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It is true that I have seen people with decades of dedication to a certain book or library of studies that don’t understand anything about it. It is also true that I’ve met many people in the field of research and dozens of college lecturers that are far more idiotic and ignorant than their students would like to admit or can even slightly notice. And it is also true that I’ve met very humble people, that despite having a full life dedicated to cleaning toilets, hold a huge library of knowledge within them, and that’s why I was the only student spending hours talking to the old cleaning lady of the students dormitory where I was many years ago. I learned a lot from this guru disguised as a low class working woman.

In India, the wisest persons I met were not the ones preaching, but the ones listening. They seem to be more contempt with learning that talking, and yet, when they talked it was like a hurricane in my head, because they could put plenty of wisdom in a sentence with only three words. One was the doctor that I saw after getting sick, and the other was a simple receptionist in a museum. For some reason, I ended up talking very deep stuff with them.
I also admit that I’ve learned a lot about the brain and intelligence with children, because they may not know what we want them to know, but they know a lot about things we had forgotten. And by helping them, I actually helped myself too. They have a special type of wisdom that is still very alive when they are six, seven or even ten.
As for me, having grown up among very stupid people and bullied at home, all the time, when not in school (which is something obvious to happen if you live in the most violent city of your country making prison look like kindergarten), I had to study more about myself. Either that or suicide. And by knowing who I am, I saved myself. So, it is frustrating for me to see that, as an adult, I keep seeing people trying to attack what I know and doing it all the time as if they have that right. I meditate since I am twelve, and I’ve been in religious groups since I’m five. That was the balance found between the studies I did, my experience and the outside world. Becoming a writer was just a natural consequence of all the rest, as I became immune to ignorance and unwilling to accept it any longer, either in a job, country, or anything else, including family members.
Actually, one of the most important lessons I got from martial arts, is that you can beat a bully, make him bleed, humiliate him in public and in front of his friends, and he will still be a bully, will still hate you, and will still try to erase you from the world, if not with fists and words, with gossip.
When I read or listen about people that praise ignorance, the first thing I do is to check their background, and the answer is always there. Many of the ignorant ones out there wrote novels, and some have even contacted me months ago to attack me. And even though people tend to assume that self-help books aren’t valuable, the truth is that anyone can write a novel, but not anyone can write a good self-help book. You don’t need altruism, sense of training, knowledge or research to write a novel. You can have it but you don’t need it. And if you don’t have to make a living with your work, that is another freedom that permits you to own the right to be ignorant.
That leads me, in fact, to another of my discoveries that keeps confirming:  Some don’t know they are ignorant and are arrogant about their ignorance, while others know they are ignorant but, because their life is great, they praise their ignorance.
As for me, knowledge is my blood. It’s who I am and how I survive. If someone tells me I can live without blood, I will call that person insane.
The world is full of insanity and ignorance. So, even for those that believe in reincarnation, there are not many good chances available out there. It’s like going to a casino and expecting to win all the time, even though 99% of the time you won’t.
I can be nice to everyone and polite but, 99% of the time, that’s not what I get in return. I don’t even need to have a background with such person, and immediately get bitterness, jealousy and hate in return.
I was once talking to a girl at the gym that said to me: “You should not let people know you don’t have a 9-5 job”. Really? Should I apologize myself for being a real person? Should I apologize for having a life others don’t want for me? If that’s the case, then they are my enemies. And if most of the world is like this, then most of the world is against me. But should I close my eyes and pretend reality isn’t there? Are we all still 5-year-old children afraid to look under the bed?
Anyone has the right to say and write whatever they want, and I have the right to reject it, disagree and ignore them.
Many people contact me to ask how they can write a book, and actually tends to be one of the reasons why they want to talk to me. It’s almost never about what I write. However, I quickly realize they have nothing to say. So, why do they want to write? To be more important? One writer I met recently said: “to leave a legacy to the world”, which is the same as having a baby. It’s like extending a miserable life with another thing, either human or not.
I don’t believe in that type of life, but yes, people are free to do whatever they want with their fate. And it’s not because 99% of them are totally stupid and retard that I’m going to agree with them or subjugate myself to their ignorant life philosophy. I’ve learned too much to allow myself to be ignorant or accept the consequences of such ignorance.
When people tell you that ignorance is good it’s because they fear what you know. And fear is the energy that commands the world. Fear is how evil moves around as if surfing on a wave of ignorance. Fear is powerful indeed, it’s the power of nothingness when a big lie is all you have.

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