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Everyone on earth comes from other planets and galaxies but the ones that are here for thousands of years have totally forgotten that. As for the ones that come now, despite the exaggeration we see on the internet, describing them as angels or highly evolved gurus and avatars, they are just people with another experience that may very likely have been here before. In other words, I have no doubt that although my most recent memories are not from here, I may have been here before during the time of the Greeks or four thousand years ago, when India was at the top of its spirituality, or even in China and Babylon.

We change so much in one lifetime, that you can imagine in many thousands of them how much we can change. That’s why reincarnation isn’t important in itself but merely as a process that leads somewhere. Actually, one of the most interesting things for me to experience in religious groups is the perception people show about their own books. They tend to interpret things in a linear and hierarchical form. But, everything that science has been uncovering, proves otherwise.

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I’ve written in my books, many years ago, that the present changes the past. And how do I know this? I just know, thanks to my past life experience in a more evolved reality. However, days ago I found an article saying that scientists proved this. In other words, what we read about our history is not the real physical history but a history of our conscience.

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I know it sounds quite hard to digest, but let me illustrate it for you. The person you are in the future already exists and interferes with your perceptions of yourself at the present. So, your decisions are based on that amount, or particular combination, of perceptions. That’s the meaning of choosing your fate. However, the things you do now interfere with how your past influenced you. So, basically, your own past keeps changing. And I know it sounds crazy but I’m sure scientists are having more headaches than me in trying to explain this with words. There are many things that our human mind is incapable of understanding but, ultimately, we’re just having an experience with our conscience.

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My findings related to the brain are in large related to the gap between the potential of the spirit and the limitations of the mind. Most people don’t even consider both as separated. But, if you understand how the spirit works, you can develop your mind, which, in its turn, will help you become more conscious, even though conscience is merely an awakening. The spirit is already conscious. It’s the mind that is asleep. Most people are being forced to keep their mind asleep so that they never awake. Even though this awakening is merely a connection between spirit and mind.

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If you tell me that you may not want to remember a previous life, it’s understandable, as you may not be ready to deal with what would come from it. But imagine yourself having a memory, not just of the past 30 years of your life, but the past 300. This would dramatically change your perceptions about life, spirituality, etc. And that is a form of awakening or enlightenment. So, darkness is the opposite – fear, lack of knowledge, lack of defenses, confusion, ignorance, hate and opposition, competition, etc.

In other words, if most people tend to become worse, more asleep, then I can predict the future of mankind as it means that we are heading to massive destruction. Death is always part of a process of renovation, even in the mystic symbology, so it comes when that renovation isn’t being allowed, in order to force it. That’s why terrorism, as well as medical and political evilness in this world, matches everything else. The less awaken people are, the more destruction they attract.

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The irony in watching the news is that the events you watch represent a moment in which you see what’s happening in the world because you’re watching the news instead of doing something about it. The news reflects the reality you’re contributing to become manifested for everyone.

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