Darwinism.

One billion ignorant humans, or even seven billion, attacking you, will never be enough to replace the value of the truth, they will never be enough to replace the truth. Because those seven billion will die one day and the truth will remain. The truth doesn’t need believers to exist and work efficiently. The only thing that haters can really do is try to erase such truth as others like them have attempted to do before.

The ones that attack me will never be as valuable as the ones that will come after them, read my books and see the value in my words that they can’t. Darkness can’t replace the light. A small candle in a very large dark room can make the whole difference. And that is why you must find and keep your light on. You must empower it and use it to lighten other candles because no darkness will ever replace any light. You must keep the light within you on, take the fire from other lights and use such fire to lighten other candles. No darkness will ever replace any light. That light is a mighty sword that can cut through deception and ignorance. You must be the light you want to see in the world because that state of mind will become your sword and, with that sword, you can’t be conquered, not even in death.

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