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7 billion people doing a stupid thing won’t make it the right thing. You can try to understand a horse by studying 100 donkeys but in the end, despite any conclusions, you’re still studying donkeys, not horses.
The illusion of repetition is what makes you think that this is the right way to learn. It isn’t. The educational machine is a political and brainwashing tactic, and has nothing to do with learning. If you want to really learn, you have to think beyond that, and build a educational strategy, and that’s something nobody will ever teach you, because you’re not supposed to know. What people follow are methodologies, not strategies. There’s no strategy in a methodology and that’s why you may take 10 years to reach the level that a person with an efficient strategy could achieve in one year. Surely, patience is a virtue, but 10 years is a lot for an average lifetime of 80 years, and you have likely lost around 50% of that amount of time already, which means we’re talking about 10 years in 40.
Obviously, I’m assuming you’ll be healthy, productive and energetic by the time you reach 50, which, as we know, isn’t very common. So, if you’re 40 and reading this, there’s no more time to waste.
When you want something, you have to provide value and that’s how the world works. When you go to work, you’re not paid because you are there, but because what you do has a certain amount of value, and that value is usually 3 to 10 times higher than what you’re paid for. However, our personal value is related to the market, to how many people can do the same as you, so when what you do isn’t needed anymore or you can’t work as fast as someone younger, you reach a situation called “unemployment”, and if you’re not unemployed, the situation you have is called “a job ending anytime soon”.
To get what you want from life, you may have to do many things that you don’t like. People that fail can’t do both. I enjoy being a writer, but I hate to translate, edit, format, publish, and manage the entire information I have online. On the other hand, that part I really hate, is responsible for 90% of my income. If I was just a writer, I would have to still be a teacher.
If you don’t agree with me, allow me tell you something else: Most women don’t like to walk in high heels or dress in ways that make them look like a slut. Correct? But if a woman wants to have a boyfriend and give men a reason to approach her, that’s what she has to do. It’s true that there are other paths, like joining a geek or futebol club, and playing video games with the boys hoping they notice you, but that’s the long path.
Every day, when I arrive at the gym, there’s a very fat girl there. She knows she has to pay a price to change her feedback. Maybe if she had a proper diet and knew how to choose the machines at the gym, her results could be achieved much faster, but still the price to be paid for losing weigh it there. Unfortunately, magic pills that help in losing weight haven’t been very successful so far, as that’s not really how the body works.
Like our biology, the world also has its rules. If you’re doing a business, I assure you that there are many things that are boring and not funny at all, but that’s the price to pay to get results. Do you know why most people can’t do any business? Because they’re not willing to sacrifice, their time, their social life, their momentary happiness doing what they want. In fact, the people I meet can’t understand why I get up 3 hours sooner, not later than them, and work 5 hours more, not less than them.
Do you think I like to publish 200 books, over and over again? That’s what I had to do recently. It’s one of the biggest tests to patience, as it takes days to finish, not hours. There are so many boring things I do, that I don’t expect others to understand how I make money, but that’s what justifies having the life that most people want and can’t have.
Maturity doesn’t come with adulthood but with independence. 99% of the people out there are like 5-year-old kids pretending to be adults. If you don’t believe me, check what studies in psychology know about it. People aren’t fake in social gatherings because they fear to be discriminated but because they are immature and afraid others may notice it. That’s why they lie about themselves. At some point, the truth is so obvious that they have to pretend in public and live with a big lie. That big lie is hidden behind the idea of being normal. An idea that gains strength when people have a relationship, get married and have kids, but won’t ever change their real nature.
Most people know very little about themselves and they don’t want to know more either, they just want to be accepted and the price they pay is the necessary price to be accepted: Copy, fail, repeat; lie, fail, repeat; suffer, fail, repeat; persist, fail, repeat; ignore, fail, repeat.

Daniel Marques

Author of “The Spiritual Laws of Money”

Spiritual Laws of Money