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I have spent my entire life studying different religions and have met people from many different countries in the process. What this says about me is that I have met many people that are obsessed with dogma and blindly trapped by their ego.

I wouldn’t have written many books on reincarnation and karma if I wasn’t 100% sure that these books could help many people around the world in understanding life while erasing the mistakes of many others that wrongly wrote about these topics and lie about it in public within the label of Buddhism or Hinduism. I’m currently about to publish more books on this topic, answering questions that my readers asked me, but that, instead of focusing on the past, show them how to unveil their whole future to gain control over their karma in present time. This information is based on the teachings of Pythagoras, a person that dedicated his life to the study of the mathematical manifestations of God. In other words, it’s based on something you can personally measure to improve life, not dogmas or beliefs.

I have also been popular as a college professor in the field of academic research, and yet, I have quitted that job to be an entrepreneur and apply what I know to books. What this says about me is not that I have much knowledge but that I know how to study.

I have published over 200 books written by myself, but even though for many people Satan wrote the books with my hands, the truth is that these books are merely a reflection of what I can see, which, indeed, can multiply itself in many ways, like an apple to a painter. I’m just a person that has climbed higher on the mountain of life. And this is why I can both understand the Rosicrucian philosophy, which knows that the bible is completely symbolical, as well as see their limitations beyond what they would ever accept from someone like me. The blindness of the human spirit is indeed much clearer for me than for any other person I’ve met.

When you combine the person I am, the writer, the musician, the professor, …and even the security guard that was working at night after quitting a job as manager to write his first books, you don’t have a schizophrenic with multiple personality disorder, but a man that is humble enough to do anything, and yet, also brave enough to fight for his dreams against all odds.

Knowing that I can research, write about spiritual topics and learn about spirituality, may seem confusing to the many, but what it says about me is that I want the truth, not the dogma. And yet, because everyone is obsessed with the dogma, I have to find the truth on my own.

All my life, since I was a small child, until I left home at 20 to live alone, I heard my father telling me that I’m retarded and my mother telling me that I’m schizophrenic. Today, I am amazed when seeing that my biggest fans are psychologists, neurologists and nurses. I’m even more surprised when they claim in their book reviews that my books resume everything they ever learned in life, and especially when I try to know more about these individuals and realize they are in their 50s and 60s. But the surprises don’t end here, as recently I found that there are also Indian gurus reading my books.

So, why do I call it a surprise? Because I never intended to prove myself to the world. On the contrary, I just desire a simple and normal life, even though it’s impossible to get it in whatever country I choose. I moved to Europe to enjoy life, and yet, I’m unwelcome in any coffee shop I enter with my laptop to sit for longer than 30min. Even the choice of working with books is a choice to be alone and make money with something I like, which is to research and learn. And yet, it’s because I’m humble that people often assume that I’m stupid. I know well the limitations of others, I simply don’t need to show them and don’t want to waste my time doing that. Life is too short, and mine was never happy enough for me to waste even one hour more. I’m not as healthy as I should be, and the years in China, under constant toxic air and heavy pollution on food and water, ruined my body completely. In the last years, I was spending more time in bed than working, and afraid to get a deadly disease. That is what forced me to leave. My family and friends knew about it, and yet, they didn’t care if I died and never offered me a roof. On the other hand, any energy I keep and time I gain is much more precious to me now, including the energy wasted in confrontations about different viewpoints, which is something most people enjoy but I completely dislike.

I am very honest when I say and repeat that I would never become a member of any religion. It’s not a personal conviction but a perfect awareness of how incompatible many beliefs are with mine, namely, the ones people seem to insist in exploring. In fact, I may know more about the foundation of many popular religions that their own members do. The fact that the Jehovah witness, the Mormons and the Ku Klux Klan were all created by Freemasons, which, on the other hand, copied and distorted what they learned from the Rosicrucians, doesn’t necessarily puts me in a better position to judge, but it does allow me to clearly differentiate the good and the bad, while knowing that what I see as bad would never make me a follower of such ideologies.

It is not because I learn that I don’t know what I write. The competition of beliefs is a game that many seem to insist on creating and which I’ve seen within every religious group but that I can stop easily by telling you that Chase is the American bank that finances the Jehovah witnesses and many other so called Christian religions around the world, and without which the donations would never allow giving away so many pamphlets and bibles. The same applies to Buddhism, which would never have survived without the support of the governments of the countries in which the newest branches emerge, and that, obviously, do ask something in return for that permission.

Now, Chase belongs to the Rockefeller family, which also financed Hitler. India is a commonwealth country controlled by the Queen of England, Japanese Buddhism and Thai Buddhism are both under the supervision of monarchies, and Chinese Buddhist books can’t get out without passing their totalitarian government censorship. Tibet, on the other hand, belongs to China since 1950. Do you see where I’m going? I do respect all religions and their people, as people of truth and good intentions, but I am very aware of what’s going on in this world far beyond what they could accept. And I know, from their reactions to what I speak, that they can’t accept much, even though I respect that too and accept them as friends and sometimes teachers as well.

I am often open to sharing my insights and learn with others, but I am very disappointed with the fact that they almost always have a hidden agenda, which is widely accepted as normal, often even seen as necessary to fight evil, when in fact evil hides the most within the ones that cannot see it. The smile of the ones that proudly hold a bible in their hands is the same smile Satan has within the pride of conquering souls that believe to be immune to evil.

My time is too precious for these mindless games. I prefer to spend my time in sharping my sword. That sword is my soul.

It does not make any sense to ask a warrior how many soldiers he has killed but for what he fights for, as the warrior isn’t a warrior because he kills but because he has a purpose. Likewise, you should not ask me which religions I have studied or in which religions I trust, if my purpose is clear enough in the way I write. Whoever fights me is my enemy and whoever fights with me is my friend.

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Robin Sacredfire

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